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Kōrero Kaipakihi - Business Bulletin from WCL

In this Kōrero Kaipakihi: dealing with failure, an interview with Sandbox Studio and library books on leadership.

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From the blog

Dealing with failure

Have you ever failed at something? An exam, scoring the winning goal, at implementing an idea in the workplace? What did the experience teach you?

When an idea fails to fly, it's not the end of the road. It's the beginning of a different route if you allow it to be.

Have a look at some of the resources we've compiled about overcoming failure and learning to thrive in both business and life.

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Navigating the negotiation process

Negotiating.  Getting to yes.  Driving a hard bargain.  Win-win.

We all do it.  It’s part of navigating daily life.

Learn how to improve your negotiation skills with a little help from some library resources.

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Local spotlight

Local business profile: Sandbox Studio

Mark, one of our music specialists, recently published an interview with local recording studio Sandbox Studio. Sandbox Studio is the best kept secret in the Wellington music scene, but word is spreading far and wide and a growing number of artists are coming from all over the country, and even across the Tasman, to record their sound there.

Visit our music blog for more information

collection spotlight

Book river – coaching and mentoring


This month’s book river – a stream of curated titles running across the top of the screen on our website – focuses on coaching and mentoring. Whether it’s at work or working with a sports team, there will be something here for you.

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new books

The Art of Winning
Dan Carter, legendary All Black, has released a book on leadership.

"You won't find conventional wisdom here, but hard-learned truths, including-

- Why great leaders are made, not born, and why they must constantly evolve
- How to forge a winning team culture
- Why empowering others leads to the best decisions
- Why confidence and self-belief are nothing without humility and a beginner's mindset

Step inside the unique culture of the All Blacks - and inside the mind of a legend." (from catalogue)


Privacy – the protection of client and business details – is something all businesses have a responsibility to protect.


Breaches of privacy do happen but there are steps you can take to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has resources to assist you meet your obligations.

You’ve had a privacy breach, what do you do next? 

Privacy Commissioner Michael Webster outlines four steps every leader should be aware of, if your organisation suffers a privacy breach.


'Privacy a vital tool for small businesses - now and into the future'

Building privacy into your organisation not only means you meet your obligations under the Privacy Act 2020, but also builds trust with your customers - that’s the message from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s (OPC) latest Insights Report. 

did you know?

Libraries contribute to the economy in many ways!

Study finds English libraries generate at least £3.4bn in yearly value.

Researchers hope their report will change the way local and national governments invest in community services.

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