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New Booklists — January 2022

Every month, we provide lists of new material in our libraries' collections on this page. You might also be interested in our Staff Recent Picks. Didn't find what you were looking for? Try our Quick Searches.


(154 titles)

Five strangers

Adamson, E. V 2021

Steeple. Volume 2, The silvery moon

Allison, John, 1976- 2021 Graphic Novel

The twelve jays of Christmas

Andrews, Donna 2021

Two moons. Volume one. The iron noose

Arcudi, John 2021 Graphic Novel

The crown of gilded bones

Armentrout, Jennifer L. 2021

A passage north

Arudpragasam, Anuk 2021

Along the Saltwise Sea

Baker, A. Deborah. 2021

We were never here : a novel

Bartz, Andrea 2021

Down the hatch

Beaton, M. C. 2021

Shadows of eternity : a novel

Benford, Gregory, 1941- 2021

A sky of wretched shells

Blackham, Mark (Author) 2021

Shoot the moonlight out

Boyle, William, 1978- 2021

A man of honour

Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- 2021

Destroyer of light

Brissett, Jennifer Marie 2021


Bruen, Ken 2021

The corpse in the waxworks : a Paris mystery

Carr, John Dickson, 1906-1977 2021


Cave, Jessie 2021

Under color of law

Clark, Aaron Philip 2021

The fossil hunter

Cooper, Tea 2021

The savage kind

Copenhaver, John (Novelist) 2021

The orphan witch

Crutcher, Paige 2021

Maestro : war and pax

David, Peter 2021 Graphic Novel

The death of me

Davies, Michelle, 1972- 2021

The summer house

Denton, Lauren K. 2021

The perishing : a novel

Deón, Natashia 2021

Murder at Madame Tussauds

Eldridge, Jim, 1944- 2021

Truth of the divine : a novel

Ellis, Lindsay, 1984- 2021

A Clockwork River

Emery, J. S. 2021

The living and the lost

Feldman, Ellen, 1941- 2021

The Mitford vanishing

Fellowes, Jessica 2021


Fitzek, Sebastian, 1971- 2021


Follett, Ken 2021

The Killer inside

Frank, Matthew. 2021

After perfect : a novel

Gabriel, Maan 2021

The collective

Gaylin, Alison 2021

A haunting at Holkham

Glenconner, Anne, 1932- 2021

The undertakers

Glover, Nicole 2021

The hidden : a novel

Golding, Melanie 2021

The hand of the Sun King

Greathouse, J.T. 2021

The hideout

Grebe, Camilla 2021


Groff, Lauren 2021

Operation Dragon

Groshelle, Bill 2021 Graphic Novel

World's edge

Hair, David, 1965- 2021

Burntcoat : a novel

Hall, Sarah, 1974- 2021

The corpse flower : a novel

Hancock, Anne Mette, 1979- 2021

The time lizard's archaeologist

Hanifin, Trisha 2021

The sweetness of water

Harris, Nathan 2021


Harrison, Rachel, 1989- 2021


Hereaka, Whiti 2021

Dolphin Junction

Herron, Mick 2021

Radiant black. Volume 001, (Not so) Secret origin

Higgins, Kyle, 1985- 2021 Graphic Novel

Rider on the rain

Japrisot, Sébastien, 1931-2003 2021


Jardine, Quintin 2021

The woman in the middle

Johnson, Milly 2021

Into the dark

Johnstone, Stuart 2021

The seventh queen : a novel

Kelly, Greta 2021

Corporal Hitler's pistol

Keneally, Thomas 2021

The answer to everything

Kennard, Luke 2021

Those Hamilton sisters

Kenny, Averil 2021

Good cop bad cop

Kernick, Simon 2021

The cabinet

Kim, Ŏn-su, 1972- 2021


Kwŏn, Yŏ-sŏn, 1965- 2021

Everything is Jake

Lieberman, Jethro K. 2021

The wandering earth

Liu, Cixin 2021

The bloodless boy

Lloyd, Robert J. 2021

Beyond the hallowed sky

MacLeod, Ken, 1954- 2021


Malerman, Josh 2021

This is how I disappear

Malle, Mirion, 1992- 2021 Graphic Novel

A marvellous light

Marske, Freya 2021

The making of incarnation

McCarthy, Tom, 1969 May 22. 2021


McCrumb, Cathy 2021

Deception Creek

McDonald, Fleur. 2021

The spy's wife

McIntosh, Fiona, 1960- 2021

The matzah ball

Meltzer, Jean 2021

For any other truth

Meyrick, Denzil 2021

Serial [1] : the glass tomb

Moore, Terry, 1954- 2021 Graphic Novel

Beheld : a novel

Nesbit, TaraShea. 2021

Malika : warrior queen. Volume 1

Okupe, Roye 2021 Graphic Novel

The way of the househusband. 6

Oono, Kousuke 2021 Graphic Novel

Nowhere to run

Oswald, James 2021

Skimming stones

Papas, Maria 2021

The stoning

Papathanasiou, Peter 2021

A Corruption of Blood

Parry, Ambrose. 2021

Aggretsuko : down the rabbit hole

Patabot 2021 Graphic Novel

Fear no evil

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021

Wolverine. Vol. 2

Percy, Benjamin 2021 Graphic Novel

X-Force. Vol. 3

Percy, Benjamin 2021 Graphic Novel

A Christmas legacy

Perry, Anne 2021

The good Asian. Volume one

Pichetshote, Pornsak 2021 Graphic Novel


Polzin, Jackie, 1979- 2021

White city

Power, Kevin, 1981- 2021

Grave reservations : a novel

Priest, Cherie 2021

Haha : sad clown stories

Prince, W. Maxwell 2021 Graphic Novel

Deadly class [10] : save your generation

Remender, Rick 2021 Graphic Novel

Seven to eternity. Vol. 4, The springs of Zhal

Remender, Rick 2021 Graphic Novel

I am not who you think I am

Rickstad, Eric 2021

Best in snow

Rosenfelt, David 2021

Swamp Thing : new roots

Russell, Mark, 1971- 2021 Graphic Novel

The city under siege

Russell, Michael, (Fiction writer) 2021


Ryan, Chris, 1961- 2021

The last library

Sampson, Freya 2021

The honour of Rome

Scarrow, Simon 2021

Gone for good

Schaffhausen, Joanna 2021

The Basel killings

Schneider, Hansjörg, 1938- 2021

Short order crooks

Sebela, Christopher 2021 Graphic Novel

The ice coven

Seeck, Max, 1985- 2021

The last woman in the world

Simpson, Inga 2021

Lore Olympus. Volume one

Smythe, Rachel (Comics artist) 2021 Graphic Novel

The death of Jane Lawrence

Starling, Caitlin 2021

Termination shock : a novel

Stephenson, Neal 2021


Stine, Alison, 1978- 2021

The witcher [5] : fading memories

Sztybor, Bartosz 2021 Graphic Novel

The Shetland sea murders

Taylor, Marsali 2021

An Irish country yuletide

Taylor, Patrick, 1941- 2021

Saving Proxima

Taylor, Travis S. 2021

Miss Moriarty, I presume?

Thomas, Sherry 2021

The escapement

Tidhar, Lavie 2021

Fight night

Toews, Miriam, 1964- 2021

The lost soul

Tokarczuk, Olga, 1962- 2021 Graphic Novel

Tsiolkas, Christos, 1965- 2021

An elderly lady must not be crossed

Tursten, Helene, 1954- 2021

The gardener

Vickers, Salley 2021

Lost on Planet Earth

Visaggio, Magdalene 2021 Graphic Novel


Voetmann, Harald, 1978- 2021

Welcome to the Monkey House

Vonnegut, Kurt. 2021

The war of the poor

Vuillard, Éric 2021

Bruno's challenge & other Dordogne tales

Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23- 2021


Walpert, Bryan 2021

Kitchenly 434

Warner, Alan 2021

To end in fire

Weber, David, 1952- 2021

Wild place

White, Christian 2021

The shadows

Zabus, Vincent, 1971- 2021 Graphic Novel

Lesser evil

Zahn, Timothy 2021


(268 titles)

The museum : from its origins to the 21st century

Hopkins, Owen, 1984- 2021 069.09 HOP , Large Book

Trust no one : inside the world of deepfakes

Grothaus, Michael 2021 070.43 GRO

How we love : notes on a life

Ford, Clementine 2021 152.41 FOR

Conversations on love

Lunn, Natasha 2021 152.41 LUN

The happiness trap : stop struggling, start living

Harris, Russ, 1966- 2021 158.1 HAR


Willoughby, Holly, 1981- 2021 158.1082 WIL

Misfits : a personal manifesto

Coel, Michaela 2021 158.2 COE

The power of ideas : words of faith and wisdom

Sacks, Jonathan, 1948-2020 2021 200 SAC

Is atheism dead?

Metaxas, Eric 2021 239.7 MET

The dissolution of the monasteries : a new history

Clark, James G. 2021 271.00942 CLA

God is not a white man (and other revelations)

McDonald, Chine 2021 274.1 MACD

Zen and the art of saving the planet

Nhất Hạnh, Thích 2021 294.3927 NHA

The way of Zen

Watts, Alan, 1915-1973 2021 294.3927 WAT

100 things we've lost to the internet

Paul, Pamela 2021 302.231 PAU

A future untold

Siegfried, Alina 2021 303.4 SIE

12 bytes : how we got here, where we might go next

Winterson, Jeanette, 1959- 2021 303.4834 WIN

Release the beast : a drag queen's guide to life

Bon Boulash, Bimini 2021 305.3092 BON

Something out of place : women and disgust

McBride, Eimear 2021 305.42 MACB

Tikanga : an introduction to te ao Māori

Opai, Keri 2021 305.8994 OPA

Sweat and salt water : selected works

Teaiwa, Teresia 2021 305.8995 TEA

The right to sex

Srinivasan, Amia, 1984- 2021 306.7 SRI

The book of hope : a survival guide for trying times

Goodall, Jane, 1934- 2021 363.70525 GOO

How to save our planet : the facts

Maslin, Mark 2021 363.73874 MAS

The devil's work

Linnell, Garry, 1963- 2021 364.15232 LIN

Decade of men's street style

Santamaria, Giuseppe 2021 391.1 SAN

Mana of the Pacific : wisdom from across Oceania

Movono, Apisalome 2021 398.999 MOV

The arbornaut

Lowman, Margaret 2021 581.7092 LOW

Above the treeline : a natural guide to alpine New Zealand

Mark, Alan Francis, 1932- 2021 581.9931 MAR

On animals

Orlean, Susan 2021 590 ORL

Silent Earth : averting the insect apocalypse

Goulson, Dave 2021 595.717 GOU

New Zealand seabirds : a natural history

Wilson, Kerry-Jayne 2021 598.177 WIL

The empowerment cycle : know your flow

Wood, Sharon 2021 612.662 WOO

How to keep your brain young

Phelps, Kerryn 2021 612.82 PHE

Pilates and conditioning for dancers

Paris, Jane 2021 613.7192 PAR

The sex ed you never had

Otten, Chantelle 2021 613.9 OTT

Viral : the search for the origin of Covid-19

Chan, Alina 2021 614.592414 CHA

What really happened in Wuhan

Markson, Sharri 2021 614.592414 MAR

Smile : the story of a face

Ruhl, Sarah, 1974- 2021 616.842092 RUH

Running is a kind of dreaming : a memoir

Thompson, J. M. (Clinical psychologist) 2021 616.8527 THO

Connections : a story of human feeling

Deisseroth, Karl 2021 616.8914 DEI

Diddly Squat : a year on the farm

Clarkson, Jeremy 2021 630.92 CLA

The joy of gardening

Hallinan, Lynda 2021 635.0993 HAL

Nadiya's fast flavours

Hussain, Nadiya 2021 641.5 HUS

A cook's book : the essential Nigel Slater

Slater, Nigel 2021 641.5092 SLA

Tonight's dinner

Liaw, Adam 2021 641.54 LIA

The weekday vegetarians

Rosenstrach, Jenny 2021 641.56362 ROS

Delicious. Christmas.

2021 641.5686 DEL

Building the pattern

Huhta, Saara 2021 646.404 HUH , + patterns

London's great railway stations

Green, Oliver 2021 725.3109421 GRE

Road People of Aotearoa : House-truck journeys 1978-1984

Gilbert, Paul, 1978- 2021 728.79 GIL

The story of the country house

Aslet, Clive, 1955- 2021 728.80941 ASL

Threebirds renovations : dream home how-to

Hindmarsh, Bonnie 2021 747 HIN

Anna Spiro : a life in pattern

Spiro, Anna 2021 747 SPI

Tamsin Johnson : spaces for living

Johnson, Tamsin 2021 747.092 JOH

Pacific natural at home

Kayne, Jenni 2021 747.092 KAY

Paula Rego

2021 759.69 PAU

The Beatles : get back

2021 786.9 BEA , Large Book

Leonard Cohen : the mystical roots of genius

Freedman, Harry, 1950 July- 2021 786.9 COH

Listening to Bob Dylan

Starr, Larry 2021 786.9 DYL

Queen : the works, 1980-2021

2021 786.9 QUE , Large Book

Nina Simone's gum

Ellis, Warren, 1965- 2021 790.132 ELL

The French dispatch of the Liberty , Kansas Evening Sun

Anderson, Wes, 1969- 2021 791.4372 AND

Maria Dronke : glimpses of an acting life

Tempian, Monica, 1972- 2021 792.028092 KOR

David Copperfield's history of magic

Copperfield,David, 1956- 2021 793.809 COP

1921 : rugby, race & empire

Munro, Mike, 1955- 2021 796.3309 MUN

Gone bush : a life in the backcountry and beyond

Kilgour, Paul 2021 796.51092 KIL

Vuelta skelter : riding the remarkable 1941 tour of Spain

Moore, Tim, 1964- 2021 796.620946 MOR

Writer's market.

808.02 WRI year 2021 ed 100

Everything and less : the novel in the age of Amazon

McGurl, Mark, 1966- 2021 808.3 MACG

Winter recipes from the collective

Glück, Louise, 1943- 2021 811 GLU

These precious days : essays

Patchett, Ann 2021 814 PAT

Dear memory : letters on writing, silence, and grief

Chang, Victoria, 1970- 2021 816 CHA

Crete 1941

Cadogan, Bernard 2021 821 CAD


Hawkins, Nicole Titihuia 2021 821 HAW

Prayers for the living & the dead

Rabbitt, Lindsay 2021 821 RAB

Bloody woman : essays

Lopesi, Lana, 1992- 2021 824 LOP

Small bodies of water

Powles, Nina 2021 824 POW


Ernaux, Annie, 1940- 2021 828 ERN

Some answers without questions

Greenlaw, Lavinia, 1962- 2021 828 GRE

Selected poems

Ai, Qing, 1910-1996 2021 895.11 AI

Lonely Plane trip builder

2021 910.202 LON

The wild twins : tales of strength and survival

Shine, Amber 2021 910.4092 SHI


Richmond, Simon 2021 914.95 RIC

Best Walks of the Central Coast

McClelland, Matt 2021 919.442 MACC

Abandoned places of World War I

Faulkner, Neil 2021 940.4 FAU

The last survivor

Krake, Frank 2021 940.5318092 ALO

Island infernos : the US Army's Pacific War odyssey, 1944

McManus, John C., 1965- 2021 940.5426 MACM

Spymaster : the man who saved MI6

Fry, Helen, 1967- 2021 940.548641 FRY

The history of England. Volume VI, Innovation

Ackroyd, Peter, 1949- 2021 942.082 ACK

Renegades : born in the USA : dreams, myths, music

Springsteen, Bruce 2021 973.9 SPR


Woodward, Bob, 1943- 2021 973.933092 TRU

The forgotten coast

Shaw, Richard, 1972- 2021 993.488 SHA

Three days in June

O'Connell, James (Soldier) 2021 997.11 OCO

Bothand : a life in many worlds /

Abedin, Huma, 1976- 2021 Biography B ABE

Odd boy out

Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- 2021 Biography B BRA

Start your engines

Briggs, Sam 2021 Biography B BRI

Burning boy : the life and work of Stephen Crane

Auster, Paul, 1947- 2021 Biography B CRA

Spies and lies : the mysterious Dr Dannevill

Glamuzina, Julie, 1954- 2021 Biography B DAN

Chaise longue

Dury, Baxter, 1971- 2021 Biography B DUR

Hooked : how crafting saved my life

Foster, Sutton 2021 Biography B FOS

How to end a story : diaries. Volume III, 1995-1998

Garner, Helen, 1942- 2021 Biography B GAR

The opposite of butterfly hunting

Lynch, Evanna, 1991- 2021 Biography B LYN

The Novotny papers : 'a bit vulture, a bit eagle'

Pizzichini, Lilian, 1965- 2021 Biography B NOV

Pia's world

Peyton-Jones, Julia. 2021 Biography B PEY

My mess is a bit of a life : adventures in anxiety

Pritchett, Georgia 2021 Biography B PRI

Ethel Rosenberg : a Cold War tragedy

Sebba, Anne 2021 Biography B ROS

Speak, silence : in search of W.G. Sebald

Angier, Carole, 1943- 2021 Biography B SEB


Smith, Will, 1968- 2021 Biography B SMI

Letters home

Steele, Pauline 2021 Biography B STE

A stinging delight : a memoir

Storey, David, 1933-2017 2021 Biography B STO

Living the château dream

Strawbridge, Dick 2021 Biography B STR

Theroux the keyhole

Theroux, Louis 2021 Biography B THE

The young H.G. Wells : changing the world

Tomalin, Claire 2021 Biography B WEL

It wasn't meant to be like this

Wilkinson, Lisa 2021 Biography B WIL

Hua jia lu : Zhong Ri you hao qiao liang

Uchiyama, Kanzō, 1885-1959 2021 Foreign Language 381.45002 UCI Chine

Les enfants sont rois : roman

Vigan, Delphine de 2021 Foreign Language 843 VIG French

Lu chuan you xu duo fen

Yi, Ch'ang-dong 2021 Foreign Language 895.73 YI Chinese


(41 titles)

All the sins. Season 1.

Television program (DVD)

Another round

Motion picture (DVD)


Television program (DVD)

Dinner in America

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

First cow

Motion picture (DVD)

Good girls. Season three.

Television program (DVD)

Heroic losers.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

How to be a good wife

Motion picture (DVD)

In fabric

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Love it was not

Documentary (DVD)

Lowdown dirty criminals.

Motion picture (DVD)

No man of God

Motion picture (DVD)

Occupation. Rainfall.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Star trek : Discovery. Season three.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

The ice road

Motion picture (DVD)

The justice of Bunny King

Motion picture (DVD)

The man in the hat

Motion picture (DVD)

The Suicide Squad [4K Ultra]

Motion picture (Bluray)

The Suicide Squad

Motion picture (Bluray)

The Suicide Squad

Motion picture (DVD)

Then came you

Motion picture (DVD)

Three summers

Motion picture (DVD)

What lies below.

Motion picture (DVD)

Whitstable Pearl.

Television program (DVD)

You don't Nomi.

Documentary (DVD)

Young Rock. Season 1.

Television program (DVD)


(153 titles)


Adele, 1988- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

A love supreme, live in Seattle.

Coltrane, John, 1926-1967 2021 CD Jazz

A momentary lapse of reason.

Pink Floyd 2021 CD Popular

À sa guitare.

2021 CD Singers

Acoustic Paris.

2021 CD France

Amata dalle tenebre

2021 CD Singers

An evening with Silk Sonic

Silk Sonic 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Anima aeterna

2021 CD Singers


Young, Neil, 1945- 2021 Vinyl Popular


Garbage (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Becca Stevens & the Secret Trio.

Stevens, Becca, 1984- 2021 CD Popular

Before I die

Park, Hye Jin, 2021 CD Electronica


Allen, Ainslie 2021 CD Wellington


Aakneson 2021 CD Wellington

Blue banisters.

Del Rey, Lana, 1985- 2021 CD Popular

Bob's back pages : a night of Bob Dylan songs.

Williams, Lucinda, 1953- 2021 CD Popular

Boodle boodle boodle

Clean 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Brilliant adventure (1992-2001).

Bowie, David 2021 CD Popular

Buffalo Nichols.

Nichols, Buffalo, 1991- 2021 CD Blues

Careless love [deluxe].

Peyroux, Madeleine, 1974- 2021 CD Jazz


Anika, 1987- 2021 CD Popular

Chansons d'ennui Tip-Top.

Cocker, Jarvis, 1963- 2021 CD France

Cold wind ; When I'm king.

Beastwars 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Comfort to me.

Amyl and the Sniffers 2021 CD Punk

Coming home

2021 CD Singers


Armatrading, Joan, 1950- 2021 CD Popular


Idles 2021 CD Punk

Dark matters

Stranglers 2021 CD Punk


Claemus 2021 CD Wellington


Marea, Desire, 2021 CD Electronica

Dissent chapter 1-10

Von Oswald, Moritz, 1962- 2021 CD Electronica


Jackson, Wanda, 1937- 2021 CD Rock 'n' roll

Far in.

Helado Negro, 1980- 2021 CD Popular

Flames in the trees, some be with me.

Band Sensations 2021 CD Wellington

Friends that break your heart.

Blake, James, 1988- 2021 CD Electronica

From dreams to dust

Felice Brothers 2021 CD Popular

Future past.

Duran Duran 2021 CD Popular

Glow on.

Turnstile 2021 CD Punk

Guardian Singles.

Guardian Singles 2021 CD New Zealand


Dawson, Richard, 1981- 2021 CD Popular

How long do you think it's gonna last?

Big Red Machine 2021 CD Popular

Hushed and grim.

Mastodon 2021 CD Metal

I dream of Christmas.

Jones, Norah, 1979- 2021 CD Christmas

If I could only remember my name [deluxe].

Crosby, David, 1941- 2021 CD Popular

In the blossom of their shade.

LaFarge, Pokey, 1983- 2021 CD American folk

In these silent days.

Carlile, Brandi, 1981- 2021 CD Popular

It's your birthday.

Ellen, Vera, 2021 CD New Zealand

It's your birthday.

Ellen, Vera 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Jazz Christmas.

2021 CD Christmas


Fredriksson, Linda, 1985- 2021 CD Jazz


Wolf, Remi, 1996- 2021 CD Popular

Kid A mnesia

Radiohead 2021 CD Popular

Knebworth 1996.

Oasis 2021 CD Popular

Kono. 003Toru.

2021 Vinyl New Zealand

L.A. woman [50th anniversary].

Doors (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Let the night in.

Elise, Kendall 2021 CD New Zealand

Let yourself be loved.

Denalane, Joy, 1973- 2021 CD Popular

Life is strange

Stone, Angus, 1987- 2021 CD Popular

Lil' golden book.

Princess Chelsea, 1992- 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Love for sale

Bennett, Tony, 1926- 2021 CD Jazz

Mercury : act 1.

Imagine Dragons 2021 CD Popular

Midnight shelter

Vasandani, Sachal, 1978- 2021 CD Jazz

Modern fiction.

Ducks Ltd. 2021 CD Popular

Modern love.

2021 CD Compilations

My Morning Jacket.

My Morning Jacket 2021 CD Popular

New adventures in hi-fi [deluxe].

R. E. M 2021 CD Popular


Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849 2021 CD Piano

Northeast corridor : Steely Dan live!

Steely Dan 2021 CD Popular


ONONO 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Overtime : 1963-2019 : the essential recordings

Campbell, Johnny (New Zealand musician) 2021 CD New Zealand


Planet of the Dead 2021 CD Wellington


Planet of the Dead 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Pressure machine

Killers 2021 CD Popular

Pretenders II.

Pretenders 2021 CD Popular


Pretenders 2021 CD Popular

Prioritise pleasure.

Self Esteem, 1986- 2021 CD Popular


Salsburg, Nathan 2021 CD Jewish

Queens of the summer hotel.

Mann, Aimee, 1960- 2021 CD Popular

Raise the roof

Plant, Robert, 1948- 2021 CD Popular

Raise the roof

Plant, Robert, 1948- 2021 Vinyl Popular


Rameau, Jean-Philippe, 1683-1764 2021 CD Piano

Red (Taylor's version).

Swift, Taylor, 1989- 2021 CD Popular

Remember her name.

Guyton, Mickey, 1983- 2021 CD Country

Rest in blue.

Rafferty, Gerry, 1947-2011 2021 CD Popular

Rose in the dark.

Sol, Cleo, 1991- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Run fast sleep naked.

Murphy, Nick, 1988- 2021 CD Popular

Screen violence.

Chvrches 2021 CD Popular


2021 CD Singers


Molina, Juana, 1961- 2021 CD Electronica

Shout out! to freedom...

Nightmares On Wax, 1970- 2021 CD Electronica

Side eye NYC V1.IV.

Metheny, Pat, 1954- 2021 CD Jazz


Crookes, Joy, 1998 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Some were meant for sea.

Tiny Ruins 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Someone will be there for you.

Lontalius, 1996- 2021 Vinyl Wellington


Hawkwind 2021 CD Popular

Songs of travel and home

Van Mellaerts, Julien 2021 CD Singers

Songwrights apothecary lab.

Spalding, Esperanza, 1984- 2021 CD Jazz

Star crossed.

Musgraves, Kacey, 1988- 2021 CD Country

Straight outta Caledonia.

Leven, Jackie 1950-2011 2021 CD Popular

Street of dreams

Charlap, Bill, 1966- 2021 CD Jazz


Lontalius, 1996- 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Sympathy for life.

Parquet Courts 2021 CD Popular

Take the cake.

Packs 2021 CD Popular

Talk memory.

BadBadNotGood 2021 CD Jazz

Te arohanui.

Walker, Stan, 1990- 2021 CD Maori music

Teaser and the firecat : 50th anniversary remaster.

Stevens, Cat, 1948- 2021 CD Popular

The bridge.

Sting, 1951- 2021 CD Popular

The Capitol session '73

Marley, Bob, 1945-1981 2021 CD Reggae

The eternal rocks beneath.

Priddy, Katherine 2021 CD English & Celtic folk

The future

Rateliff, Nathaniel, 1978- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

The invisible band.

Travis 2021 CD Popular

The legendary 1979 No Nukes concerts

Springsteen, Bruce, 1949- 2021 CD Popular

The nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows.

Albarn, Damon, 1968- 2021 CD Popular

The overflow.

French For Rabbits 2021 CD Wellington

The overflow.

French For Rabbits 2021 Vinyl Wellington

The path of the clouds.

Nadler, Marissa, 1981- 2021 CD Popular

The songs of Leon Russell.

2021 CD Compilations

The tears of Hercules.

Stewart, Rod, 1945- 2021 CD Popular

The violin sonatas. Sonatas 5-7

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Violin

The war on peace of mind.

Swann, Dianne 2021 CD New Zealand

Things take time, take time.

Barnett, Courtney, 1987- 2021 CD Popular

Things take time, take time.

Barnett, Courtney, 1987- 2021 Vinyl Popular

Time clocks.

Bonamassa, Joe, 1977- 2021 CD Blues

Time flies.

Ladyhawke, 1979- 2021 CD Wellington

Time flies.

Ladyhawke, 1979- 2021 Vinyl Wellington

Tonebeds for poetry.

Stick In The Wheel 2021 CD English & Celtic folk


2021 CD Violin


Twelve Foot Ninja 2021 CD Metal

Violin concertos 1 & 2 : Adagio & Rondos

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 2021 CD Concertos/Violin

Volume one.

Jam & Lewis 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Wary + strange.

Kiah, Amythyst 2021 CD Popular

What we call life.

Rakei, Jordan, 1992- 2021 CD New Zealand

When we leave.

Eick, Mathias, 1979- 2021 CD Jazz

When you walk away.

Fur (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular


Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828 2021 CD Songs

You get it all.

Carll, Hayes, 1976- 2021 CD Country

You gotta have it.

Carroll, Tia, 1958- 2021 CD Soul/R&B


(155 titles)

The life and time of Lonny Quicke

Applebaum, Kirsty 2021 Chapter Book

The solar system

Atkinson, Stuart, 1965- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

A bigger digger

Avison, Brett 2021 Picture Book

Walt Disney's Donald Duck : "Balloonatics"

Barks, Carl, 1901-2000 2022 Comic

New Zealand's backyard birds

Barraud, Ned 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Incredible journeys : New Zealand wildlife on the move

Barrraud, Ned 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Every little kindness

Bartolj, Marta 2021 Picture Book

Star Wars character encyclopedia

Beecroft, Simon 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Tomorrow is a brand-new day

Bell, Davina 2021 Picture Book

Delivery to the lost city

Bell, P. G. 2021 Chapter Book

Draw 1001 planes

Bergin, Mark, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Invasion of the unicorns

Biedrzycki, David 2021 Picture Book

Aarti & the blue gods

Bilan, Jasbinder 2021 Chapter Book

What it's like to be a bird

Birkhead, T. R 2021 Non-fiction / Science

We're going to find the monster!

Blackman, Malorie 2021 Picture Book

The boy and the elephant

Blackwood, Freya 2021 Picture Book

Scaredy bath

Blake, Zoë Foster, 1980- 2021 Picture Book

Walk of the whales

Bland, Nick, 1973- 2021 Picture Book

The Famous Five adventures collection

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

Dogs : understanding your very best friend

Bradshaw, John, 1950- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Nell and the cave bear

Brown, Martin, 1959- 2021 Chapter Book

Bluey : Sleepytime

Brumm, Joe. 2021 Picture Book

Following Frankenstein

Bruton, Catherine 2021 Chapter Book


Burgess, Melvin 2021 Chapter Book

Sports carnival!

Cahill, Tim 2021 Chapter Book

The Emerald Maze

Chapman, Linda 2021 Chapter Book

Rumble, rumble, dinosaur

Charman, Katrina 2021 Picture Book

Clarice Bean : think like an elf

Child, Lauren 2021 Chapter Book

The toys' Christmas

Clément, Claire 2021 Picture Book

The talkative tiger

Cobb, Amelia (Children's author) 2021 Chapter Book

The Fowl twins get what they deserve

Colfer, Eoin 2021 Chapter Book

Swim, shark, swim!

Conlon, Dom, 1971- 2021 Picture Book

Mooncat and me

Corry, Lydia 2021 Picture Book

Save our seas!

Courtenay, Lucy 2021 Chapter Book

The Worst sleepover in the world

Dahl, Sophie. 2021 Picture Book

Green is for Christmas

Daywalt, Drew 2021 Picture Book

Well done, the naughtiest girl

Digby, Anne, 1935- 2021 Chapter Book

Animal train

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

Legends unite

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

The Christmas pine

Donaldson, Julia 2021 Picture Book

Bumblebee grumblebee

Elliot, David, 1952- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Takahē maths

Ellis, Julie, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Remember to dream, Ebere

Erivo, Cynthia, 1987- 2021 Picture Book

The book cat

Faber, Polly 2021 Chapter Book

The warrior in my wardrobe

Farnaby, Simon 2021 Chapter Book

Yasmin the singer

Faruqi, Saadia 2022 Chapter Book

Adventures in Cardboard

Ford, Eleanor 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Frankie & Bug

Forman, Gayle 2021 Chapter Book

Dragon skin

Foxlee, Karen, 1971- 2021 Chapter Book

Two sisters : a story of freedom

Getten, Kereen 2021 Chapter Book

The who's whonicorn of unicorns

Gray, Kes 2021 Picture Book

Dancing and Dreams

Gregg, Stacy 2021 Chapter Book

The 13-storey treehouse

Griffiths, Andy, 1961- 2021 Chapter Book

The 143-storey treehouse

Griffiths, Andy, 1961- 2021 Chapter Book

Pup Detectives [1] : the first case

Gumpaw, Felix 2021 Comic

By ash, oak and thorn

Harrison, Melissa, 1975- 2021 Chapter Book

Indiana Bones

Heape, Harry 2021 Chapter Book

My skin, your skin : let's talk about race, racism and empowerment

Henry-Allain, Laura 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

My period

Hill, Milli 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Peppa's best sleepover

Holowaty, Lauren 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The uprising : the mapmakers in Cruxcia

Hunter, Eirlys 2021 Chapter Book

A pūkeko in a ponga tree

Ihaka, Kingi M. 2021 Picture Book

Faith Ringgold : narrating the world in pattern and colour

Jackson, Sharna 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Big love

Jacobson, Megan 2021 Picture Book


Jenner, Elizabeth 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Playing the cards you're dealt

Johnson, Varian 2021 Chapter Book

Star Wars, the Mandalorian handbook

Jones, Matt (Editor) 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Room for everyone

Khan, Naaz 2021 Picture Book

Big shot

Kinney, Jeff 2021 Chapter Book

Pokémon : Sun & Moon. Volume 10

Kusaka, Hidenori 2021 Comic

Pokémon. Volume 11 Sun & Moon.

Kusaka, Hidenori 2021 Comic

The song of Lewis Carmichael

Laguna, Sofie, 1968- 2021 Chapter Book

Where's Kiwi in Playland?

Lawford, Myles, 1972- 2021 Chapter Book

Nadia Lim's Marvin makes a friend

Lim, Nadia, 1985- 2021 Picture Book

Stacey's mistake

Martin, Ann M., 1955- 2021 Chapter Book

The eight gifts of Te Wheke

Matuku, Stephanie 2021 Picture Book

Ngā taonga e waru mā Te Wheke

Matuku, Stephanie 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Another kind

May, Cait 2021 Comic

Granny's little monsters

McCombie, Karen 2021 Chapter Book

Spy high

McDonald, Andrew, 1982- 2021 Chapter Book

Who fed Zed?

McInerney, Amelia 2021 Picture Book

We found a cat

McKinnon, Heidi 2021 Picture Book

Clarice the brave

McMann, Lisa 2021 Chapter Book

There's a moa in the moonlight = he moa kei ro atarau

McMillan, Dawn 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Show us who you are

McNicoll, Elle 2021 Chapter Book

Tooth trouble

McRitchie, Rebecca 2021 Chapter Book

Birthday surprise

McRitchie, Rebecca 2021 Chapter Book

The Last kingdom

Mead, Denika. 2021 Chapter Book

Jayda the snowboarding fairy

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Christmas sparkle collection : six stories in one

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

The dragon who didn't like fire

Merino, Gemma 2021 Picture Book

How I became a dog called Midnight

Miller, Ben, 1966- 2021 Chapter Book

The dinos on the bus

Millett, Peter 2021 Picture Book

The chime seekers

Montgomery, Ross, (Fiction writer) 2021 Chapter Book

Where's the unicorn? : an epic adventure

Moran, Paul (Illustrator) 2021 Chapter Book

The astonishing chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere

Moriarty, Jaclyn 2021 Chapter Book

Sterling rules

Mugford, Simon 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Salah rules

Mugford, Simon 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

The best ever bread book

Munsey, Lizzie 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Rabbit, soldier, angel, thief

Nannestad, Katrina 2021 Chapter Book

Beautifully me

Noor, Nabela 2021 Picture Book


O'Hart, Sinead 2021 Chapter Book

Treasure in the lake

Pamment, Jason 2021 Comic

Amelia Bedelia & friends blast off

Parish, Herman 2021 Chapter Book

Granny trouble

Patel, Serena 2021 Chapter Book


Patricelli, Leslie 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Between sea and sky

Penfold, Nicola 2021 Chapter Book

Amelia Erroway : castaway commander

Peterschmidt, Betsy 2021 Comic

Random acts of fun

Pichon, Liz 2021 Chapter Book

My growing body

Polin, C. J. 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Not that pet!

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti 2021 Picture Book

The lion above the door

Raúf, Onjali Q. 2021 Chapter Book

Legends of Camelot

Rayner, Jacqueline 2021 Chapter Book

The Doctor of Oz

Rayner, Jacqueline 2021 Chapter Book

The lost slipper

Reddy, Swapna 2021 Chapter Book

The big audition

Reddy, Swapna 2021 Chapter Book

Construction site : road crew, coming through!

Rinker, Sherri Duskey 2021 Picture Book

Daughter of the deep

Riordan, Rick 2021 Chapter Book

Iris Apfel

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Michael Jordan

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Little people, big dreams treasury : 50 stories from brilliant dreamers

Sánchez Vegara, Ma Isabel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

On the farm

Scheffler, Axel 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The London thief

Sieveking, Laura 2021 Chapter Book

What do they like?

Sinclair, Harry, 1959- 2021 Picture Book

Wonkey Donkey's big surprise

Smith, Craig, 1972- 2021 Picture Book

The ice whisperers

Stachera, Helenka 2021 Chapter Book

Floating down the river

Stanley, Simon (New Zealand songwriter) 2021 Picture Book

The day Fin flooded the world

Stower, Adam 2021 Picture Book

Armadillo and Hare and the flamingo affair

Strong, Jeremy, 1949- 2021 Chapter Book

Evie and Sunshine

Sykes, Julie 2021 Chapter Book

The farts and the furious

Szubanski, Magda 2021 Chapter Book

The greatest haka festival on earth

Tahau-Hodges, Pania 2021 Picture Book

Mokopuna Matatini

Tahau-Hodges, Pania 2021 Non-fiction / Language

When I see red

Teckentrup, Britta 2021 Picture Book

The wild before

Torday, Piers, 1974- 2021 Chapter Book


Trinick, Loveday 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Sometimes babies... : a book for a new baby

Trounce, Charlotte 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Let It Rip!

Wallace, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

Dust & Grim

Wendig, Chuck 2021 Chapter Book

Inside cat

Wenzel, Brendan 2021 Picture Book

Girl (in real life)

Winter, Tamsin 2021 Chapter Book


2021 Non-fiction / Science

The 12 engines of Christmas.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


(27 titles)

Within these wicked walls : a novel

Blackwood, Lauren 2021 Fiction

All these bodies

Blake, Kendare 2021 Fiction

Skin of the sea

Bowen, Natasha 2021 Fiction

A psalm of storms and silence

Brown, Roseanne A. 2021 Fiction


Cameron, Sharon, 1970- 2021 Fiction

The heartbreak bakery

Capetta, A. R. 2021 Fiction

Venom [6] : king in black

Cates, Donny 2021 Comic

The sisters of reckoning

Davis, Charlotte Nicole 2021 Fiction

Beastars. Volume 12

Itagaki, Paru, 1993- 2021 Comic

A snake falls to Earth

Little Badger, Darcie, 1987- 2021 Fiction

Sway with me

Masood, Syed 2021 Fiction

Bad girls never say die

Mathieu, Jennifer 2021 Fiction

For all time

Miles, Shanna 2021 Fiction

Terciel and Elinor

Nix, Garth 2021 Fiction

One-Punch Man. 23, Authenticity

ONE, 1986- 2021 Comic

Little thieves

Owen, Margaret, 1986- 2021 Fiction

Tiny dancer

Siegel, Siena Cherson 2021 Comic

Two for joy

Sugg, Zoe, 1990- 2021 Fiction

Can't Say It Went To Plan

Tozer, Gabrielle 2021 Fiction

Asadora! Volume 4

Urasawa, Naoki, 1960- 2021 Comic

Stars in their eyes

Walton, Jessica 2021 Comic

The thaumagician's revenge

Ward, Gareth, 1968- 2021 Fiction

Touch and go Joe : an adolescent's experiences of OCD

Wells, Joe, 1989- 2021 Non-fiction


(617 titles)

Next of kin

Abdullah, Kia, 1982- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Next of kin

Abdullah, Kia, 1982- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Murder in the cookbook nook

Adams, Ellery 2021 eBook Overdrive

The teller of secrets

Adjapon, Bisi 2021 eBook Overdrive

Eighteen below

Ahnhem, Stefan, 1966- 2017 eBook Overdrive

Out of character

Albert, Annabeth 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive


Albinia, Alice, 1976- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Santa suit

Andrews, Mary Kay 2021 eBook Overdrive

The unworthy duke

Anne, Charlotte 2021 eBook Overdrive

All the names given

Antrobus, Raymond 2021 eBook Overdrive

Her majesty's necromancer

Archer, C. J. 2015 eBook Overdrive

Longthroat memoirs : soups, sex and Nigerian taste buds

Aribisala, Yemisi, 1973- 2016 eBook Overdrive

The Spanish love deception

Armas, Elena 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The Spanish love deception

Armas, Elena 2021 eBook Overdrive

A shadow in the ember

Armentrout, Jennifer L 2021 eBook Overdrive

Blackbird broken

Arthur, Keri 2020 eBook Overdrive

Custody battles

Ashe, Gregory 2021 eBook Overdrive

The duke who loved me

Ashford, Jane 2021 eBook Overdrive

The republic of false truths

Aswānī, ʻAlāʼ, 1957- 2021 eBook Overdrive

New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Atkinson, Brett eBook Overdrive

Living planet : the web of life on earth

Attenborough, David, 1926- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Living planet : the web of life on earth

Attenborough, David, 1926- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The flip side

Bailey, James, 1991- 2020 eBook Overdrive


Baldacci, David 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox


Balogh, Mary 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive


Balogh, Mary 2016 eAudiobook Overdrive

The elegance of the hedgehog

Barbery, Muriel, 1969- 2018 eAudiobook Overdrive

The loyal wife

Barelli, Natalie 2018 eBook Overdrive

The women of Troy

Barker, Pat, 1943- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Hawthorne legacy

Barnes, Jennifer 2021 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

The Hawthorne legacy

Barnes, Jennifer 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Address book

Bartlett, Neil, 1958- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Himawari House

Becker, Harmony 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Baby it's cold outside

Bell, Emily, 1980- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Checkout 19

Bennett, Claire-Louise 2021 eBook Overdrive

A three dog problem

Bennett, S. J. 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Mary Berry's absolute favourites

Berry, Mary, 1935- 2015 eBook Overdrive

Rabbit hole

Billingham, Mark 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The cruel stars

Birmingham, John, 1964- 2019 eBook Overdrive

Wild abandon

Bitto, Emily. 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Wild abandon

Bitto, Emily. 2021 eBook Overdrive

He iti te kupu : Māori metaphors and similes

Black, Hona 2021 eBook Overdrive


Blackstream, Jennifer 2020 eBook Overdrive

Dances with wolves ; and, The holy road : the American frontier epic

Blake, Michael, 1945-2015 2020 eBook Overdrive

Dark sky

Box, C. J 2021 eBook Overdrive

The disappeared

Box, C. J. 2018 eBook Overdrive


Box, C. J. 2015 eBook Overdrive

The affair

Boyd, Hilary 2021 eBook Overdrive

City of time and magic

Brackston, Paula 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

City of time and magic

Brackston, Paula 2021 eBook Overdrive

A man of honour

Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Odd boy out

Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Christmas at River Cottage

Brazier, Lucy. 2021 eBook Overdrive

The desert prince

Brett, Peter V 2021 eBook Overdrive

The mission

Brown, David W 2021 eBook Overdrive

A book of secrets finding solace in a stubborn world

Brown, Derren 2021 eBook Overdrive

A dog's heart

Bulgakov, Mikhail, 1891-1940 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Four thousand weeks : time management for mortals

Burkeman, Oliver 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Four thousand weeks : time management for mortals

Burkeman, Oliver 2021 eBook Overdrive

Miss Dignified

Burrowes, Grace 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Darling girls

Burstall, Emma 2013 eBook Overdrive

Christmas at the Cornish guest house

Burstall, Emma. 2016 eBook Overdrive

A Cornish secret

Burstall, Emma. 2018 eBook Overdrive

Project management for libraries : a practical approach

Buser, Robin A. 1961- 2014 eBook Overdrive

Nostalgia has ruined my life

Butcher-McGunnigle, Zarah 2021 eBook Overdrive

The actual star : a novel

Byrne, Monica, 1981- 2021 eBook Overdrive


Camilleri, Andrea 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive


Camilleri, Andrea 2021 eBook Overdrive

Breach of honor

Cantore, Janice 2021 eBook Overdrive

Straight Jack

Capri, Diane 2021 eBook Overdrive

The devil's hand

Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym) 2021 eBook Overdrive

The dark isle

Carson, Clare 2017 eBook Overdrive

The canary keeper

Carson, Clare. 2019 eBook Overdrive

Henry 'Chips' Channon : the diaries 1938-43. 2

Channon, Henry, 1898-1958 2021 eBook Overdrive

The gentle art of fortune hunting

Charles, K. J. 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Land of big numbers

Chen, Te-Ping 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Land of big numbers

Chen, Te-Ping 2021 eBook Overdrive

London clay : journeys in the deep city

Chivers, Tom, 1983- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Black water sister

Cho, Zen 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Keeping the house

Cin, Tice 2021 eBook Overdrive

The only living lady parachutist

Clarke, Catherine, 1958- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The postmistress of Paris

Clayton, Meg Waite 2021 eBook Overdrive

The postmistress of Paris

Clayton, Meg Waite. 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Why did I buy that? : fashion mistakes, life lessons

Clements, Kirstie 2021 eBook Overdrive

Misfits : a personal manifesto

Coel, Michaela 2021 eBook Overdrive

Black paper : writing in a dark time

Cole, Teju 2021 eBook Overdrive

Soul survivor

Collins, Katana 2013 eBook Overdrive

Sea dragon heir

Constantine, Storm 2015 eBook Overdrive

Leviathan falls

Corey, James S. A 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Autopsy : a Scarpetta novel

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive


Cornwell, Patricia Daniels 2021 eBook Overdrive

Children of the siege

Costeloe, Diney. 2019 eBook Overdrive

Just haven't met you yet

Cousens, Sophie 2021 eBook Overdrive

Spare parts : a surprising history of transplants

Craddock, Paul 2021 eBook Overdrive

The secret of Santa Vittoria

Crichton, Robert 2013 eBook Overdrive

Best seat in the house

Crompton, Neil 2021 eBook Overdrive

To the sea

Crutchley, Nikki, 1978- 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

To the sea

Crutchley, Nikki, 1978- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Baggage : tales from a fully packed life

Cumming, Alan, 1965- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Judas 62

Cumming, Charles, 1971- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Judas 62

Cumming, Charles, 1971- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Alex : Shari's mask

Dahlgren, Helena, 1980- 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive


Dalcher, Christina 2021 eBook Overdrive

The scandalous, dissolute, no-good Mr. Wright

Dare, Tessa 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

A lot like adiós

Daria, Alexis. 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

A lot like adiós

Daria, Alexis. 2021 eBook Overdrive

Four days : a seven series novel

Dark, Dannika 2015 eAudiobook Overdrive

American comics : a history

Dauber, Jeremy Asher 2021 eBook Overdrive

Garfield livin' the sweet life

Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The Inseparables

De Beauvoir, Simone 2021 eBook Overdrive

Bad apples

Dean, Will (Novelist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

The midnight lock

Deaver, Jeffery 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The midnight lock

Deaver, Jeffery 2021 eBook Overdrive


Dennis, Rebecca (Breath coach) 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Let it go

Dennis, Rebecca (Health coach) 2021 eBook Overdrive

Cyclopedia exotica

Dhaliwal, Aminder, 1988- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Sweet temptation

Diamond, Lucy, 1970- 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

At night all blood is black

Diop, David, 1966- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The way it is now

Disher, Garry 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Gods of rome

Doherty, Gordon, 1978- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The children of Lovely Lane

Dorries, Nadine. 2016 eBook Overdrive

The turning point : a year that changed Dickens and the world

Douglas-Fairhurst, Robert 2021 eBook Overdrive

The couple at no 9

Douglas, Claire (Journalist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

His last bow

Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930 2018 eBook Overdrive

We'll meet again

Du Beke, Anton 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the sower

Duff, Damian 2020 eBook Overdrive

Index, a history of the : a bookish adventure

Duncan, Dennis. 2021 eBook Overdrive

No place to hide

Eason, Lynette 2015 eAudiobook Overdrive

Nina Simone's gum

Ellis, Warren, 1965- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Dear Senthuran : a Black spirit memoir

Emezi, Akwaeke 2021 eBook Overdrive

Infinite country

Engel, Patricia 2021 eBook Overdrive

Game on : tempting twenty-eight

Evanovich, Janet 2021 eBook Overdrive

Snow country

Faulks, Sebastian 2021 eBook Overdrive

A good winter

Fenster, Gigi 2021 eBook Overdrive

Hooked : secrets and highs of a sober addict

Ferguson, Melinda 2020 eBook Overdrive


Fernández, Kelly 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Cavanaugh on duty

Ferrarella, Mariem 2013 eBook Overdrive

Shackleton : a biography

Fiennes, Ranulph, Sir, 1944- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Shackleton : a biography

Fiennes, Ranulph, Sir, 1944- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The girl remains

Firkin, Katherine 2021 eBook Overdrive

Salad : 70 delicious recipes for every occasion

Flanagan, Margo 2021 eBook Overdrive

Beware of dogs

Flann, Elizabeth 2021 eBook Overdrive

Marriage can be mischief

Flower, Amanda 2021 eBook Overdrive


Follett, Ken 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Can't let go

Freethy, Barbara 2017 eBook Overdrive

Elusive promise

Freethy, Barbara 2018 eBook Overdrive

No hearts of gold

French, Jackie 2021 eBook Overdrive

I couldn't love you more

Freud, Esther 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Here in the after

Frith, Marion (Journalist/Novelist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

Spymaster : the man who saved MI6

Fry, Helen, 1967- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Go tell the bees that I am gone : a novel

Gabaldon, Diana 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The bright ages : a new history of medieval Europe

Gabriele, Matthew 2021 eBook Overdrive

Everyone knows your mother is a witch

Galchen, Rivka 2021 eBook Overdrive

The Doldrums and the Helmsley curse

Gannon, Nicholas 2017 eBook Overdrive

Ruby red herring

Gardner, Tracy (Novelist) 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Ruby red herring

Gardner, Tracy (Novelist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

Treacle walker

Garner, Alan 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Treacle walker

Garner, Alan, 1934- 2021 eBook Overdrive

How to end a story : diaries. Volume III, 1995-1998

Garner, Helen, 1942- 2021 eBook Overdrive

English magic

Gatward, Uschi 2021 eBook Overdrive

The cracks in our armor

Gavalda, Anna, 1970- 2019 eBook Overdrive

Bound for murder

Gilbert, Victoria 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

Renewed for murder

Gilbert, Victoria 2021 eBook Overdrive

Die. Volume 4, Bleed

Gillen, Kieron 2021 eBook Overdrive

Die. Volume 1, Fantasy heartbreaker

Gillen, Kieron 2019 eBook Overdrive

Die. Volume 2, Split the party

Gillen, Kieron 2020 eBook Overdrive

Defiant unto death

Gilman, David (Fiction writer) 2015 eBook Overdrive

The Englishman

Gilman, David (Fiction writer) 2020 eBook Overdrive

Poems 1962-2012

Glück, Louise, 1943- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The encircling sea

Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith 2018 eBook Overdrive


Goodkind, Terry. 2015 eBook Overdrive

Notes from deep time : a journey through our past and future worlds

Gordon, Helen (Freelance journalist) 2021 eBook Overdrive

Black and blue : a memoir of racism and resilience

Gorrie, Veronica 2021 eBook Overdrive

Shadow life

Goto, Hiromi, 1966- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The autistic brain : thinking across the spectrum

Grandin, Temple 2013 eAudiobook Overdrive

These silent woods

Grant, Kimi Cunningham 2021 eBook Overdrive

The protective one

Gray, Shelley Shepard 2020 eBook Overdrive

The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle

Green, Sophie 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

The 48 laws of power

Greene, Robert 2010 eBook Overdrive

The high house

Greengrass, Jessie, 1982- 2021 eBook Overdrive

I'll take your questions now : what I saw at the Trump White House

Grisham, Stephanie, 1977- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

I'll take your questions now : what I saw at the Trump White House

Grisham, Stephanie, 1977- 2021 eBook Overdrive

More than i love my life

Grossman, David 2021 eBook Overdrive

The pages

Hamilton, Hugo 2021 eBook Overdrive

Blood family

Hampton, Graeme 2020 eBook Overdrive

The darkness within

Hampton, Graeme 2021 eBook Overdrive

Three rooms

Hamya, Jo, 1997- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The corpse flower

Hancock, Anne Mette, 1979- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

The corpse flower : a novel

Hancock, Anne Mette, 1979- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Confession with blue horses

Hardach, Sophie, 1979- 2019 eBook Overdrive

The genetic lottery : why DNA matters for social equality

Harden, Kathryn Paige 2021 eBook Overdrive

One fine fae

Harper, Molly 2021 eBook Overdrive

The other black girl

Harris, Zakiya Dalila 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

High voltage

Harvey, Jacqueline 2021 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

A slow fire burning

Hawkins, Paula 2021 eBook Overdrive

The wife upstairs

Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Georgana's secret

Hawks, Arlem 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Reimagining capitalism in a world on fire

Henderson, Rebecca 2021 eBook Overdrive

The younger wife

Hepworth, Sally. 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Dune. House Atreides

Herbert, Brian 2020 eBook Overdrive

Dune. House Corrino

Herbert, Brian 2020 eBook Overdrive

Dune. House Harkonnen

Herbert, Brian 2020 eBook Overdrive


Hereaka, Whiti 2021 eBook Overdrive

Damaged goods

Hibbert, Talia 2018 eBook Overdrive

Sentient : what animals reveal about our senses

Higgins, Jackie 2021 eBook Overdrive

Caught blue-handed

Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- 2013 Children eBook Overdrive

Tash's story

Hill, Georgia 2018 eBook Overdrive

Duke, actually

Holiday, Jenny (Romance author) 2021 eBook Overdrive

My hero academia. Vol. 28, The thrill of destruction

Horikoshi, Kōhei, 1986- 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

A Line to Kill

Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- 2021 eBook Overdrive

A line to kill

Horowitz, Anthony. 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox

Australia & the Pacific : a history

Hoskins, Ian, 1962- 2021 eBook Overdrive

If he's sinful

Howell, Hannah 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Battlefield earth : a saga of the year 3000

Hubbard, L. Ron 1911-1986. 2016 eBook Overdrive

My broken language

Hudes, Quiara Alegría 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

My broken language

Hudes, Quiara Alegría 2021 eBook Overdrive

The radical potter : the life and times of Josiah Wedgwood

Hunt, Tristram, 1974- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The whole truth

Hunter, Cara 2021 eBook Overdrive

Transformers animated. The arrival

Isenberg, Marty 2018 eBook Overdrive

Forging a nightmare

Jackson, Patricia A 2021 eBook Overdrive

Emotional first aid : how to feel better in time of crisis

James, Michael, active 2015-2018 2020 eBook Overdrive