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In this Kōrero Kaipakihi: a guide for new managers, how to communicate in a crisis and a very exciting upcoming library event!

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Stepping up : A guide for the new manager

Whether you stepped up and earned a promotion, or maybe just became an “accidental manager”, at some point reality sets in. Suddenly you are no longer one of the team and have moved to leading the team, where the view is a little different. You’ve quickly found that being a people manager isn’t the same as being the one who is managed.

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Communication in a crisis

At some point, a business may need to deal with a crisis. How you deal with it will tell your customers a lot about you.


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The importance of sleep

We all need sleep to function well. If you have trouble sleeping, check out some of these resources to help you sleep a little better.

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Burnout to brilliance: Jess Stuart

Thursday, 8 June | 12:15 – 1:15pm

Te Awe Library

Author, coach and specialist Jess Stuart presents on the topic of "Burnout to brilliance".

Jess is a popular author, international keynote speaker and experienced leadership coach. With 15 years in HR and a background in the corporate world working in leadership development across many countries and industries, businesses find Jess can speak their language.

A brush with burnout in her corporate career led Jess across the world to train with Buddhist monks and nuns. A decade later, after coming out, writing six books and running her own successful business she shares what she knows about mind-set, resilience and self-mastery to empower leaders to unlock their potential.

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Although it can have other meanings, most commonly we use kaupapa as a noun to refer to: a topic, subject, matter for discussion, programme, theme, principles, or issue.

You might also hear people speaking of kaupapa Māori which can mean a Māori approach, Māori topic, Māori customary practice, Māori institution, Māori agenda, Māori principles, or Māori ideology. Māori language immersion schools for children are often referred to as Kura Kaupapa Māori because they are a Māori institution adhering to Māori principles, language, and practices.

Thanks to Louise Dowdell for the Kupu of te wiki!

Here are some ways you can use kaupapa in your everyday lives:

What is the kaupapa of this meeting? - What is the topic of this meeting?

He aha te kaupapa o tēnei hui? - What is the subject of this meeting?

Can you please explain the kaupapa to me? - Can you please explain the matter to me?

New underground dining and entertainment precinct set to revitalise Wellington's hospo scene

There’s something new happening in Wellington’s hospitality scene with the opening later this year of Willis Lane

One of the biggest threats to a business are cyberthreats.

Here’s some advice on developing a cyber security plan for Small to Medium businesses

Looking to grow your business and engage more customers? 

Check out these 8 tips.

Being a startup business can be stressful and the long hours can lead to burnout.

Learn how to recognise and manage the signs of burnout.

10 Ways to Improve Retention and Reduce Turnover

Losing staff and having to hire and train new staff costs a company in both time and money. Do you consider it inevitable that staff will leave? Have you considered taking steps to make them want to stay?

Meet Linda Stopfirth Business Customer Specialist
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