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(203 titles)

A man named Doll

Ames, Jonathan 2021

Winds of wrath

Anderson, Taylor, 1963- 2020

The newcomer

Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- 2021

Skeleton key

Anthony, Piers 2021

All fall down

Arlidge, M. J. 2020

The young team

Armstrong, Graeme (Novelist) 2020

A stranger in town

Armstrong, Kelley 2021

The untameable

Arriaga Jordán, Guillermo, 1958- 2021

The vanished seas

Asaro, Catherine 2020

Under the golden sun

Ashcroft, Jenny, 1980- 2020

A gambling man

Baldacci, David 2021

Find you first : a novel

Barclay, Linwood 2021

Killing time : short stories from the long road home

Barnes, Jimmy, 1956- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Murder in the cloister

Bayard, Tania. 2021

The councillor

Beaton, E. J. 2021

The Windsor knot

Bennett, S. J. 2020

Inside the Black Horse

Berard, Ray 2021

The Kaiser's web

Berry, Steve, 1955- 2021

City of vengeance

Bishop, D. V. 2021

The long way home

Blake, Fanny. 2021

All fall down

Brabazon, James, 1972- 2020 Large Print

Before you knew my name

Bublitz, Jacqueline 2021

Rogue planet

Bunn, Cullen 2021 Graphic Novel

Immunity index

Burke, Sue, 1955- 2021

The stone wētā

Cade, Octavia, 1977- 2020

The Sicilian method

Camilleri, Andrea 2020 Large Print

The open house

Carrington, Sam 2020

A trick of the light

Carter, Ali 2020

From the ashes : a restless years novel

Challinor, Deborah 2020 Large Print

Dawn of Empire

Chan, Kylie 2020

Date with danger

Chapman, Julia 2020

In the company of killers

Christy, Bryan 2021

The quiet people

Cleave, Paul, 1974- 2021

The Tolstoy estate

Conte, Steven, 1966- 2020 Large Print

A lie for a lie

Corbin, Julie 2020

The French wife

Costeloe, Diney. 2020

I am wrath

Cross, Ethan 2021

The truth must dazzle gradually

Cullen, Helen, 1981- 2020

Second place

Cusk, Rachel, 1967- 2021

Death at high tide

Dennison, Hannah 2020


Doyle, Roddy, 1958- 2021 Large Print

Ten days

Duffy, Austin 2021

Safe and sound

East, Philippa 2021

Murder at the Manchester Museum

Eldridge, Jim, 1944- 2020

The house of the hanged woman

Ellis, Kate, 1953- 2020

The burial circle

Ellis, Kate, 1953- 2020

The dream weavers

Erskine, Barbara 2021

The parakeet

Espé 2021 Graphic Novel

Worst idea ever

Fallon, Jane, 1960- 2021

Cold wallet

Fenwick, Rosy 2021

The girl remains

Firkin, Katherine 2021

1637 : the Peacock Throne

Flint, Eric 2021

Dragon Age : the first five graphic novels

Gaider, David 2021 Graphic Novel

Norse mythology. Volume 1

Gaiman, Neil 2021 Graphic Novel

Hold fast : a novel

Gelernter, J. H. 2021

Heaven and earth

Giordano, Paolo, 1982- 2020 Large Print

Murder on Mustique

Glenconner, Anne 2020

Lady in waiting : an extraordinary life in the shadow of the crown

Glenconner, Anne 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

Mrs Death misses death

Godden, Salena Saliva 2021

Lost hills

Goldberg, Lee, 1962- 2020 Large Print

Batman : Gotham Knights : contested

Grayson, Devin K 2021 Graphic Novel

The ends of the earth

Greaves, Abbie 2021

The best thing you can steal

Green, Simon R., 1955- 2021

The postscript murders

Griffiths, Elly 2021

The Midnight Library

Haig, Matt, 1975- 2020 Large Print

The appeal

Hallett, Janice 2021

Red wolves

Hamdy, Adam, 1974- 2021

The Paris collaborator

Hammond, A. W. 2021


Hampson, Amanda 2021

Early morning riser

Heiny, Katherine 2021

Coming home to Brightwater Bay

Hepburn, Holly 2021

The garden of angels

Hewson, David, 1953- 2021

Gone missing in Harlem : a novel

Holloway, Karla F. C., 1949- 2021


Holmberg, Charlie N., 1988- 2021

A wicked conceit

Huber, Anna Lee 2021

Prodigal son

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew 2021

Attack on Titan. 33

Isayama, Hajime, 1986- 2021 Graphic Novel

Hardcastle's secret agent

Ison, Graham 2021

Left you dead

James, Peter, 1948- 2021


Jarratt, Laura. 2020

The inverts

Jeans, Crystal 2021

Invisible girl

Jewell, Lisa 2020 Large Print

How we are translated

Johannesson, Jessica Gaitán 2021


Johnstone, Carole 2021

Out in the cold

Johnstone, Stuart. 2020

Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd.

Jonasson, Jonas, 1961- 2021

The prophets

Jones, Robert, Jr., 1977- 2021

Other women

Kelly, Cathy 2021

Watch her fall

Kelly, Erin. 2021

Sunflower sisters

Kelly, Martha Hall 2021

Power play

Kent, Tony 2020

Wings of fury

King, Emily R. 2021

Something worth doing : a novel of an early suffragist

Kirkpatrick, Jane, 1946- 2020 Large Print

Who is Vera Kelly?

Knecht, Rosalie 2021


Kornher-Stace, Nicole 2021

Love in five acts

Krien, Daniela, 1975- 2021

Local woman missing

Kubica, Mary 2021

Coincidence of spies

Landers, Brian 2021

Take me home

Lane, Karly 2021


Larsen, Nella 2020

Gunk baby

Lau, Jamie Marina, 1985- 2021

The girl and the mountain

Lawrence, Mark, 1966- 2021

The girl and the mountain

Lawrence, Mark, 1966- 2021

The Paris labyrinth : a novel

Legardinier, Gilles, 1965- 2021

People like her : a novel

Lloyd, Ellery 2021

No one is talking about this

Lockwood, Patricia 2021

Happy ever after

Macdonald, C. C. 2020

The two-faced queen

Martell, Nick 2021

The Oxford Brotherhood

Martínez, Guillermo, 1962- 2021

All we have is now

May, Kaneana 2021

War of the maps

McAuley, Paul J. 2021

To the land of long lost friends

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- 2020 Large Print

The mistake

McMahon, Katie 2021

The shadow king

Mengiste, Maaza 2020

Radio life

Miller, Derek B., 1970- 2021


Missiroli, Marco, 1981- 2021

Tono monogatari

Mizuki, Shigeru, 1922-2015 2021 Graphic Novel

You need to know

Moriarty, Nicola 2021

Hot stew

Mozley, Fiona 2021

A river called Time

Newland, Courttia 2021

Sweet sorrow

Nicholls, David, 1966- 2020 Large Print

House with no doors

Noon, Jeff 2020

The captive

O'Connor, Deborah, author. 2021

Three weddings and a proposal

O'Flanagan, Sheila 2021

Night blue

O'Keeffe, Angela 2021

The road trip

O'Leary, Beth 2021

Northern heist : a novel

O'Rawe, Richard 2021

The therapist

Paris, B. A. 2021

Lost property

Paris, Helen 2021

Your neighbour's wife

Parsons, Tony, 1953- 2021

21st birthday

Patterson, James, 1947- 2021

The land beyond the sea

Penman, Sharon Kay 2021 Large Print

The whispers

Perks, Heidi, 1973- 2021

A darker reality

Perry, Anne. 2021

The old enemy

Porter, Henry, 1953- 2021

The lady has a past

Quick, Amanda 2021

Black widows

Quinn, Cate 2021

Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Quinn, Julia, 1970- 2021

To Sir Phillip, with love

Quinn, Julia, 1970- 2021


Rankin-Gee, Rosa. 2021

Everything is beautiful

Ray, Eleanor 2021

Riverrun : a novel

Remoto, Danton, 1963- 2020


Reynolds, Allie 2020

The Warsaw orphan

Rimmer, Kelly 2021

Golden in death

Robb, J. D., 1950- 2020 Large Print

The next wife

Rouda, Kaira Sturdivant, 1963- 2021

Evil impulse

Russell, Leigh 2021

Dead even

Ryan, Annelise 2021

The spiral

Ryan, Iain 2021

Mix tape

Sanderson, Jane 2020

Ocean prey

Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- 2021

Birth of the anima

Sather, Kelsey 2021

Is this anything?

Seinfeld, Jerry, 1957- 2020 Large Print (Non-fiction)

The crocodile hunter

Seymour, Gerald 2021

The stolen letter

Shelton, Paige 2021

Daughters of night

Shepherd-Robinson, Laura. 2021

Great circle

Shipstead, Maggie 2021

We trade our night for someone else's day

Simić Bodrožić, Ivana, 1982- 2021

The queen of Izmoroz

Skovron, Jon 2021

My brother

Smirnoff, Karin, 1964- 2021

Red rock baby candy

Spector, Shira 2021 Graphic Novel

The siren

St. John, Katherine, 1979- 2021

All that glitters : a novel

Steel, Danielle 2020 Large Print

Friends and strangers

Sullivan, J. Courtney 2020

Figure in the photograph

Sullivan, Kevin, 1957- 2020

Terminal boredom : stories

Suzuki, Izumi, 1949-1986 2021

The secret path

Swan, Karen 2021

The end of men

Sweeney-Baird, Christina 2021

First, become ashes

Szpara, K. M. 2021

Karolina, or, The torn curtain

Szymiczkowa, Maryla 2021

Lady joker. Volume one

Takamura, Kaoru, 1953- 2021

A bicycle built for Sue

Tate, Daisy 2020

The last protector

Taylor, Andrew, 1951- 2020

Under the wave at Waimea

Theroux, Paul 2021

The Marlow Murder Club

Thorogood, Robert 2021

Batman : Detective Comics. Vol. 5, The Joker war

Tomasi, Peter 2021 Graphic Novel

Lonely castle in the mirror

Tsujimura, Mizuki, 1980- 2021

The Maltese herring

Tyler, L. C. 2020

Confessions on the 7:45

Unger, Lisa, 1970- 2020


Van Meter, Crissy 2020 Large Print

Malice : a novel

Walter, Heather, 1987- 2021

Lover unveiled

Ward, J. R., 1969- 2021

Where the grass is green

Weisberger, Lauren, 1977- 2021

The hidden girls

Whitney, Rebecca 2020


Würger, Takis, 1985- 2021

How do you live?

Yoshino, Genzaburō 2021


(389 titles)

Testing JavaScript applications

Da Costa, Lucas 2021 005.2762 DAC

Know thyself : the new science of self-awareness

Fleming, Stephen M. 2021 153 FLE

Let's talk about hard things

Sale, Anna 2021 153.6 SAL

Essentialism : the disciplined pursuit of less

McKeown, Greg 2021 153.83 MACK

Girlhood : essays

Febos, Melissa 2021 155.333 FEB

Paris without her : a memoir

Curtis, Gregory, 1944- 2021 155.937092 CUR

Notes from your therapist

Dinneen, Allyson 2021 158 DIN

Destination wellness

Morgan, Kate (Freelance writer) 2021 158 MOR

5 minute therapy

Crosby, Sarah 2020 158.1 CRO

Fears to fierce : a woman's guide to owning her power

Schmidt, Brita Fernandez 2021 158.1082 SCH

Glimpses of hope in East Timor

Platt, Christine 2020 266.0092 PLA

Wars of the interior

Zárate, Joseph, 1986- 2021 304.20985 ZAR

Women don't owe you pretty

Given, Florence 2020 305.42 GIV

Skin deep : dispelling the science of race

Evans, Gavin, 1960- 2020 305.8 EVA

Whites : on race and other falsehoods

Uwagba, Otegha 2020 305.8 UWA

African Europeans : an untold history

Otele, Olivette 2021 305.89604 OTE

Some body to love : a family story

Heminsley, Alexandra, 1976- 2021 306.768092 HEM

Populism : before and after the pandemic

Burleigh, Michael, 1955- 2021 320.5662 BUR

The reset : ideas to change how we work and live

Uviebinené, Elizabeth 2021 331.256 UVI

Empire of pain : the secret history of the Sackler dynasty

Keefe, Patrick Radden, 1976- 2021 338.476151 KEE

Doom : the politics of catastrophe

Ferguson, Niall 2021 362.1962 FER

Riding the Covid wave

2020 362.1962 RID

No such thing as normal

Gordon, Bryony 2021 362.2092 GOR

Car crash : a memoir

Blaine, Lech 2021 363.125092 BLA

The good girls : an ordinary killing

Faleiro, Sonia 2021 364.1523 FAL

The mind of a murderer

Taylor, Richard (Forensic psychiatrist) 2021 364.1523 TAY

Polynesian Island myths

2020 398.20996 POL

I saw the dog : how language works

Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. I︠U︡. 2021 400 AIK

The stubborn light of things : a nature diary

Harrison, Melissa, 1975- 2020 508.092 HAR

Weirdest maths : at the frontiers of reason

Darling, David J. 2020 510 DAR

Reckonings : numerals, cognition, and history

Chrisomalis, Stephen, 1974- 2020 513.509 CHR

Vera Rubin : a life

Mitton, Jacqueline 2021 520.92 RUB

The end of everything : (astrophysically speaking)

Mack, Katie, 1981- 2021 523.19 MACK

Light in the darkness : black holes, the universe, and us

Falcke, Heino, 1966- 2021 523.8875 FAL

Rocks & minerals

Pellant, Chris 2021 552 PEL

Kindred : Neanderthal life, love, death and art

Wragg Sykes, Rebecca 2020 569.9 WRA

Life in colour : how animals see the world

Stevens, Martin, 1982- 2021 573.88 STE

A woman's garden : grow beautiful plants and make useful things

Anderson, Tanya (Gardener) 2021 581.6 AND

Around the world in 80 plants

Drori, Jonathan 2021 581.7 DRO

The book of the earthworm

Coulthard, Sally 2021 592.64 COU

Wintering : a season with geese

Rutt, Stephen 2020 598.417 RUT

The glitter in the green : in search of hummingbirds

Dunn, Jon (Conservationist) 2021 598.764 DUN

Touching this leviathan

Moe, Peter Wayne 2021 599.5 MOE

A short history of humanity : a new history of old Europe

Krause, Johannes, 1980- 2021 599.9 KRA

The invisible rainbow : a history of electricity and life

Firstenberg, Arthur 2020 612.01442 FIR

Super senses : the science of your 32 senses and how to use them

Young, Emma (Science writer) 2021 612.8 YOU

The CSIRO women's health & nutrition guide

Bowen, Jane, Dr. 2021 613.25 BOW

Allen Carr's easy way to quit emotional eating

Carr, Allen, 1934-2006 2020 613.25019 CAR

Sleep easy

Tuffery, Bernice 2021 613.794 TUF

Woman desired, woman desiring

Flaumenbaum, Danièle 2020 613.96 FLA

Nature's pharmacy : the top 200 natural remedies

Haigh, Charlotte 2021 615.535 HAI

Splitting : the inside story on headaches

Ellison, Amanda. 2020 616.8491 ELL

A cure for darkness : the story of depression and how we treat it

Riley, Alex (Science writer) 2021 616.8527 RIL

The life scientific. Virus hunters

Buckley, Anna 2021 616.91 BUC

Limitless : the autobiography

Peake, Tim, 1972- 2020 629.450092 PEA

Seed to dust : a gardener's story

Hamer, Marc 2021 635.092 HAM

Petal power

Atkinson-Dunn, Julia 2021 635.9 ATK

Green home : the joy of living with plants

Røyenberg, Anders 2021 635.965 ROY

Minimal : for simple & sustainable living

Barrette, Laurie, 1990- 2021 640.286 BAR

Waste not want not : fridge cleaner cooking

Burtscher, Sarah 2021 641.552 BUR

Raw + free : plant-based living for health + happiness

Steevens, Sophie 2020 641.56362 STE

Modern slow cooker

Alexandra, Alyce 2021 641.5884 ALE

Simple slow cooker

2021 641.5884 SIM

Monk : light and shadow on the philosopher's path

Imai, Yoshihiro 2021 641.5952 IMA

Japanese soups : 66 nourishing broths, stews and hotpots

Iwasaki, Keiko (Cookbook writer) 2020 641.5952 IWA

Anatomy of style

Gachet, Sophie 2020 646.34 GAC

Face : one square foot of skin

Bateman, Justine 2021 646.726 BAT

Back yourself!

2020 650.1082 BAC

Women don't ask : negotiation and the gender divide

Babcock, Linda, 1961- 2021 650.13 BAB

Talk art

Tovey, Russell 2021 701 TOV

Letters to Camondo

De Waal, Edmund 2021 707.5 DEW

Natur. Ästhetik. Design

2021 712.092 BER , Large Book

I can draw

Peng, 1959- 2021 741.2 PEN

Drawing people using grids

Civardi, Giovanni 2021 743.4 CIV

Drawing animals using grids

Civardi, Giovanni 2021 743.6 CIV

Utsuwa : Japanese objects for everyday use

Johnson, Kylie 2021 745.50952 JOH

The art of flowers

2021 745.92 ART

Crochet animal slippers

Rott, Ira 2021 746.434 ROT

Urban quilting

Chow, Wendy 2021 746.46 CHO

150 best new interior design ideas

Abascal, Macarena 2021 747 ABA

Jungalow : decorate wild

Blakeney, Justina 2021 747 BLA

Be my guest : at home with the tastemakers

Sauvage, Pierre (Interior designer) 2020 747 SAU

The new mindful home and how to make it yours

Thornhill, Joanna 2021 747 THO

The principles of pretty rooms

Howard, Phoebe 2021 747.092 HOW


Sydney, Grahame, 1948- 2020 758.109937 SYD

Rita Angus : an artist's life

Trevelyan, Jill 2020 759.993 ANG

Still life : contemporary Australian painters

Bell, Amber Creswell 2021 759.994 BEL

Broken horses : a memoir

Carlile, Brandi, 1981- 2021 786.9 CAR

Seeing sideways : a memoir of music and motherhood

Hersh, Kristin, 1966- 2021 786.9 HER

Oasis : what's the story 1991-1998

2021 786.9 OAS , Large Book

Bessie Smith

Kay, Jackie, 1961- 2021 786.9 SMI

Music : a subversive history

Gioia, Ted 2021 788 GIO

House of music : raising the Kanneh-Masons

Kanneh, Kadiatu, 1966- 2020 789 KAN

The rugby almanack of New Zealand.

796.33 RUG year 2021

New Zealand's great walks : the complete guide

Hersey, Paul, 1967- 2021 796.51 HER

Where we swim

Horrocks, Ingrid 2021 797.21092 HOR

Writing in coffee shops : confessions of a playwright

Craig, Ryan, 1972 January 9- 2021 808.2 CRA

Animal dreams

Brooks, David, 1953- 2021 808.8 BRO

100 poems to break your heart

Hirsch, Edward 2021 808.81 HIR

In the lateness of the world

Forché, Carolyn 2020 811 FOR

The hill we climb : an inaugural poem

Gorman, Amanda, 1998- 2021 811 GOR

The ex-boyfriend yard sale

McGee, Haley, 1985- 2020 812 MACG

Sign language for the death of reason

Collins, Linda, 1959- 2021 821 COL


Emeney, Jo 1974- 2021 821 EME

Time & tide : poems 2000-2020

Frances, Pauline 2020 821 FRA


Harvey, Siobhan, 1973- 2021 821 HAR

How to live with mammals

Jane, Ash Davida 2021 821 JAN

I said the sea was folded : love poems

Jensen, Erik 2021 821 JEN

Burst kisses on the actual wind

Meredith, Courtney Sina, 1986- 2021 821 MER

Randomly moving particles

Motion, Andrew, 1952- 2020 821 MOT

Gaps in the light

Winter, Iona 2021 821 WIN

Times like these : on grief, hope & remarkable love

Langstone, Michelle, 1979- 2021 824 LAN

Love letters

2021 826 WOO

Right, said Fred

Flintoff, Andrew, 1977- 2020 827 FLI


Cox, Tom, 1975- 2021 828 COX

World travel : an irreverent guide

Bourdain, Anthony, 1956-2018 2021 910.4 BOU

Sheila in the wind : a story of a lone voyage

Hayter, Adrian 2020 910.45 HAY

Europe by Eurail 2021 : touring Europe by train

Ferguson-Kosinski, LaVerne 2020 914 FER

Rick Steves best of Europe

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914 STE

Rick Steves Prague & the Czech Republic

Steves, Rick, 1955- 2021 914.37 STE , + map

Venice : the lion, the city and the water

Nooteboom, Cees, 1933- 2020 914.531 NOO

The hunt for Mount Everest

Storti, Craig 2021 915.496 STO

The gardens of Mars : Madagascar, an island story

Gimlette, John, 1963- 2021 916.91 GIM

Upriver : from the sea to the Southern Alps

Heinz, Colin 2020 919.37 HEI

Hawaii : top sights, authentic experiences

Balfour, Amy C. 2021 919.69 BAL

Not just ordinary blokes

Holms, J. G. M. 2020 929.2 HOL

The Indus

Robinson, Andrew, 1957- 2021 934 ROB

Stalin's war : a new history of World War II

McMeekin, Sean, 1974- 2021 940.5347 MACM

Barbarossa and the bloodiest war in history

Binns, Stewart 2021 940.54217 BIN

Barbarossa : how Hitler lost the war

Dimbleby, Jonathan 2021 940.54217 DIM

I heard my country calling : Elaine Madden, SOE agent

Elliott, Sue, 1951- 2020 940.548641 ELL

The first kingdom

Adams, Max, 1961- 2021 941.01 ADA

Thin places

Ní Dochartaigh, Kerri 2021 941.62 NID

The shortest history of China

Jaivin, Linda 2021 951 JAI

Syrian requiem : the civil war and its aftermath

Rabinovich, Itamar, 1942- 2021 956.91042 RAB

In this place together : a Palestinian's journey to collective liberation

Eilberg-Schwartz, Penina, 1986- 2021 956.9405092 KHA

Nuclear folly : a history of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Plokhy, Serhii, 1957- 2021 973.922 PLO

People of the sea

Wharram, James, 1928- 2020 996 WHA

No shame

Allen, Tom 2020 Biography B ALL

Jacinda Ardern : on kindness, empathy & strength

Blackwell, Geoff 2020 Biography B ARD

From the colonies to Katherine Mansfield

Boon, Kevin 2021 Biography B BEA

Three dreamers : a memoir of family

Carcaterra, Lorenzo 2021 Biography B CAR

Time flies

Clark, Al 2021 Biography B CLA

The fall of a sparrow : Vivien Eliot's life and writings

Pasternak Slater, Ann 2020 Biography B ELI

Beyond Alice

Heaslip, Tanya 2021 Biography B HEA

The consequences of love

Hodge, Gavanndra 2020 Biography B HOD

Lady Bird Johnson : hiding in plain sight

Sweig, Julia 2021 Biography B JOH

Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and me : her life and long loves

Sutherland, John, 1938- 2021 Biography B JON

The most I could be : a renaissance story

Kent, Dale 2021 Biography B KEN

Sunshine girl : an unexpected life

Margulies, Julianna, 1966- 2021 Biography B MAR


Morris, Jan, 1926-2020 2021 Biography B MOR

Unposted, autumn leaves : a memoir in essays

Oliver, Stephen, 1950 December 5- 2021 Biography B OLI

The Duke : 100 chapters in the life of Prince Philip

Lloyd, Ian, 1960- 2021 Biography B PHI

Pic : adventures in sailing, business, and love

Picot, Pic, 1952- 2021 Biography B PIC

Philip Roth : a counterlife

Nadel, Ira Bruce, 1943- 2021 Biography B ROT

Everything is going to be K.O.

Stone, Kaiya 2021 Biography B STO

The triumph of Nancy Reagan

Tumulty, Karen, 1955- 2021 Biography B TUM

The empathy diaries : a memoir

Turkle, Sherry 2021 Biography B TUR


(35 titles)

A discovery of witches. Series 2.

Television program (DVD)

A gift from Bob

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Eighth grade

Motion picture (DVD)

Into the labyrinth.

Motion picture (DVD)

It's a sin.


Love, weddings & other disasters

Motion picture (DVD)

Miss Virginia

Motion picture (DVD)

Never look away

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (Bluray)


Motion picture (DVD)

Oliver Sacks : his own life

Documentary (DVD)

Penguin Bloom

Motion picture (Bluray)

Penguin Bloom

Motion picture (DVD)

Promising young woman

Motion picture (DVD)

Raya and the last dragon [4K Ultra]

Motion picture (Bluray)

Red Dwarf. The promised land.

Television program (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

Sound of metal

Motion picture (Bluray)

Sound of metal

Motion picture (DVD)

Spread your wings.

Motion picture (DVD)


Motion picture (DVD)

The dry

Motion picture (DVD)

The ladykillers

Motion picture (DVD)

The marksman.

Motion picture (DVD)

The men who built America.

Documentary (DVD)

The south westerlies. Series 1.

Television program (DVD)

Web of dreams.

Television movie (DVD)

Wild mountain thyme.

Motion picture (DVD)


(117 titles)

Big science.

Anderson, Laurie, 1947- 2021 Vinyl Popular

Green to gold

Antlers (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

Fetch the bolt cutters.

Apple, Fiona, 1977- 2020 Vinyl Popular

Well-tempered clavier

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750. 2021 CD Piano

We are.

Batiste, Jon, 1986- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Symphony no 7 in A major, op. 92

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2020 CD Symphonies

Missa solemnis

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Masses

Triple concerto ; Piano trio op. 36 [Symphony no. 2]

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Concertos/Various

The violin sonatas. Sonatas 5-7

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Violin

Sonatas 4, 5 & 7

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827 2021 CD Violin

Young heart.

Birdy, 1996- 2021 CD Popular

Shake your money maker

Black Crowes 2021 CD Popular

Delta Kream

Black Keys 2021 CD Blues

The decline of British sea power.

British Sea Power 2020 CD Popular

Uma elmo

Bro, Jakob, 1978- 2021 CD Jazz


Certain Ratio 2020 CD Popular


Chills 2021 Vinyl New Zealand


Chills 2021 CD New Zealand

Playground in a lake.

Clark, 1979- 2021 CD Electronica

The shadow I remember.

Cloud Nothings 2021 CD Popular

Déjà vu [deluxe]

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. 2021 CD Popular

Revolutionary love.

DiFranco, Ani, 1970- 2021 CD Popular

Sweep it into space.

Dinosaur Jr 2021 CD Popular

New long leg.

Dry Cleaning (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular


Earle, Steve, 1955- 2021 CD Country

The bitter truth.

Evanescence 2021 CD Popular

She walks in beauty

Faithfull, Marianne, 1947- 2021 CD Popular

In his own sweet time.

Flanagan, Tommy, 1930-2001 2020 CD Jazz


Fleetwood Mac 2021 CD Popular

Frampton forgets the words.

Frampton, Peter, 1950- 2021 CD Popular

100 years of theremin : the dub chapter.

Gaudi, 1963- 2020 CD Reggae

They're calling me home

Giddens, Rhiannon, 1977- 2021 CD American folk

Curveball ; Gitbox in concert at Lot 23.

Gitbox 2021 CD New Zealand

...Keyboard fantasies...

Glenn-Copeland, Beverly, 1944- 2020 CD Popular

The Gordons.

Gordons 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

The battle at Garden's Gate.

Greta Van Fleet 2021 CD Popular


Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1759 2020 CD Choral

String quartets, op. 76 nos 4-6

Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809 2020 CD Quartets


Ibn Ali, Hasaan, 1931-1980 2021 CD Jazz

Archive series. Volume no. 5.

Iron & Wine, 1974- 2021 CD American folk

Complete symphonies

Ives, Charles, 1874-1954 2021 CD Symphonies


Iyer, Vijay, 1971- 2021 CD Jazz

...'Til we meet again : live.

Jones, Norah, 1979- 2021 CD Popular

Motets & mass movements

Josquin, des Prez, -1521 2021 CD Religious

Texas sun

Khruangbin 2020 CD Soul/R&B

The Kugels at Breaker Bay.

Kugels 2020 CD Wellington

Small moments.

Kye, Dan, 1992- 2020 Vinyl New Zealand

John LennonPlastic Ono Band.

Lennon, John, 1940-1980 2021 CD Popular

Tone poem

Lloyd, Charles, 1938- 2021 CD Jazz

Californian soil.

London Grammar 2021 CD Popular

In quiet moments.

Lost Horizons 2021 CD Popular

Sound ancestors

Madlib, 1973- 2021 CD Hip Hop

Symphony no. 10

Mahler, Gustav, 1860-1911 2020 CD Symphonies

Be for real : the P.I.R. recordings (1972-1975)

Melvin, Harold, 1939-1997 2020 CD Soul/R&B

Mozart Jones : violin sonatas fragment completions.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791 2021 CD Violin

Acquainted with night.

Neale, Lael 2021 CD Popular

How bizarre.

OMC 2021 Vinyl New Zealand

Finding Wildflowers (alternate versions).

Petty, Tom, 1950-2017 2020 CD Popular

Pylon box.

Pylon 2020 CD Popular

Life by misadventure.

Rag 'n' Bone Man, 1985- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Like a stone.

Remember Sports 2021 CD Popular

ELE2 : the wrath of God.

Rhymes, Busta, 1972- 2020 CD Hip Hop

Voices. 2.

Richter, Max, 1966- 2021 CD Experimental

Symphony no. 5 : 'Childhood'

Ritchie, Anthony 2021 CD Symphonies

A common turn.

Savage, Anna B. 2021 CD Popular

Annihilation cult.

Scorn of Creation 2020 CD Wellington

First farewell.

Seeger, Peggy, 1935- 2021 CD English & Celtic folk

Too much pressure

Selecter 2021 CD Popular


Serpentwithfeet, 1988- 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Cuttin' grass. Vol. 2, The Cowboy Arms sessions.

Simpson, Sturgill, 1978- 2020 CD Country

Start walkin' 1965-1976

Sinatra, Nancy, 1940- 2021 CD Popular


Sissoko, Ballaké, 1968- 2021 CD Mali

Till another time : 1988-1996.

Smith, Linda (Musician) 2021 CD Popular

First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder.

Snider, Todd, 1966- 2021 CD Country

The complete Atlantic singles 1968-1971.

Springfield, Dusty, 1939-1999 2021 CD Soul/R&B

Bright green field.

Squid (Musical group) 2021 CD Popular

What's my name.

Starr, Ringo, 1940- 2021 CD Popular

Sixty summers.

Stone, Julia, 1984- 2020 CD Popular


Strummer, Joe, 1952-2002 2020 CD Popular

Fearless (Taylor's version).

Swift, Taylor, 1989- 2021 CD Country


Tindersticks 2021 CD Popular


Tune-Yards 2021 CD Popular


Vega, Alan, 1938-2016 2021 CD Popular


Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741 2020 CD Operas


Weaver, Jane, 1972- 2021 CD Popular

The Who sell out : super deluxe edition.

Who (Musical group) 2020 CD Popular

Runnin' down a dream : a tribute to Tom Petty.

Williams, Lucinda, 1953- 2020 CD Popular

The poet.

Womack, Bobby, 1944-2014 2021 CD Soul/R&B

The poet II.

Womack, Bobby, 1944-2014 2021 CD Soul/R&B


Xixa 2021 CD Popular


2021 CD Concertos/Violin

Beethoven, Wagner, Verdi

2021 CD Singers

French duets

2021 CD Piano

English music for strings

2021 CD Orchestral

Baroque festival.

2021 CD Orchestral


2020 CD Masses


2020 CD Singers

Soul power '68

2021 CD Reggae

The roots of jazz.

2021 CD Jazz

World music unplugged.

2021 CD World compilations

Symphonies nos. 7-9

2020 CD Symphonies


(277 titles)

On your marks, get set... gold! : a fact-filled, funny guide to every Olympic sport

Allen, Scott (Children's fiction writer) 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Amari and the night brothers

Alston, B. B. 2021 Chapter Book

Can bears ski?

Antrobus, Raymond 2021 Picture Book

Catch that chicken!

Atinuke 2020 Picture Book

Young Leonardo

Augel, William, 1973- 2021 Comic

Trouble with tattle-tails

Auxier, Jonathan 2021 Chapter Book

Piper the Puppy : first day at school

Baldock, Jane 2021 Picture Book

Piper the Puppy : visits the doctor

Baldock, Jane 2021 Picture Book

A day in the life of a poo, a gnu, and you

Barfield, Mike 2021 Non-fiction / Science

A polar bear in the snow

Barnett, Mac 2021 Picture Book

Girl versus squirrel

Barrett, Hayley 2020 Picture Book

The tiny baker

Barrett, Hayley 2020 Picture Book

Girl versus squirrel

Barrett, Hayley 2020 Picture Book

Little polar bear and the pandas

Beer, Hans de, 1957- 2021 Picture Book

How to spot a mum

Bhatt, Donna Amey 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Gymnastics comeback

Bjorlie, Selina Libi 2021 Chapter Book

Silexa the stone cat

Blade, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

Kyron lord of fire

Blade, Adam 2021 Chapter Book

Nuclear physics made easy

Bluteau, Matthew 2020 Non-fiction / Science

The mystery of the burnt cottage

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the disappearing cat

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the secret room

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the spiteful letters

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the missing necklace

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the hidden house

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the pantomime cat

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the invisible thief

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the vanished prince

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the strange bundle

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of Holly Lane

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the missing man

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of the strange messages

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

The mystery of Banshee Towers

Blyton, Enid 2021 Chapter Book

Crafting calm : art and activities for mindful kids

Borgert-Spaniol, Megan, 1989- 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Gerald needs a friend

Boyden, Robin, 1983- 2021 Picture Book

The Whale Who Wanted More

Bright, Rachel 2021 Picture Book

Two little trains

Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952 2020 Picture Book

Ernest the elephant

Browne, Anthony, 1946- 2021 Picture Book

Blooms for Miffy's mother

Bruna, Dick 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The secret life of bees

Butterfield, Moira, 1960- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Into the volcano

Butterworth, Jess 2021 Chapter Book

I believe I can

Byers, Grace, 1984- 2020 Picture Book

Look after us : a lift-the-flap book

Campbell, Rod, 1945- 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The very hungry caterpillar's wild animal hide & seek

Carle, Eric, 1929-2021 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The midnight realm

Chapman, Linda 2021 Chapter Book

Five little kea

Chin, Renee 2021 Picture Book


Clarke, Jane, 1954- 2021 Chapter Book

There's a mouse in my house

Collins, Ross 2020 Picture Book

Cardboard cowboys

Conaghan, Brian, 1971- 2021 Chapter Book

Jabari tries

Cornwall, Gaia 2020 Picture Book

How to twist a dragon's tale

Cowell, Cressida 2021 Audiobook on CD

The Eraser strikes back

Dahl, Michael 2021 Chapter Book

Blue, Barry & Pancakes

Dan 2021 Comic

Hoi agōnistes tou 1821

Darlasē, Angelikē, 1973- 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Last : the story of a white rhino

Davies, Nicola, 1958- 2020 Chapter Book

If I had an octopus

Dawnay, Gabby 2021 Picture Book

Are dinosaurs real?

Daynes, Katie 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

What are clouds?

Daynes, Katie 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Crayons rock!

Dean, James, 1957- 2020 Picture Book

Robinson Crusoe

Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 2021 Chapter Book

Hē Rodopetalē : henas hyperochos gamos

Diamantidou, Maria 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Camilla, cartographer

Dillemuth, Julie 2020 Picture Book

Robot rescue!

Dixon, Franklin W. 2021 Chapter Book

Fly free

Do, Anh 2021 Chapter Book

Splashy weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

Hopping weird!

Do, Anh 2021 Audiobook on CD

The COVID-19 pandemic : a coronavirus timeline

Doeden, Matt 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Brightly woven : the graphic novel

Dragoon, Leigh, 1976- 2021 Comic

The brain book

Drew, Liam 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Once we were witches

Driver, Sarah 2021 Chapter Book

Albert Johnson and the buns of steel

Earle, Phil 2021 Chapter Book

Licence to chill

Evans, Maz 2021 Chapter Book

The bold, brave bunny

Ferry, Beth 2020 Picture Book

The missing prince

Flanagan, John 2020 Audiobook on CD

Somewhere in the city

Frank, J. B. 2021 Picture Book

The giants' tea party

French, Vivian 2021 Chapter Book

Everybody belongs

Freytag, Lorna 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Everybody feels

Freytag, Lorna 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

To kati ti

Giotē, Marina 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Bird house

Gomez, Blanca, 1978- 2021 Picture Book

Ground Zero

Gratz, Alan, 1972- 2021 Chapter Book


Gray, Jennifer (Children's story writer) 2020 Chapter Book

InvestiGATORS [3] : off the hook

Green, John, 1975- 2021 Comic

Ten beautiful things

Griffin, Molly Beth 2021 Picture Book

Shackleton's endurance : an Antarctic survival story

Grochowicz, Joanna 2021 Non-fiction / Geography & History

Creepy crawlies

Hambleton, Laura 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

On the farm

Hambleton, Laura 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

First friend : how dogs evolved from wolves to become our best friends

Hamilton, Kersten, 1958- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Brain candy 2 : seriously sweet facts to satisfy your curiosity

Hargrave, Kelly 2020 Non-fiction / General Stuff

Solving the climate crisis

Harman, Alice 2021 Non-fiction / Our Society

Have you ever seen a flower?

Harris, Shawn (Artist) 2021 Picture Book

Rum pum pum

Harrison, David L. 1937- 2020 Picture Book

The runaway rabbit

Harrison, Paula 2021 Chapter Book

The book of not entirely useful advice

Harrold, A. F., 1975- 2021 Non-fiction / Poetry, Plays & Jokes

Slow down... on your doorstep

Hartas, Freya 2021 Picture Book

Slow down... in the park

Hartas, Freya 2021 Picture Book

13 ways to eat a fly

Heavenrich, Sue 2021 Picture Book

How do you dance?

Heder, Thyra 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

You are my happiness

Hegarty, Patricia 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The losers at the center of the galaxy

Heider, Mary Winn 2021 Chapter Book

Frankie Fish and the Knights of Kerfuffle

Helliar, Peter 2021 Chapter Book

Wemberly worried

Henkes, Kevin 2020 Picture Book

Worst. Holiday. Ever

Higson, Charles, 1958- 2021 Chapter Book

Hē myrtō kai to vouno

Hillyard, Kim 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The Frost Castle adventure

Hitchcock, Fleur 2020 Chapter Book

Pierre's new hair

Hollis, Joseph Namara 2021 Picture Book

Peppa's countdown to bedtime

Holowaty, Lauren 2021 Picture Book

Rissy no kissies

Howes, Katey 2021 Picture Book


Jaycox, Jaclyn, 1983- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Knight of the cape

Jennings, Terry Catasús 2021 Chapter Book

My cat can see ghosts

Joe, Emily 2021 Picture Book

The couch potato

John, Jory 2020 Picture Book

Oloi mazi sto treno tōn zōōn!

Kefford, Naomi 2020 Non-fiction / Language

The Inkberg Enigma

King, Jonathan, 1967- 2020 Comic

The rock from the sky

Klassen, Jon 2021 Picture Book

Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows

Knight, Denis 2021 Chapter Book

What noise does a giraffe make?

Laing, Dorothy 2021 Picture Book

Dead or alive

Landy, Derek 2021 Chapter Book

The little spacecraft that could : New Horizons' amazing journey to Pluto and Arrokoth

Lapin, Joyce, 1956- 2021 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

The edge of the ocean

Lapinski, L. D. 2021 Chapter Book

Minecraft : the shipwreck

Lee, C. B. 2020 Chapter Book

Sam Squirrel has ADHD

Lee, Selina 2020 Chapter Book

The little monkey king's journey = Xiao Wukong

Li, Jian (Art teacher) 2021 Picture Book

Let it go

Lipp, Rebekah, 1977- 2020 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

Trouble in a tutu

Lipscombe, Helen 2020 Chapter Book

Animal Crossing New Horizons : resident's handbook

Lister, Claire 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts


Lloyd, Megan Wagner 2021 Comic


Lomp, Stephan 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Every night is pizza night

López-Alt, J. Kenji 2020 Picture Book

Let's build a house

Lucas, Mike 2021 Picture Book

Ai cứu con tôi với! = Please help my baby!

Luengareeporn, Tharinee 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Các con tôi đâu rồi? = I've lost my babies!

Luengareeporn, Tharinee 2020 Non-fiction / Language

Don't look inside

Lynch, Stuart (Illustrator) 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Nappy the pirate baby

MacDonald, Alan, 1958- 2021 Chapter Book

O le aiga Sāmoa

Mafaufau, Nafanuatele Lafitaga 2020 Non-fiction / Language

When the wind blew

Maguire, Jacqui 2021 Picture Book

NoBody likes you, Greta Grump

Malkasian, Cathy 2021 Comic

One lonely fish : a counting book with bite!

Mansfield, Andy (Paper engineer) 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Leo and the octopus

Marinov, Isabelle 2021 Picture Book

Crocodile rescue!

Márquez, Melissa Cristina 2021 Chapter Book

Lulu the one and only

Mawhinney, Lynnette, 1979- 2020 Picture Book

Real Pigeons flex feathers!

McDonald, Andrew, 1982- 2021 Chapter Book

Zeki gets a checkup

McQuinn, Anna 2021 Picture Book

Who sees with these eyes?

Meister, Cari 2021 Non-fiction / Science

Who sniffs with this nose?

Meister, Cari 2021 Non-fiction / Science

The grandest bookshop in the world

Mellor, Amelia 2021 Audiobook on CD

The grandest bookshop in the world

Mellor, Amelia 2020 Chapter Book

Where are you from?

Méndez, Yamile Saied 2020 Picture Book


Messenger, Shannon 2020 Chapter Book

Spotty frog

Milbourne, Anna 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

The rainy day

Milbourne, Anna 2021 Picture Book (Board Book)

Strange nature : the insect portraits of Levon Biss

Mone, Gregory 2020 Non-fiction / Science

North and south

Morris, Sandra, 1952- 2021 Non-fiction / Science

One lonely kākāpō : a New Zealand counting book

Morris, Sandra, 1952- 2021 Picture Book

Arlo draws an octopus

Mortensen, Lori, 1955- 2021 Picture Book

The friendship book

Moss, Wendy 2021 Non-fiction / Feeling & Thinking

You've let them in

Murphy, Lois, (Writer of fiction) 2021 Chapter Book

Ngake me Whātaitai

Ngaia, Ben 2021 Non-fiction / Language

How to draw cute beasts

Nguyen, Angela 2020 Non-fiction / The Arts

Give me back my bones!

Norman, Kim 2020 Picture Book

Food play!

Palanjian, Amy 2020 Non-fiction / Health & Technology

Kōwhai and the giants

Parker, Kate (Author of Kōwhai and the giants) 2021 Picture Book