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A Sound Like No Other: Milky Joe’s Exclusive Wellington Mix

DJ/producer, Milky Joe, was so impressed by the local Wellington original music he was hearing that he curated and mixed this collection of recent releases by Wellington based artists across a spectrum including electronic, ambient and indie. This doesn’t have the smooth flow generally associated with dj mixes, but given the variety of material used, that is probably a good thing. A selection of strategically placed spoken word samples, including an explanation of the origins of Wellington electronic music, enhance the transitions from track to track as the listener is moved from the ambient washes of i.ryoko to the cosmic groove of Orchestra of Spheres to the art-rock of Cookie Brooklyn & the Crumbs and on to the lovely indie sounds of Terror of the Deep. If anyone is interested in what is happening under the radar in Wellington then this is essential listening.

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A Sound Like No Other
You can also check out this exclusive mix of Wellington music on Soundcloud

Featured tracks:
Ballah Playah Gnar – ‘See Ya Dad, See Ya Mum’ – from digital album Welcom To the Team

The All Seeing Hand – ‘Lying Dead, With A Bar of Soap’ – from the CD Mechatronix

Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Eternal C of Darkness’ – from CD Nonagonic Now

The Blueness – ‘Lady Blue’ – Digital single

Nick Guy – ‘Hill’ – Digital single

i.ryoko – ‘Future Window II’ – from digital album Opening

Jet Jaguar – ‘One of the Perks of the Position’ – from CD 4

Orchestra of Spheres – ‘Fingerweg’ – Digital single

Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs – ‘Is There Logic In Pop?’ – from Digital EP His Hands Are Normal

The All Seeing Hand – ‘Xioa Ma’ – from digital album Fog & Debris

The Golden Awesome – ‘Blue’ – from CD Autumn

Terror of the Deep – ‘Model Train Village’ – from Digital album Death of the Gideon

Montano – ‘Undertones’ – High Harbour’s Acacia mix – from Digital EP Subtitled Remixes 2

Mr. Sterile Assembly – ‘Stella’ – from the CD Transit

Orchestra of Spheres – ‘VASBM’ – Milky Joe’s Long Slow Immersive mix – Digital single created using samples from the Orchestra of Spheres
CD Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music

John White – ‘Ashes Grey’ – from The Inkadies CD

Mixed by Milky Joe for ‘The Society For the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life’

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