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Unrestful Movements

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From AudioCulture:

A few years too late for the peak of Wellington’s post-punk scene, Rotorua couple Glen Wilson and Pam Curreen moved to the capital in 1982, and recruited new members to revive their group Unrestful Movements. The result? Slow, snarling, grinding songs that echoed the punk era and anticipated later "sludge" rock bands. The fertile Terrace Scene had dissipated along with its ready-made audience made up largely of university students. Unrestful Movements found themselves the unwitting entertainment for the infamous boot boys, whose antics scared off many would-be appreciators. The group’s striking looks and incomparable sound made them one of Wellington’s standout acts in 1983, the same year their two EPs were issued through Jayrem. (Read more...)

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We say:

Formed in 1981 and lasting for two years, Unrestful Movements was originally a three-piece band playing in the Rotorua area. Two of the founder members, Glen Wilson and Pam Curreen created considerable interest as Unrestful Movements In The Vegetable Patch, performing at Sweetwaters 1982.

Shortly after they moved to Wellington and joined with drummer Tim Hunt and Grenville Main on guitar. This lineup released two 12″ EPs on Jayrem Records -First Movement In Eb and Q:Are You A Fireman?

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