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Flesh D-Vice

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From AudioCulture:

Wellington’s Flesh D-Vice picked up punk rock’s torch in the early 1980s and carried it proudly through the decade. As the capital’s punk-heavy indie scene gathered strength and New Zealand’s punk rock community raised its head in the provinces the raw rocking quartet of Eugene Pope (guitar), Brent Jenkins (drums), Gerald Dwyer (vocals) and Richard Watts then Dwayne Yule (bass) remained active central figures, both live and on record. In Gerald Dwyer, Flesh D-Vice not only had a distinctive and impassioned voice, the group had a highly capable organiser. With Riot 111’s Void, he organised and ran the Underground Emerges and Golden Showers multi-band punk one-nighters in 1983 as a response to the mainstream music festivals Sweetwaters and Brown Trout. (Read more...)

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Our Wellington Music collection is currently unavailable on our catalogue due to the Central Library closure. We're working on options for making it available again and as soon as it is, we'll update this site.

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