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The Eighth Note: Fall Of Man

Up next is John Doe, vocalist for Fall Of Man.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your music:
We are Fall Of Man, a 6 piece Black Metal act from Wellington. We play classic Black Metal with a modern twist whilst also incorporating some texture and atmosphere with some keyboards.

What have you been working on lately? Any new tracks or albums on the way?
We released our debut single ‘Between God & The Devil’ last year that has recently been digitally distributed via Lore Breaker Records. We were just gearing up to record the drums for our long awaited EP but then we went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak so that put a bit of a halt on things, once we return to some form of normality we will be well under way on the recording front.

Where is the best place people can follow you & find your music?
The best place to follow us is on FaceBook, which is where we post most. We also have an Instagram page that you can follow and check out our music is via our Bandcamp page.

What were the 3 most influential albums to you growing up?
That’s a pretty heavy question, I mean I can’t answer for all of the band individually, but for me personally (John Doe- Vocalist) I just have such a vast array of influences that I find it really hard to answer these types of questions as I genuinely just love and have been influenced by so much. For the band as a whole to what connects us and has given us the vision to work together musically I would say:
1. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – Mayhem
2. Sworn To The Dark – Watain
3. In The Nightside Eclipse – Emperor

Which other Wellington musician (s) would you most like to work with?
We’ve had the privilege of working with so many great Wellington bands and artists already, from Sol Mortvvs to Altar Of Achlys, Eterul to Planet Of The Dead. We were scheduled to play a show with Jormungandr this April so it’ll be great to play with them another time. We all really enjoy Tuscoma who have just released their 2nd album, we played with them at last year’s Symbiotic Metal Fest so would be great to do something with those guys too.

What’s your favourite Wellington venue to play in?
Valhalla by far, hands down the most accepting place for any musician, yes it’s predominantly known as the “Metal Bar” but they really do so much more, for me and my band it’s our second home and I know a lot of other Wellington bands also feel that way. Ben does so much for the music community and really gives a platform to the Metal acts who struggle to find other venues to play at.

In your songwriting or composing (or the band’s songwriting) how do the compositions and songs take shape?
In the past it’s very much been a riff or an idea that has been fleshed out and bought to the practice space to put some drums to it and to arrange the structure, then everyone puts their own flair to it. Now, especially with the new members we have on board we really feel more of a collaborative style unfolding for writing new songs, of which we do have a few in the pipeline.

Where/when is your next gig?
Well as I mentioned before, the lockdown put a hold on our plans, we did have lined up Napier Death Fest, CubaDupa & a headline show at Valhalla of which we hope to reschedule all of these dates in the near future. We are also working on a few other dates for later in the year and early next year but until things unfold we really can’t solidify anything. All I can say is; check out local bands music, buy their merch, see what you can do to support local venues and check out our social media to see what we have coming up once things start functioning again.

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