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Kōrero Kaipakihi - Business Bulletin from WCL

In this Kōrero Kaipakihi: What’s the secret to building an enduring global brand, plus the importance of knowing where your materials and products come from.

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From the blog

What’s the secret to building an enduring global brand?

In our blog Business Barbie and Lego leadership we look at how two iconic brands went from being children’s toys to international dominance.

In our second blog we look at Rebranding a business – why do it?

Business news

Do you know where your materials and products come from?

The New Zealand Government has begun drafting a modern slavery supply chain register law.

Under the public register, companies earning more than $20 million a year in revenue would need to report how they have tackled exploitation risks in their operations and supply chains. Find out more at RNZ.

Even if your company is much smaller, it’s still an important part of being ethical and transparent to know where your goods come from and who produces them.

Learn more about modern slavery with these library resources:

The truth about modern slavery
by Kenway, Emily


In 2019, over 10,000 possible victims of slavery were found in the UK. [...] The Truth About Modern Slavery reveals how modern slavery has been created as a political tool by those in power. It shows how anti-slavery action acts as a moral cloak, hiding the harms of the 'hostile environment' towards migrants, legitimising big brands' exploitation of the poorest workers and oppressing sex workers. [...]The Truth About Modern Slavery provides a vital challenge to conventional narratives on modern slavery. (Adapted from catalogue)

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Modern slavery : a global perspective     by Kara, Siddharth

Siddharth Kara demonstrates the scope of modern slavery and its role in global supply chains to offer a concrete path toward its abolition. This searing exposé--including revelatory interviews with both the enslaved and their oppressors--documents one of humanity's greatest wrongs and lays out the framework to eradicate it. (From catalogue)

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Business tools

Thinking of expanding offshore?


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade produces regular Market Intelligence Reports providing a NZ perspective on what’s happening in overseas markets. Subscribe here!


Exporting gets easier with online application


It’s now easier than ever for businesses to apply to join Customs’ Secure Exports Scheme, which helps exporters save time and money at the border. Check out the resources here.


Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. 

Since ChatGPT was released at the end of last year there have been strong arguments both for and against its adaption in the workplace. Most people seem to be agreed that it can make a positive impact on some administrative chores.


If you want to know more, have a look at Digital boost’s videos on using ChatGPT as a writing assistant and content generator.

Check out Digital boosts videos.


Climate and Sustainability funding available

Do you have a project or idea for climate action in Wellington? WCC’s Climate and Sustainability Fund is open for community and business initiatives that will help us to achieve our city-wide emissions reduction targets. There is up to $250,000 available every year. Applications for this funding round close August 10. Find out more on their website.

Calling performers

Gardens Magic 2024 performers wanted
Applications are now open for individuals or bands to perform at WCC’s Gardens Magic 2024. All styles are welcome: Māori, Pasifika, classical, jazz, indie, pop, folk, rock, country, choral, avant-garde, blues, ska, reggae, world music, and more. Visit for their application form and more information.

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