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Interviews: Lee Prebble on the new Surgery studio…


Lee was kind enough to take the time recently to answer a few questions for us about his new Surgery Studios setup…

There was a definite sound associated with albums recorded in the old Surgery. Do you think that was due to the acoustics of that particular building, the gear involved, your engineering techniques or a combination of various things?
A combination of all of those things. The building had a vibe that sometimes bought out the best in people, and sometimes the worst! Which I think helped give it a sense of creativity. It was pretty dingy so I guess it was better to get down to making music rather than spending too long looking at the walls. A great deal of learning and experimentation went on. Which I guess is where the gear comes in, everyone was always on the hunt for the “sound”, so we were often trying new/old bits of gear in new/old interesting ways.

We included the rest of his answers in the post Lee did for us on his favourite Wellington albums for New Zealand Music Month, so check it out here.

Lee Prebble

Photos of Lee Prebble courtesy of Emma Smith, RNZ

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