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About the Wellington City Libraries' Zine Collection

Wellington City Libraries has a collection of nearly 1300 zines (and growing!) with special emphasis on locally produced Wellington zines.

Zine (pronounced "zeen") comes from the words "magazine" and "fanzine" and is a self published, inexpensively produced publication with a small circulation. Zines come in paper form, usually written in computer-printed or handwritten text, photo-copied and stapled.

People who make zines are motivated by a desire to express themselves. For that reason a zine can be on any topic from art and music to politics and social commentary.

Zines offer a unique insight into people, their points of view, politics, philosophies and lifestyles, while locally produced zines also help preserve information about our history and culture that might otherwise be lost.

At Wellington City Libraries, zines are divided into two collections:

  • Open access zine collection
  • Closed access Wellington zine collection

Open access zine collection

This collection is located next to the enquiries desk in the Arts, Music and Literature section on the 1st floor of the Central Library.

It features zines created locally, nationally and internationally on a range of topics sure to interest just about everyone. We have zines full of crafty DIY instructions and recipes, travel zines, music zines, self-published comic books, and loads more.

All these zines can be issued for 3 weeks at no charge. So please grab a few to read in the Library or take home with you.

How do I find them on the shelf?

The open access zine collection is a browsing collection and currently not catalogued. However, title lists of our holdings are available below.

Also, to help you navigate the collection, zines are arranged into 6 colour coded categories:

  • Red - Personal zines, usually personal insights or stories inspired by the author's life
  • Yellow - Art, literary and music zines
  • Black - DIY zines
  • Orange - Comics
  • White - Miscellaneous zines, including history and politics, compilation zines and everything else that doesn't like to be categorised

As zines are often comprised of more than one of these categories, the colour represents the chief element of the zine. Also all of our New Zealand zines have "koru" stickers.

Please remember that if there is something in particular that you are looking for and can't find it, ask for help at the enquiries desk.

List of zines held at the library (Excel)

Closed access Wellington zine collection

This reference collection is housed in the rare books room on the 2nd floor of the Central Library and features zines produced by Wellington based zinesters.

The collection is indexed in the Wellington Local History Database at:


To see a list of all our holdings, enter in the keyword: zines. To search for a specific zine, try entering in the title.

To view the collection or for more information, please ask at the 2nd floor enquiries desk.

Not sure where to start?

The gold 'librarian's choice' sticker is our way of highlighting some of our favourite zines. Using the sticker as a guide is a great way to browse if you don't have a lot of time or are new to the world of zines. You can also check some zine reviews below.


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