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New Booklists — July 2021

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(228 titles)

Conan the Barbarian

Aaron, Jason 2021 Graphic Novel

Fatal isles

Adolfsson, Maria 2021

With teeth

Arnett, Kristen 2021

Jack Four

Asher, Neal L., 1961- 2021

Killadelphia. Vol. two, Burn baby burn

Barnes, Rodney 2021 Graphic Novel

Bug week & other stories

Beautrais, Airini 2020

The vanishing half

Bennett, Brit 2020

Call to kill

Billingham, Mark (Billy) 2021

The white girl

Birch, Tony, 1957- 2020

The other daughter

Bishop, Caroline. 2021

The Manningtree witches

Blakemore, A. K., 1991- 2021

The coral bride

Bouchard, Roxanne, 1972- 2020

Down in the country

Bowring, James 2021

Gifting fire

Boyden, Alina 2021

Triflers need not apply

Bruce, Camilla. 2021

Before you knew my name

Bublitz, Jacqueline 2021

Sixteen horses

Buchanan, Greg 2021


Burkart, Roland 2021 Graphic Novel

Spy Island : a Bermuda Triangle mystery

Cain, Chelsea 2021 Graphic Novel

The heights

Candlish, Louise 2021


Carey, C. J. 2021

Day zero : a novel

Cargill, C. Robert, 1975- 2021

The lost gallows : a London mystery

Carr, John Dickson, 1906-1977 2021

Valentino will die

Casey, Donis 2021

The inheritors

Cayre, Hannelore, 1963- 2020

From the ashes : a restless years novel

Challinor, Deborah 2020 Large Print

Jacinda Ardern : a new kind of leader

Chapman, Madeleine 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

The glass house

Chase, Eve 2020

The eighth girl

Chung, Maxine Mei-Fung 2021

The hunting wives

Cobb, May. 1973- 2021

No mercy

Cole, Martina 2020 Large Print

Destroyer of worlds

Correia, Larry 2020

Gun runner

Correia, Larry 2021

Like mother, like daughter

Croft, Elle 2020

Maestro : symphony in a gamma key

David, Peter 2021 Graphic Novel

The disappearance of Stephanie Mailer

Dicker, Joël, 1985- 2021

A house without windows

Ellison, Marc 2021 Graphic Novel

The Boys : dear Becky

Ennis, Garth 2021 Graphic Novel

The creak on the stairs

Eva Björg Ægisdóttir, 1988- 2020

Rat Queens. Volume eight, The god dilemma

Ferrier, Ryan 2021 Graphic Novel

The living sea of waking dreams

Flanagan, Richard, 1961- 2020

The girls are all so nice here

Flynn, Laurie Elizabeth 2021

Valse triste

Fois, Marcello, 1960- 2021

November. Volume II, The gun in the puddle

Fraction, Matt 2020 Graphic Novel

Joe Frank : ascent

Frank, Joe 2021 Graphic Novel

The favour

Freeborn, Rebecca 2021

The coven

Fry, Lizzie 2020

A ration book wedding

Fullerton, Jean 2020 Large Print


Gardner, Frank, 1961- 2021

Living with Mochi

Gené, Gemma 2021 Graphic Novel

Warhammer 40,000 : Marneus Calgar

Gillen, Kieron 2021 Graphic Novel

The house uptown

Ginsburg, Melissa 2021

Auntie Poldi and the lost Madonna

Giordano, Mario, 1963- 2021

Factory 19 : a novel

Glover, Dennis 2020

The night swim

Goldin, Megan 2020

Shadow life

Goto, Hiromi, 1966- 2021 Graphic Novel

Getting it together. Vol. 1

Grace, Sina 2021 Graphic Novel

Transcendent kingdom

Gyasi, Yaa 2020

The Midnight Library

Haig, Matt, 1975- 2020

Red wolves

Hamdy, Adam, 1974- 2021

Firefly Lane

Hannah, Kristin 2020

Without a trace

Hannah, Mari 2021

Composite creatures

Hardaker, Caroline, 1986- 2021

Alt-ernate : a collection of 37 stories

Harding-Shaw, Melanie 2021


Harris, Joanne, 1964- 2021

The other black girl

Harris, Zakiya Dalila 2021

The shadow in the glass

Harwood, JJA 2021

Savage road

Hauty, Chris 2021

Coming home to Brightwater Bay

Hepburn, Holly 2021

A girl made of air

Hetherington, Nydia 2020

Take a hint, Dani Brown

Hibbert, Talia 2020

Act your age, Eve Brown

Hibbert, Talia 2021

Troubles in paradise : a novel

Hilderbrand, Elin 2020

Umma's table

Hong, Yeon-sik, 1971- 2020 Graphic Novel

The fogging

Horton, Luke 2020


Iggulden, Conn 2021

Bullet train

Isaka, Kōtarō, 1971- 2021

Fault lines

Itami, Emily 2021

Marrying Simone

Jacobs, Anna 2020

A valley dream

Jacobs, Anna 2021

Guerilla green : an urban gardening survival guide

Kalkair, Cookie 2021 Graphic Novel

My life in transition : a super late bloomer collection

Kaye, Julia, 1988- 2021 Graphic Novel

The manor

Keane, Jessie 2020

Midnight at Malabar House

Khan, Vaseem, 1973- 2020

Oblivion song. Chapter five

Kirkman, Robert 2021 Graphic Novel

City of ice

Klingborg, Brian, 1967- 2021

Doctor Aphra

Kuhn, Sarah 2021

The Russian key : a novel

Laber, Jeri 2021


Ladner, Kiare 2021

The soulmate equation

Lauren, Christina 2021

The deceptions

Leal, Suzanne, 1967- 2020


Leilani, Raven 2020

One got away

Lelchuk, S. A. 2021

Unfinished business

Levitz, Paul 2020 Graphic Novel


Lilja Sigurðardóttir, 1972- 2020

The covered wife

Lisa Emanuel 2021

The helm of midnight

Lostetter, Marina J. 2021

Vesper flights : new and collected essays

Macdonald, Helen, 1970- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

To tell you the truth

MacMillan, Gilly 2020 Large Print

Heavy is the head

Mahal, Nani 2020 Graphic Novel

The vineyard at painted moon

Mallery, Susan 2021 Large Print

Station eleven

Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979- 2020

The minders

Marrs, John (Freelance journalist) 2021

The thief on the winged horse

Mascarenhas, Kate 2020

We were not men

Mattinson, Campbell 2021

The man with the silver Saab

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2021

Write it in blood

McConville, Rory 2021 Graphic Novel

The tulip tree : a novel

McCourt, Suzanne 2021

Mirror man

McIntosh, Fiona, 1960- 2021

The animals in that country

McKay, Laura Jean 2020

The maidens

Michaelides, Alex, 1977- 2021

No way out

Michaels, Fern 2021 Large Print

When they find her

Middleton, Lia. 2021

Jupiter's legacy. Volume 2

Millar, Mark 2020 Graphic Novel

Jupiter's legacy. Volume 3

Millar, Mark 2020 Graphic Novel

Jupiter's legacy. Volume 4

Millar, Mark 2020 Graphic Novel

Jupiter's legacy. Volume 1

Millar, Mark 2020 Graphic Novel

John Constantine, Hellblazer [24] : sectioned

Milligan, Peter 2021 Graphic Novel


Moleta, Clare 2021

From hell : being a melodrama in sixteen parts

Moore, Alan, 1953- 2020 Graphic Novel

The murder list

Muir, Frank (Crime novelist) 2021

Earthlings : a novel

Murata, Sayaka, 1979- 2020

I never promised you a rose garden

Murphy, Mannie 2021 Graphic Novel

Male tears : stories

Myers, Benjamin, 1976- 2021


Nable, Matt 2021


Nadel, Barbara 2021

The Talk of Pram Town

Nadin, Joanna. 2021

A daughter's ruin

Neale, Kitty 2020 Large Print

Open water

Nelson, Caleb Azumah 2021


Newman, T. J. 2021


O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- 2020

Loop tracks

Orr, Sue, 1962- 2021

The Thursday murder club

Osman, Richard, 1970- 2020

The Thursday Murder Club

Osman, Richard, 1970- 2020 Large Print

We are watching Eliza Bright

Osworth, A. E. 2021

The high moments

Ozbek, Sara-Ella 2020

Both of you

Parks, Adele 2021

Swamp Thing : the bronze age. Volume 3

Pasko, Martin 2020 Graphic Novel

Curtiss Hill

Pau, 1972- 2021 Graphic Novel

The shadow of a man

Peeters, Benoît, 1956- 2021 Graphic Novel

The bluffs

Perry, Kyle 2020

Perfect example

Porcellino, John 2020 Graphic Novel

One hundred days

Pung, Alice 2021

London, burning

Quinn, Anthony, 1964- 2021

On the way to the wedding

Quinn, Julia, 1970- 2021

When he was wicked

Quinn, Julia, 1970- 2021

It's in his kiss

Quinn, Julia, 1970- 2021

The hiding place

Quintana, Jenny 2021

The girl who died

Ragnar Jónasson, 1976- 2021

The bone code

Reichs, Kathy 2021

Such a fun age

Reid, Kiley 2020

Greta & Valdin

Reilly, Rebecca K. 2021

Low. Volume 5, Light brings light

Remender, Rick 2021 Graphic Novel

The scumbag. Volume one, Cocainefinger

Remender, Rick 2021 Graphic Novel

The discomfort of evening

Rijneveld, Marieke Lucas 2020

Lord of order

Riley, Brett, 1970- 2021

The missing sister

Riley, Lucinda 2021


Roberts, Nora 2021

Post York

Romberger, James 2021 Graphic Novel


Rutherfurd, Edward 2021


Saint, Jennifer. 2021

All to blazes

Sargeson, Frank 2021

The bench

Sarginson, Saskia 2020 Large Print

The case of the wandering scholar

Saunders, Kate, 1960- 2020

Operation Grendel

Schwabauer, Daniel 2021

The field

Seethaler, Robert, 1966- 2021

I know what I saw

Sharp, S. K. 2021

Great circle

Shipstead, Maggie 2021

The return

Sidebottom, Harry 2020


Silvey, Craig, 1982- 2020

Two steps onward

Simsion, Graeme C. 2021

The Paris library

Skeslien Charles, Janet 2021 Large Print

Devil's trumpet

Slaughter, Tracey 2021

All in her head

Smith, Nikki 2020

Dark nights : death metal

Snyder, Scott 2021 Graphic Novel

The Batman who laughs

Snyder, Scott 2021 Graphic Novel

Undiscovered country. Volume two, Unity

Snyder, Scott 2021 Graphic Novel

The perfect lie

Spain, Jo 2021

Double blind

St. Aubyn, Edward, 1960- 2021

One to watch

Stayman-London, Kate 2020

Either side of midnight

Stevenson, Benjamin 2020

The inhabited island

Strugat︠s︡kiĭ, Arkadiĭ Natanovich 2020

The art of the assassin

Sullivan, Kevin 2021

Dial A for aunties

Sutanto, Jesse Q. 2021

City on the edge

Swinson, David (Author) 2021

Real life

Taylor, Brandon 2020

One day all this will be yours

Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972- 2021

The queen's gambit

Tevis, Walter S. 2020

Murder on Pleasant Avenue

Thompson, Victoria 2020

The Ullswater undertaking

Tope, Rebecca. 2021

The first day of spring

Tucker, Nancy 2021

The Department of Truth. Volume 01, The end of the world

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Graphic Novel

The Joker war saga

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Graphic Novel

Y, the last man. Compendium one

Vaughan, Brian K 2020 Graphic Novel

Paper Girls. Book three

Vaughan, Brian K 2020 Graphic Novel

A sister

Vivès, Bastien 2021 Graphic Novel

The coldest case : the Dordoyne mysteries

Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23- 2021

Final cut

Watson, S. J. 2020

South of the Buttonwood Tree

Webber, Heather S. 2021

That summer

Weiner, Jennifer 2021

Katharine Parr : the sixth wife

Weir, Alison, 1951- 2021

The quake cities

Wheaton, Mark, 1975- 2020

The dictionary of lost words

Williams, Pip, 1969- 2020

The salt path

Winn, Raynor 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

How to betray your country

Wolff, James 2021

Version zero

Yoon, David 2021

Stillwater. Vol. 1, Rage, rage

Zdarsky, Chip 2021 Graphic Novel

I feel love

2020 Graphic Novel


2021 Graphic Novel


(318 titles)


Nancy, Jean-Luc 2020 111 NAN

Talk : the science of conversation

Stokoe, Elizabeth 2020 302.346 STO

Girl : essays on black womanhood

Hunt, Kenya 2020 305.48896 HUN

Love and rage : the path of liberation through anger

Owens, Lama Rod, 1979- 2020 306.0973 OWE

Mr Atkinson's rum contract : the story of a tangled inheritance

Atkinson, Richard (Publisher) 2020 338.766359 ATK

The truth hurts

Boe, Andrew 2020 347.94 BOE

Life in pieces

O'Porter, Dawn 2020 362.1962 OPO

Back to nature : how to love life - and save it

Packham, Chris, 1961- 2020 508 PAC

Weka, opportunist and battler

Powlesland, Ralph 2020 598.32 POW

Sense : unlock your senses and improve your life

Jones, Russell (Graphic designer) 2020 612.8 JON

Breath : the new science of a lost art

Nestor, James 2020 613.192 NES

Allen Carr's easy way to quit smoking without willpower.

Carr, Allen, 1934-2006 2020 613.85 CAR

Sissinghurst : the dream garden

Richardson, Tim, 1968- 2020 712.60942 RIC

American gardens

Don, Montagu 2020 712.60973 DON

Remain in love : Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina

Frantz, Chris, 1951- 2020 786.9 FRA

Venice deserted

Carton, Danielle 2020 914.531 CAR

100 great black Britons

Vernon, Patrick 2020 941.00496 VER

The Windsor diaries, 1940-45

Fitzalan Howard, Alathea, 1923-2001 2020 941.084092 FIT

The louder I will sing

Lawrence, Lee 2020 Biography B LAW


Binet, Laurent, 1972- 2020 Foreign Language 843 BIN French

C'est arrivé la nuit

Levy, Marc, 1961- 2020 Foreign Language 843 LEV French

Maryūl kuḥlī : mudhakkirāt murshidah ṭullābīyah

Āl Qurayshah, Fāṭimah Muḥammad. 2020 Foreign Language 892.73 AL Arabic

The librarian

Morgan, Allie 2021 020.92 MOR

The witch of eye : essays

Nuernberger, Kathryn 2021 133.43092 NUE

Spite : the upside of your dark side

McCarthy-Jones, Simon, 1978- 2021 152.4 MACC

Fully human : a new way of using your mind

Biddulph, Steve 2021 155.2 BID

You will get through this night

Howell, Dan, 1991- 2021 158.1 HOW

Why the f*ck can't I change?

Toleikyte, Gabija 2021 158.1 TOL

Beyond : how humankind thinks about heaven

Wolff, Catherine, 1952- 2021 202.3 WOL

My vertical neighborhood : how strangers became a community

MacGibbon, Lynda, 1962- 2021 277.13 MACG

Invisible to invaluable

Evans, Jane 2021 305.2442 EVA

In my defence I have no defence

Stubbins, Sinéad 2021 305.4092 STU

Fifty years a feminist

Kedgley, Sue 2021 305.42092 KED

Gay bar : why we went out

Lin, Jeremy Atherton 2021 306.7662 LIN

The autistic trans guide to life

Purkis, Yenn, 1974- 2021 306.768 PUR

Faking it : my life in transition

Mewburn, Kyle 2021 306.768092 MEW

On nationalism

Hobsbawm, E. J. 1917-2012 2021 320.54 HOB

Three years in hell

O'Toole, Fintan, 1958- 2021 320.941 OTO

Land : how the hunger for ownership shaped the world

Winchester, Simon 2021 333.309 WIN

Empire of pain : the secret history of the Sackler dynasty

Keefe, Patrick Radden, 1976- 2021 338.476151 KEE

Hot seat : hard-won lessons in challenging times

Immelt, Jeff 2021 338.762138 IMM

To be fair : confessions of a district court judge

Riddell, Rosemary 2021 340.092 RID

Battles map by map

2021 355.009 BAT

The climate diet : 50 simple ways to trim your carbon footprint

Greenberg, Paul, 1967- 2021 363.70525 GRE

Geographies of food : an introduction

Kneafsey, Moya 2021 363.8 KNE

Dressed : fashionable dress in Aotearoa New Zealand 1840-1910

Regnault, Claire, 1970- 2021 391.00993 REG

Modern languages

Kohl, Katrin M. 1956- 2021 407.1 KOH

Unlocking Mandarin Chinese with Paul Noble

Noble, Paul 2021 495.1834 NOB

Books do furnish a life : reading and writing science

Dawkins, Richard, 1941- 2021 500 DAW

Genesis : the story of how everything began

Tonelli, Guido, 1950- 2021 523.1 TON

Fundamentals : ten keys to reality

Wilczek, Frank 2021 530.01 WIL

Helgoland : making sense of the quantum revolution

Rovelli, Carlo, 1956- 2021 530.12 ROV

Notes from deep time : a journey through our past and future worlds

Gordon, Helen (Freelance journalist) 2021 550 GOR

Lessons from plants

Montgomery, Beronda L. 2021 581.6 MON

Field guide to New Zealand seabirds

Parkinson, Brian J. 2021 598.177 PAR

Yoga : the path to holistic health

Iyengar, B. K. S., 1918- 2021 613.7046 IYE

A still life : a memoir

George, Josie 2021 616.0478 GEO

Heavy light : a journey through madness, mania and healing

Clare, Horatio, 1973- 2021 616.890092 CLA

The complete gardener

Don, Montagu 2021 635 DON

Two shakes of a lamb's tail : the diary of a country vet

Hawkins, Danielle 2021 636.089092 HAW

How Stella learned to talk : the groundbreaking story of the world's first talking dog

Hunger, Christina (Speech-language pathologist) 2021 636.70887 HUN


Smith, Ed (Food writer) 2021 641.5 SMI

Slow rise : a bread-making adventure

Penn, Rob 2021 641.815 PEN

Modern mending : how to minimize waste and maximize style

Lewis-Fitzgerald, Erin 2021 646.6 LEW

How to work without losing your mind

Sevilla, Cate 2021 650.1 SEV

Make your own map : career success strategy for women

Bishop, Kathryn, 1958- 2021 650.1082 BIS

The impostor leaders : lessons on how not to lead

Larkin, Enda M. 2021 658.4092 LAR

Surrealist art = He toi pohewa

Bisley, Elizabeth 2021 709.04063 BIS

Destination art

Dempsey, Amy, 1963- 2021 709.04076 DEM

The Oak Park studio of Frank Lloyd Wright

Schrenk, Lisa Diane 2021 720.92 WRI

Patina homes

Giannetti, Brooke 2021 728.37 GIA

Island whimsy : designing a paradise by the sea

Kemble, Celerie 2021 728.72 KEM

Making pots : a ceramicist's guide

Andersson, Stefan 2021 738 AND

Fierce poise : Helen Frankenthaler and 1950s New York

Nemerov, Alexander 2021 759.13 FRA

Francis Bacon : revelations

Stevens, Mark, 1951- 2021 759.2 BAC

The musical human : a history of life on Earth

Spitzer, Michael 2021 780.9 SPI

The Fall : the ultimate music guide.

2021 786.9 FAL , Large Book

Delta : bridge over troubled dreams :

Goodrem, Delta, 1984- 2021 786.9 GOO


Glass, Loren 2021 786.9 KIN

Oasis : what's the story 1999-2021

2021 786.9 OAS , Large Book

Once upon a time

Jeffery, Alex 2021 786.9 SUM

Beeswing : losing my way and finding my voice, 1967-1975

Thompson, Richard, 1949- 2021 786.9 THO

Finding the raga : an improvisation on Indian music

Chaudhuri, Amit, 1962- 2021 788.93 CHA

The backyard adventurer

Miles, Beau 2021 796.5092 MIL

I had a brother once : a poem, a memoir

Mansbach, Adam, 1976- 2021 811 MAN

Leaving isn't the hardest thing : essays

Hough, Lauren, 1977- 2021 814 HOU

Alexa, what is there to know about love?

Bilston, Brian 2021 821 BIL

Party legend

Duckor-Jones, Sam 2021 821 DUC

Rejoice instead : collected poems

Hooper, Peter 2021 821 HOO

Cat world : poems on cats

Jeune, Margaret, 1956- 2021 821 JEU

Vunimaqo and me : mango tree collections

Kamali, Daren 2021 821 KAM

John Keats : poetry, life & landscapes

Grogan, Suzie 2021 821 KEA

What fire

Miller, Alice, 1982- 2021 821 MIL


Okri, Ben 2021 821 OKR

Meeting Rita

Powell, Jenny, 1960- 2021 821 POW

Selected poems

Ricketts, Harry 2021 821 RIC


Tibble, Tayi, 1995- 2021 821 TIB

Brass band to follow : poems

Walpert, Bryan 2021 821 WAL


Murray-Smith, Joanna 2021 822 MUR

Languages of truth : essays 2003-2020

Rushdie, Salman 2021 824 RUS

Inga Clendinnen : selected writings

Clendinnen, Inga 2021 828 CLE


Sullivan, Paul 2021 914.3155 SUL

Discover France in 100 destinations

Ferrand, Franck 2021 914.4 FER


Saw, M. Astella 2021 914.436 SAW

Florence and Tuscany

Debella, Toni 2021 914.55 DEB


Mosseri, Daniel 2021 914.5632 MOS


Vuuren, Gerrard van 2021 914.923 VUU


Maxwell, Virginia, 1962- 2021 914.9618 MAX


Atkinson, Brett 2021 917.94 ATK

Auckland architecture : a walking guide

Walsh, John, 1957 March 30- 2021 919.324 WAL

Sydney's best harbour & coastal walks

O'Brien, Katrina 2021 919.441 OBR

We will not cease

Baxter, Archibald 2021 940.3162 BAX

Empireland : how imperialism has shaped modern Britain

Sanghera, Sathnam, 1976- 2021 941 SAN

Richard III : the self-made king

Hicks, Michael, 1948- 2021 942.046092 RIC

The Florentines : from Dante to Galileo

Strathern, Paul, 1940- 2021 945.51 STR

The horde : how the Mongols changed the world

Favereau, Marie, 1977- 2021 950.2 FAV

Vision or mirage : Saudi Arabia at the crossroads

Rundell, David H. 2021 953.8 RUN

The platoon commander

O'Halloran, John 2021 959.70434 OHA

Sorry and beyond : healing the stolen generations

Butler, Brian, 1938- 2021 994.004 BUT

Churchill & son

Ireland, Josh, 1981- 2021 Biography B CHU

The Churchill girls : the story of Winston's daughters

Trethewey, Rachel 2021 Biography B CHU

From the centre : a writer's life

Grace, Patricia, 1937- 2021 Biography B GRA

The mirror book : a memoir

Grimshaw, Charlotte 2021 Biography B GRI

I'm in Seattle, where are you? : a memoir

Kazār, Murtaḍá 2021 Biography B GZA

Helen Kelly : her life

Macfie, Rebecca 2021 Biography B KEL

Philip : the final portrait : Elizabeth, their marriage and their dynasty

Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney, 1948- 2021 Biography B PHI

I know I am rude : Prince Philip's life in his own words

Cawthorne, Nigel, 1951- 2021 Biography B PHI

Consent : a memoir

Springora, Vanessa 2021 Biography B SPR

What you made of it : a memoir 1987-2020

Stead, C. K. 1932- 2021 Biography B STE

Everything is going to be K.O.

Stone, Kaiya 2021 Biography B STO

The beauty of living twice

Stone, Sharon, 1958- 2021 Biography B STO

Events in the life of Phillip Tapsell, "the Old Dane"

Adams, Jonathan, 1971 December 19- 2021 Biography B TAP

Mother & I : the history of a wilful family

Ware, Ianto 2021 Biography B WAR

Rowan knitting & crotchet magazine

746.43 ROW no. 68 2022


(21 titles)

A friendy tale

Motion picture (DVD)

Black Sunday

Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (Bluray)

Fallen hearts.

Television movie (DVD)

Long story short.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (Bluray)


Television program (DVD)

Secret impressionists.

Documentary (DVD)

Stargirl. The complete first season.

Television program (DVD)

Stargirl. The complete first season.

Television program (DVD)

The little things

Motion picture (DVD)

The questor tapes.

Motion picture (DVD)

The war of the worlds

Motion picture (Bluray)

Unforgotten. Series 4.

Television program (DVD)

Wide of the mark.

Documentary (DVD)

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Motion picture (DVD)

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Motion picture (Bluray)


(92 titles)

Big colors.

Adams, Ryan, 1974- 2021 CD Popular

There is no end.

Allen, Tony, 1940-2020 2021 CD Hip Hop


Altın Gün 2021 CD Turkey

Let it all in.

Arbouretum 2021 CD Popular


Artemis (Jazz collective) 2020 CD Jazz

Sonatas & partitas

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 2021 CD Violin


Baxendale, Jake 2021 CD Wellington

Symphony no. 3 'Eroica'

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Symphonies


Black Midi 2021 CD Experimental

The width of a circle.

Bowie, David 2021 CD Popular

Piano concertos

Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897 2021 CD Concertos/Piano

Live in Stuttgart 1975.

Can 2021 Vinyl Experimental


Cave, Nick, 1957- 2021 CD Popular


Chai 2021 CD Japan

Beautiful scars.

Clayton, Merry, 1948- 2021 CD Spirituals & gospel

Coral Island

Coral (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Dreamers are waiting.

Crowded House 2021 CD New Zealand

Dreamers are waiting.

Crowded House 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Eye to eye

Datsuns 2021 CD New Zealand

Love & disrespect.

Elemeno P 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

Fine anyway.

Fakhr, Rogér 2021 CD Popular


Floating Points 2021 CD Electronica

No gods no masters.

Garbage (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

If I could make it go quiet

Girl In Red, 1999- 2021 CD Popular

God bless The Go-Go's.

Go-Go's 2021 CD Popular

G_d's pee at state's end!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor 2021 CD Experimental

Uh huh her : demos.

Harvey, P. J., 1969- 2021 CD Popular


Hatfield, Juliana, 1967- 2021 CD Popular

Woolston, Texas

Hattaway, Adam 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

Woolston, Texas

Hattaway, Adam 2021 CD New Zealand

Ex oriente

Herbig, Gunter 2021 CD Wellington

Leftover feelings

Hiatt, John, 1952- 2021 CD Popular


isunray 2021 CD Wellington


Japanese Breakfast 2021 CD Popular

An overview on phenomenal nature.

Jenkins, Cassandra, 1984- 2021 CD Popular

Voices of men

Jennings, Janet 2021 CD Songs

Surrounded by time.

Jones, Tom, 1940- 2021 CD Popular


Keleketla! 2020 CD World


Khalab 2021 CD Mali

Black sea golden ladder.

Kingi, Troy, 1984- 2021 CD New Zealand

Afterglow : rare! live! unreleased!

Marriott, Steve, 1947-1991 2021 CD Popular

Symphonies nos. 1-5 = Sinfonien nr. 1-5

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847 2021 CD Symphonies

Infinite youth.

Merk 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Afrique victime.

Moctar, Mdou, 1986- 2021 CD Niger


Monroe, Ashley, 1986- 2021 CD Country

Blackest blue.

Morcheeba 2021 CD Popular

Latest record project. Volume 1.

Morrison, Van, 1945- 2021 CD Popular

Isn't anything [remaster].

My Bloody Valentine 2021 CD Popular

Isn't anything.

My Bloody Valentine 2021 Vinyl Popular

Loveless [2021 remaster].

My Bloody Valentine 2021 CD Popular

MBV [remaster].

My Bloody Valentine 2021 CD Popular


My Bloody Valentine 2021 Vinyl Popular

Laugh to keep from crying.

Nat King Rebellion 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Louisa Nicklin.

Nicklin, Louisa 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

We be no machine.

Onipa 2020 CD Ghana

Soul food : cooking with Maceo.

Parker, Maceo, 1943- 2020 CD Soul/R&B

Discovery : live in Rio 1994.

Pet Shop Boys 2021 CD Popular


Phair, Liz, 1967- 2021 CD Popular

Live at Knebworth 1990.

Pink Floyd 2021 Vinyl Popular


Rhye 2021 CD Soul/R&B

I can still hear you

Roche, Suzzy, 1956- 2020 CD Popular


Rodrigo, Olivia, 2003- 2021 CD Popular

Oh, inverted world [remaster]

Shins 2021 CD Popular

Path of wellness.

Sleater-Kinney 2021 CD Popular

Be right back.

Smith, Jorja, 1997- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Back to the future.

Sons of Kemet 2021 CD Jazz

Lazer guided melodies [special edition].

Spiritualized 2021 CD Popular

Lazer guided melodies.

Spiritualized 2021 Vinyl Popular

Daddy's home.

St. Vincent, 1982- 2021 CD Popular

Daddy's home.

St. Vincent, 1982- 2021 Vinyl Popular

Symphonies nos. 2 & 4

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893 2021 CD Symphonies

Endless arcade.

Teenage Fanclub 2021 CD Popular


Texas (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Epic ten.

Van Etten, Sharon, 1981- 2021 CD Popular

Symphonies nos 4 & 6

Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958 2021 CD Symphonies

Course in fable.

Walker, Ryley, 1989- 2021 CD Popular

Van Weezer.

Weezer 2021 CD Popular

Fat pop (volume 1).

Weller, Paul, 1958- 2021 CD Popular

Smoke from the chimney.

White, Tony Joe, 1943- 2021 CD Popular

At the BBC [3CD].

Winehouse, Amy, 1983-2011 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Sonatas for solo violin

Ysaÿe, Eugène, 1858-1931 2021 CD Violin


2021 CD Violin

Art of the mandolin

2020 CD Other instruments


2021 CD Singers

Female : works

2021 CD Violin

Le sacre du printemps

2021 CD Orchestral

Rocksteady got soul.

2021 CD Reggae

The kiwi music scene 1965.

2021 CD New Zealand

The Trojan story.

2021 CD Reggae


(275 titles)

How to be an artist

Abadzis, S. Natalie 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

When the sun goes home

Abe, Momoko 2021 Picture Book

Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan

Ahmed, Sufiya 2020 Chapter Book

A child's introduction to Egyptology : the mummies, pyramids, pharaohs, gods, and goddesses of ancie

Alexander, Heather, 1967- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

The book of Bok

Armstrong, Neil, 1930-2012 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The dog and the mog love Christmas

Arnott, Kaye 2020 Picture Book

Forever home

Ayoub, Jenna 2021 Comic

Kelanxi qu piao liu

Balla, Trace 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Tiny Titans : Beast Boy & Raven

Baltazar, Art 2020 Comic

Viruses : don't be scared, be prepared!

Barattini, Valeria 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Ivy + Bean get to work!

Barrows, Annie 2021 Chapter Book

Operation Sandwhiskers

Bell, Jennifer, 1985- 2021 Chapter Book

Catwad : high five!

Benton, Jim 2021 Comic

Bu luo li de hai zi

Bi, Yanbo 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Curse of the robo-dragon

Blade, Adam. 2021 Chapter Book

Never grow up

Blythe, Al. 2021 Picture Book

Pet stories

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

Love monster & the extremely big wave

Bright, Rachel 2021 Picture Book

The Hugasaurus

Bright, Rachel 2021 Picture Book

A shot in the arm!

Brown, Don, 1949- 2021 Comic


Brown, Eli, 1975- 2021 Chapter Book

How did I get here?

Bunting, Philip 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Lao shu he shi zi = Mouse & lion

Burkert, Rand 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Superheroes wash their hands!

Button, Katie 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Ye ya hu

Cao, Wenxuan, 1954- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Du mu niao

Cao, Wenxuan, 1954- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

First numbers book

Cartwright, Mary, 1955- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

My nana's garden

Casey, Dawn, 1975- 2021 Picture Book

Kae nǭi khī'āi kap khon lāi čhut

Chalitā Sutthiyut (Kō̜i) 2020 Non-fiction / Language

A forever home for Fluffy

Chapman, Linda 2020 Chapter Book

Aru Shah and the city of gold

Chokshi, Roshani 2021 Chapter Book

Wang shang kan!

Chŏng, Chin-ho, 1987- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The boy who stepped through time

Ciddor, Anna 2021 Chapter Book

Jeremy's changing family

Collier, Simone 2021 Chapter Book

Jasper & Scruff : take a bow

Colton, Nicola, 1983- 2021 Chapter Book

Super Jonny's tour of ward seventeen

Colwill, Simone, 1963- 2020 Picture Book

What does super Jonny do when Mom gets sick?

Colwill, Simone, 1963- 2020 Picture Book

The Star Wars book of monsters, ooze, and slime

Cook, Katie, 1981- 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

24 hours in the stone age

Cook, Lan 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History


Crossman, Victoria 2020 Non-fiction / Biography

The cat wants a castle

Crumble, P. 2021 Picture Book

Aimier bu shi dao dan gui

Cuvellier, Vincent 2020 Non-fiction / Language


Cypess, Leah 2021 Chapter Book

Dead letters

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

Don't read this!

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

Invisible ink

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

Raiders of the lost archives

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

The index insects

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

Planes! : (and other things that fly)

Davies, Bryony 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Kitty Sweet Tooth. 1

Denson, Abby 2021 Comic

Eco-friendly living

Dicker, Katie. 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Beach time!

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

The thingity-jig

Doherty, Kathleen, 1952- 2021 Picture Book

Gulu niu xiao niu niu = The Gruffalo's child

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Cheng li zui piao liang de ju ren = The smartest giant in town

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Nü wu sao zhou pai pai zuo = Room on the broom

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xiao fang zi bian da fang zi = A squash and a squeeze

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xiao hai luo he da jing yu = The snail and the whale

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Gulu niu = The Gruffalo

Donaldson, Julia 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Art play!

Donnelly, Meredith Magee 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Miqi de jia zhao

Durand, Hallie 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Above and below : sea and shore

Evans, Harriet, 1974- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The exploding life of Scarlett Fife

Evans, Maz. 2021 Chapter Book


Fipps, Lisa 2021 Chapter Book

Teen titans go! to camp!

Fisch, Sholly 2020 Comic

Sonic the Hedgehog [5] : Crisis city

Flynn, Ian, 1982- 2020 Comic

Sonic the Hedgehog [6] : the last minute

Flynn, Ian, 1982- 2020 Comic

Sonic the Hedgehog [7] : all or nothing

Flynn, Ian, 1982- 2020 Comic

Sonic the Hedgehog [8] : out of the blue

Flynn, Ian, 1982- 2021 Comic

The lost soul atlas

Fraillon, Zana 2020 Chapter Book

Grow a garden!

Frederick-Frost, Alexis 2020 Comic

Night ride into danger

French, Jackie 2021 Chapter Book

Blue Ridge babies 1, 2, 3 : a counting book!

Gardner, Laura Sperry 2021 Picture Book

The Tindims and the ten green bottles

Gardner, Sally 2021 Chapter Book

At the shops

Garland, Sally Anne 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Do animals fall in love?

Gathen, Katharine von der, 1972- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The ghost in the garden

Griffiths, Elly 2021 Chapter Book

Wilderness adventure camp : essential outdoor survival skills for kids

Grindrod, Frank 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Secrets of Camp Whatever [1]

Grine, Chris 2021 Comic

Hai yang dong wu te zhan dui

Guan Yijun 2021 Non-fiction / Language

One potato, two potatoes

Guillain, Adam 2021 Picture Book

Ms. Jo-Jo is a yo-yo!

Gutman, Dan 2021 Chapter Book

Blades of freedom

Hale, Nathan, 1976- 2020 Comic

Where are you elephant? : a plastic-free touch and feel book

Hare, Rachel 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)


Harrell, Rob 2020 Chapter Book

Alice-Miranda in Egypt

Harvey, Jacqueline 2021 Chapter Book

Wo men de chu xi

He, Jie 2020 Non-fiction / Language

You er yuan li wo zui bang

He, Wennan 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Huan le Zhongguo nian

He, Wennan 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Yan se de zhan zheng = The war of colors

Heller, Eva 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Zhe li mei you tu zi

Hodgson, Rob 2020 Non-fiction / Language

To tātou huarere

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Tuwhera me te kati

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

He rawe te hī ika

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Āwhina mai koa

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kare ā roto

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te tangata hukarere

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Wā whakapai

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Te kete huawhenua

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ki te tāhuna

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ka piki ki runga

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Tere rawa

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kararehe nui

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kei te hiakai koe?

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

He haerenga whānau

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

He pō mārie

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Haere, haere, haere!

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He aha e makariri ana?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He aha ngā mahi pārekareka?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Haere mai ki te whare pukapuka

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Kararehe pūnua

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Ko wai i roto i te moana?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He aha e newanewa ana?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He wera

Holden, Pam 2020 Non-fiction / Language

He aha e haere tere ana?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He aha i roto i te māra?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

He pai te peita

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

E hia ngā wīra?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Kia haurua

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Ke tēnei, ko tērā rānei?

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Kararehe mōrearea

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Taku Pouaka Kai

Holden, Pam 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Peppa's best birthday party

Holowaty, Lauren 2021 Picture Book

How to be me

Howe, Cath 2020 Chapter Book

Yi ke xiao shi zi

Howell, Troy 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Inside bubble Earth : climate change

Hunt, Des, 1941- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Ayn jaddatī?!

ʻAbd al-Hādī, Rajāʼ. 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Quan shui ding dong

Iino, Kazuyoshi 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Gardening for kids : 35 nature activities to sow, grow, and make

Isaac, Dawn 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Jackson, Tom, 1972- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology


Jalbert, Philippe, 1971- 2021 Picture Book

Hei ye li de xiao dong wu

Jankeliowitch, Anne 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xing zuo

Jankeliowitch, Anne 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Tai yang xi

Jankeliowitch, Anne 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kuai lai kuai lai kai hui la

Ji, Hong, 1920- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Hang mu, qi cheng le

Jia, Chaowei 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Captain Cat

Joass, Joan 2021 Picture Book

A Capitol crime

Keene, Carolyn 2021 Chapter Book

Mog's birthday

Kerr, Judith 2020 Picture Book

Amina's song

Khan, Hena 2021 Chapter Book

'Ō'ō… Thưtthư̄

Khattiya Chaiyo 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Hūačhai dūang tō khǭng 'Ūt'ūt

Kim, Sŏng-ŭn 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ni zhun bei hao jian ba ba le ma? : di qi e dang ba ba de gu shi

Kim, Yŏng-mi 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The smile shop

Kitamura, Satoshi 2021 Picture Book

At last, Jedi

Krosoczka, Jarrett 2020 Comic

Čhočho tit thōrathat

Lamblin, Christian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Sūmō klūa khwāmmư̄t

Lamblin, Christian 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The Mayflower

Lasky, Kathryn 2020 Chapter Book

Dong wu men = Les animaux!

Laurent, Françoise, 1956 September 8- 2020 Non-fiction / Language


Leonard, M. G. 2021 Chapter Book

The funniest jokes for 8 year olds

Li, Amanda 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes


Lloyd, Megan Wagner 2021 Comic

We are the Romans : meet the people behind the history

Long, David, 1961- 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Feast of the Evernight

MacKenzie, Ross, 1981- 2021 Chapter Book

When the wind blew

Maguire, Jacqui 2021 Picture Book

Fale Sāmoa

Malaeulu, Dahlia 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Siva Afi teine toa

Malaeulu, Dahlia 2021 Chapter Book

Asiasiga 'i le Falemata'aga i Te Papa = Going to Te Papa

Malaeulu, Dahlia 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Chef Yasmina and the potato panic

Mannaert, Wauter 2021 Comic

What Zola did on Saturday

Marchetta, Melina, 1965- 2021 Chapter Book

Nǭn khāng bān phư̄an

Maruyama, Ayako 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Niao er men = Les oiseaux!

Mathivet, Eric 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Minecraft bite-size builds : over 20 exciting mini-projects

McBrien, Thomas 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Just imagine : a drawing book for children

McDougall, Joanne 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

A picture of freedom

McKissack, Pat, 1944-2017 2020 Chapter Book

Smiley eyes, smiley faces : a lift-the-flap face-mask book

McNiff, Dawn 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Layne the surfing fairy

Meadows, Daisy 2021 Chapter Book

Remarkable robots

Mitton, Tony 2021 Picture Book

Colossal cranes

Mitton, Tony. 2021 Picture Book

Become an expert joke-teller

Moffatt, Tom 2020 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Butterflies are pretty ... gross!

Mosco, Rosemary 2021 Picture Book

Where do they go when it rains?

Muller, Gerda 2020 Picture Book

Locked down

O., Jesse 2021 Chapter Book

Tea Dragon Society.

O'Neill, Katie. 2020 Comic

Fast cars

Oxlade, Chris 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Best nerds forever

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021 Chapter Book

Big Nate : in your face!

Peirce, Lincoln. 2021 Comic

Big feelings

Penfold, Alexandra. 2021 Picture Book

Li qi de lian huan shi zong

Peng, Xuluo 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Wu di bing ma yong jun tuan

Peng, Xuluo 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Bing lin cheng xia de jue zhan

Peng, Xuluo 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Chao shi kong de zheng duo zhan

Peng, Xuluo 2020 Non-fiction / Language


Perrett, Bryan 2021 Chapter Book

Tūmtām nǭng rak phī phī rak nǭng

Phǭyǭ. 'Arunnit Bunrǭt 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Tūmtām nǭng rǭng thammai

Phǭyǭ. 'Arunnit Bunrǭt 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Dog Man [9] : grime and punishment

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2020 Comic

Dog Man [10] : mothering heights

Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 2021 Comic


Rascal, 1959- 2021 Picture Book

Dinosaur explorers. #8, Lord of the skies

Redcode (Comic writer) 2021 Comic

Tapa of love = Tapa ō te 'inangaro : a Cook Islands legend

Riley, David, 1966 June 28- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Night of the dance = Pō o te 'ura : a Cook Islands legend

Riley, David, 1966 June 28- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Astronaut Academy [3] : splashdown

Roman, Dave 2021 Comic

Yu ye ye gong du de yi tian = A day with grandpa

Rose, Fiona 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Mornings with Monet

Rosenstock, Barb 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

Hidden planet

Rothery, Ben 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Owly [3] : flying lessons

Runton, Andy 2021 Comic

Girl warriors : how 25 young activists are saving the earth

Sarah, Rachel 2021 Non-fiction / Biography

Peanuts : the gang's all here! : a Peanuts collection

Schulz, Charles M. 1922-2000 2020 Comic

Can the Hulk lift a house?

Scott, Melanie 2021 Non-fiction / The Arts

We found a monster

Scroggs, Kirk 2021 Comic

Young Shadow

Sears, Ben 2021 Comic

Oz : the complete collection

Shanower, Eric 2020 Comic

Two terrible vikings

Simon, Francesca 2021 Chapter Book

Never teach a stegosaurus to do sums

Sirdeshpande, Rashmi. 2021 Picture Book

Čhaolā sōsē

Smith, Craig, 1972- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Loma kap plamuk faet noi rakkan

Songkha 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Kat Wolfe on thin ice

St. John, Lauren, 1966- 2021 Chapter Book

Prank aliens

Stanton, Matt (Illustrator) 2021 Chapter Book

Batman and the missing punchline

Steele, Michael Anthony 2021 Chapter Book

The Flash and the Storm of the Century

Steele, Michael Anthony. 2021 Chapter Book

'Rǭngthao khǭng 'Atǭm

Sutthidā Plīansāisư̄p 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Superman and the toxic troublemaker

Sutton, Laurie S. 2021 Chapter Book

My elephant is blue

Szymanik, Melinda, 1963- 2021 Picture Book

Ben lang he xiao hong mao

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang de gu shi

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang de xue xiao sheng huo

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang zai sen lin zhen

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang lü xing ji

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang he cong ming tu

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ben lang he ta de ba ba ma ma

Tang, Sulan, 1965- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

I'm an inky octopus

Thatcher, Stephanie, 1972- 2021 Picture Book

He wheke wai mamangu au

Thatcher, Stephanie, 1972- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

The secrets of star whales

Thorne, Rebecca, 1991- 2021 Chapter Book

Earth Boy

Tobin, Paul, 1965- 2021 Comic

Hollowpox : the hunt for Morrigan Crow

Townsend, Jessica, 1985- 2021 Chapter Book

The runaway princess

Troïanowski, Johan 2020 Comic

Poppy and the perfect pony

Tuffin, Olivia 2021 Chapter Book

What is a river?

Vaicenavičienė, Monika, 1991- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

A wu bian lao hu

Van Ditshuizen, Marieke 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Build a robot!

Venable, Colleen A. F 2021 Comic

Zai tong yi pian tian kong xia

Vescio, Robert, 1969- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Marshmallow Pie the cat superstar in Hollywood

Vulliamy, Clara 2021 Chapter Book

Te taunga waka rererangi

Walker, Rachel (Publisher) 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xing ji zhong zi de qi huan zhi lü

Wang, Wei 2021 Non-fiction / Language


Wilkinson, Lili, 1981- 2021 Chapter Book

Arturo and the glitter glue

Williams, Elaine 2020 Picture Book

Te Uruuru Whenua o Ngātoroirangi

Winitana, Chris, 1960- 2021 Non-fiction / Language

Ni ni de suan miao

Xiao, Xiaolan 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Bu shi wo! shi ta dao luan!

Zeveren, Michel van, 1970- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Chun fu

Zhang, Yue 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Girl talk : the ultimate body book for girls

2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The Wiggles : touch and feel.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Where's Emma's bow? : a lift-the-flap book.

2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Cai cai wo shi shei

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Dong wu ma xi tuan

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Wo lai shu yi shu

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Che lun zhuan a zhuan

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xiao hou zi de li wu

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Si ji de yan se

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xiao mao mi he da yue liang

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Zhe shi shen me

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Xiao wo niu mi lu le

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Ai chi shu cai de hao peng you

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Mao mao chong zhao ma ma

2020 Non-fiction / Language

Na shi shen me

2020 Non-fiction / Language


(49 titles)

Wicked things

Allison, John, 1976- 2021 Comic

Draw me a hero

Ashworth, N. K. 2020 Fiction

Sister of the Bollywood bride

Bajpai, Nandini 2021 Fiction

Depression : insights and tips for teenagers

Cognevich, Christie, 1984- 2020 Non-fiction


Cole, Sarah 2021 Fiction

Gotham High

De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- 2020 Comic

Billie Eilish

Eilish, Billie, 2001- 2021 Non-fiction


Garber, Romina 2020 Fiction

House of El. Book one, The shadow threat

Gray, Claudia 2021 Comic

Martian ghost centaur

Heagerty, Mat 2021 Comic

Stranger things : science camp [1]

Houser, Jody 2021 Comic


Johnston, E. K. 2021 Fiction

Inkblot. Volume one

Kubert, Emma 2021 Comic

The savage beard of She Dwarf

Latino, Kyle 2020 Comic

SupermanBatman. Volume 1 /

Loeb, Jeph Comic

Stephen McCranie's Space Boy. Volume 6

McCranie, Stephen, 1987- 2020 Comic

Stephen McCranie's Space Boy. Volume 7

McCranie, Stephen, 1987- 2020 Comic

The Adventure Zone [3] : petals to the metal

McElroy, Clint, 1955- 2020 Comic

Nubia : real one

McKinney, L. L. 2021 Comic

Critical role : Vox Machina origins [2]

Mercer, Matthew 2020 Comic

Violet Black

Merriman, Eileen (Haematologist) 2021 Fiction

Women discoverers : top women in science

Moinard, Marie, 1960- 2021 Comic


Murphy, Julie, 1985- 2021 Fiction

American betiya

Rajurkar, Anuradha D. 2021 Fiction

The thud

Ross, Mikaël, 1984- 2021 Comic

Star Wars. Vol. 2, Operation Starlight

Soule, Charles 2021 Comic

Welcome to consent!

Stynes, Yumi, 1975- 2021 Non-fiction

House of Hollow

Sutherland, Krystal 2021 Fiction

Supergirl : being super

Tamaki, Mariko 2020 Comic

Black Widow [1] : the ties that bind

Thompson, Kelly, 1976- 2021 Comic

Captain Marvel [5] : the new world

Thompson, Kelly, 1976- 2021 Comic


Thummler, Brenna 2021 Comic

The Witcher omnibus. Volume one

Tobin, Paul, 1965- 2020 Comic

Wynd. Book one, The flight of the prince

Tynion, James, IV 2021 Comic

Dawn of X. Volume 15

Williams, Leah 2021 Comic

Ms. Marvel : army of one

Wilson, G. Willow, 1982- 2021 Comic

The infinity files

Wilson, S. M. 2021 Fiction

Shang-Chi [1] : brothers & sisters

Yang, Gene Luen 2021 Comic


(639 titles)

While justice sleeps

Abrams, Stacey 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

While justice sleeps

Abrams, Stacey 2021 eBook Overdrive

Dangerous women

Adams, Hope, 1944- 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

A bookshop in Algiers

Adimi, Kaouther, 1986- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The gran tour : travels with my elders

Aitken, Ben 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Love, Creekwood

Albertalli, Becky 2020 eBook Overdrive

Misfit in love

Ali, S. K 2021 Young Adult eAudiobook Overdrive

Behind closed doors

Alliott, Catherine 2021 eBook Overdrive

Satellite space mission

Anderson, AnnMarie 2018 Children eBook Overdrive

Free to be elephant me

Andreae, Giles, 1966- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Wu long yuan chang pian da hua zhi huo bao chuan qi 25.

Ao, Youxiang. 2020 eBook Overdrive

Mill town : reckoning with what remains

Arsenault, Kerri 2020 eBook Overdrive

Pride and prejudice

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 2010 eAudiobook Overdrive

Love and freindship [sic] and other early works

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 2012 eBook Overdrive

Head kid

Baddiel, David 2018 Children eAudiobook Overdrive

The blockbuster Baddiel collection. Volume 2

Baddiel, David 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

Call me mummy

Baker, Tina 2021 eBook Overdrive

The country doctor

Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850 2014 eBook Overdrive

An historical mystery

Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850 2012 eBook Overdrive

Cousin Bette

Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850 2012 eBook Overdrive

Xue xiao de yun dong hui.

Bao, Victor Sive. 2016 eBook Overdrive

The pattern seekers : how autism drives human invention

Baron-Cohen, Simon 2020 eBook Overdrive

The pattern seekers : how autism drives human invention

Baron-Cohen, Simon 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Syllabus : notes from an accidental professor

Barry, Lynda, 1956- 2021 eBook Overdrive

Now that I see you

Batchelor, Emma 2021 eAudiobook Overdrive

Now that I see you

Batchelor, Emma 2021 eBook Overdrive

When the green woods laugh

Bates, H. E. 1905-1974 2016 eAudiobook Overdrive


Bauer, Belinda, 1962- 2021 eBook Overdrive

The road to Oz

Baum, L. Frank 1856-1919. 2012 eBook Overdrive

New animal

Baxter, Ella 2021 eBook Overdrive

Post mortem

Bell, Gary 2021 eBook Overdrive

Love's mountain quest

Beller, Misty M. 2020 eBook Overdrive

Woman of state

Berthon, Simon 2017 eAudiobook Overdrive

Let's learn Maori

Biggs, Bruce, 1921-2000. 2013 eBook Overdrive

The man who ate too much : the life of James Beard

Birdsall, John 2020 eBook Overdrive

Let justice descend

Black, Lisa, 1963- 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

The last bodyguard

Black, Sean 2021 eBook Overdrive

The blood trails series. Books 1-3

Blackstream, Jennifer 2019 eBook Overdrive

Off the wild coast of Brittany

Blackwell, Juliet 2021 eBook Overdrive

Facing fear

Blair, Lisa 2021 eBook Overdrive

Songs of innocence and experience

Blake, William, 1757-1827. 2012 eBook Overdrive

Mindset mathematics

Boaler, Jo, 1964- 2018 eBook Overdrive

A sisterhood of secret ambitions

Boekweg, Sheena 2021 Young Adult eBook Overdrive


Bowen, Sarina 2021 eBook Overdrive

The runaway species : how human creativity remakes the world

Brandt, Anthony K. 2017 eBook Overdrive

Daughters of cornwall

Britton, Fern 2020 eAudiobook Overdrive

Talk bookish to me

Bromley, Kate 2021 eBook Overdrive

Minecraft : the mountain

Brooks, Max 2021 Children eBook Overdrive

The talismans of shannara

Brooks, Terry 2016 eAudiobook Overdrive

Alex as well

Brugman, Alyssa, 1974- 2013 Young Adult eBook Overdrive

Two women in Rome

Buchan, Elizabeth 2021 eAudiobook Borrowbox


Buchan, John, 1875-1940 2012 eBook Overdrive

Island song

Bunting, Madeleine 2019 eAudiobook Overdrive

A little princess

Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924 2012 Children eBook Overdrive

Yi guo mei shi.

Cai, Jieyi. 2015 eBook Overdrive

Wan ru zuo ri, sheng cun you xi.

Cai, Jun. 2019 eBook Overdrive

Xun wei nan ban qiu : shi si wu jiang.

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One great lie

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One great lie

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Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis

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Shadow of the dragon

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The heights

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Deep cover jack

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