At Alert Level 2 most our branches will open from Thursday 9 September, but with some restrictions in place to keep staff and the community safe (more information about Libraries at Level 2).

Wellington City Libraries

Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

Ngā rauemi mā ngā kaikōrero Hiniharihi Resources for Sinhalese speakers


You can connect to the Daily News (In English) using internet machines in the libraries for free.

Paper copies of these newspapers are not available in the libraries - the internet version is up to date.

Books in Sinhalese

Click here for a list of our books in Sinhalese. Wellington Central Library is looking at expanding its collection in Sinhalese for adults. We would be very keen to consider your Suggestion to buy.

Books in English

Most books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. Our books are organised by a numbering system and the same system is used at all branches. For example, The Road Code for car, motor cycle and truck driver's licenses is shelved at 343.0946 DON. There are copies at all Libraries and they can be borrowed for 1 week. If no copies are currently available, you can reserve one with your Library Card.

Here are some subjects you may find useful:

  • 005: Computers
  • 294.3: Buddhism
  • 428: learning English
  • 491.483: Sinhalese-English language books and dictionaries
  • 500s: science, astronomy, plants, trees and animals
  • 613-616: health, including diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure
  • 635: gardening
  • 640-649: home care, sewing for the home, children's & adults' clothing, cooking and parenting
  • 650s: information on working in New Zealand
  • 700s: art, craft & music, dance, movies & entertainment
  • 900s: countries, travel and history, including Sri Lankan history (994.93) and geography & travel (915.493)

amazon book cover
Monkfish moon, by Romesh Gunesekera,
(plus others also by him)

amazon book cover
Journey to mindfulness : the
autobiography of Bhante Gunaratana
by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.

amazon book cover
The far field : a novel of Ceylon,
by Edie Meidav.

DVDs and Music CDs

CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for 1 week with your Library Card. A borrowing fee is charged for Sound & Vision materials.

Music CDs are on the Ground Floor of Central Library, in the Sound & Vision Centre. Look for the World Music: Sri Lanka section.

Sri Lanka : musiques rituelles et religieuses.

Please ask us if you need help finding anything you need.

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