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Wellington City Libraries

Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui

Ngā rauemi mā ngā kaikōrero Ahiriana Resources for Assyrian speakers

Learning English

In our collection we have:

  • Books, tapes, videos, CDs and CD-ROMs to help you learn English
  • Grammar, vocabulary books and dictionaries
  • Items to help you take IELTS and TOEFL tests
  • Books about living in New Zealand, including cooking, parenting and health
  • Stories to enjoy.

These items are available in the Adult Learning Collection, the main collection at 420.7 and 428.24, and the Central Sound & Vision Centre. There are Adult Learning collections at Central, Newtown, Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie), Johnsonville, Miramar and Karori Libraries.

All of these items are FREE to borrow and are issued for 3 weeks. You can borrow as many items as you like.

For more information, visit our English as a Second Language subject guide.


You can connect to many NZ and international newspapers via the library website at or using internet machines in the libraries for free.

For other newspapers - you need to go to the Library to read them. They cannot be borrowed.

PressDisplay also provides free access to newspapers in Arabic from all over the world. You'll need to log in with your library card details.


The Library does not get any Assyrian magazines specifically. Some magazines which may be of interest are Sayidaty (available at Kilbirnie, Miramar and Newtown libraries) and Fairuz (available at Central, Karori, Kilbirnie, Miramar and Newtown libraries). (These magazines are both in Arabic.)

There are many magazines in English which may be of interest. They cover a wide range of topics and are in all the libraries.
You may read magazines at the Library, or borrow them for one week with your Library Card (older copies only).

Assyrian books

Wellington Central Library is looking at expanding its collection for adults. Currently we have nothing in Assyrian. We would be very keen to consider your Suggestion to buy.

The world language section is on the First Floor of the Central Library. It does include books in Arabic, for example
Al Internet = The Internet
Dalil asl es'afat aivaliya

Books in English

Most books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. Our books in English are organised by a numbering system and the same system is used at all branches. For example, The Road Code for car, motor cycle and truck driver's licenses is shelved at 343.0946 DON. There are copies at all Libraries and they can be borrowed for 1 week. If no copies are currently available, you can reserve one with your Library Card.

Here are some subjects you may find useful:

  • 428: learning English
  • 500s: science, the universe, plants and animals
  • 610-616: health
  • 640-649: home care, sewing for the home, children's & adults' clothing, cooking and parenting.
  • 650s: information on working in New Zealand
  • 700s: art, music, movies & entertainment
  • 800s: literature, including poetry, plays, essays and letters
  • 900s: countries, travel and history, including Middle Eastern history and geography (956). New Zealand travel is at 919.31.

amazon book cover
Introduction to the history of the
Assyrian Church
, by W.A. Wigram.

amazon book cover
The Middle East : 2000 years of history
from the rise of Christianity to the present day
by Bernard Lewis.

amazon book cover
From Nineveh to New York :
the strange story of the Assyrian reliefs ...

by John Malcolm Russell.

dvd flagnew flag Taste of Nineveh DVD : a documentary highlighting the history and culture of the Assyrian community in Wellington, NZ, produced & directed [by] Helen Donnelly.
"The Assyrians are an ancient race, whose origins are in Mesopotamia, located in present-day Middle East. Assyrians in NZ, as in many countries around the world, have fled Iraq to escape the effects ofSaddam Hussein's rule. This video highlights the unique aspects of Assyrian culture, including their history, language, Christian heritage, and national pride."--Case slick

The tragedy of the Assyrian minority in Iraq, by R.S. Stafford. Shelved at 956.7004921 STA.
After the end of the British mandate in Iraq in 1932, however, it was revealed that Moslems were persecuting them. The survivors of the Assyrian people and the remnants of a once great Christian Church lived in the mountains by and large in the north part of Iraq, sometimes straddling the Turkish border. (drawn from Syndetics annotation)

Beginner's Assyrian , by D.G. Lyon. Shelved at 492.1 LYO.

Music CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for 1 week with your Library Card. A borrowing fee is charged for Sound & Vision materials.

Music CDs are on the Ground Floor of Central Library, in the Sound & Vision Centre. Look for the World Music section for music of the Middle East.

Please ask us if you need help finding anything you need.

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