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Winging Your Way Through The Weekend

Highlights this week; term time’s almost up, we’re seven days into having brought the sun forward for winter and apparently the rain’s coming back for a visit. Enough small talk though, here’s this week’s ender-entry to give you a two day break from the school work.

If you’re an adventurous titan, and like to work alliteratively, here are some things to do on Saturday – that start with ‘S’:

Skating takes over the waterfront in two forms. The Richter City roller derby season kicks off on Saturday night at the TSB arena in a home season battle between Smash Malice and Comic Slams. For a quick scrub-up on the ins and outs of the game look no further than Y/A novel Whip It and its sister movie starring Ellen Page.

Real Groovy linkWhip It (the movie) Image Courtesy SyndeticsWhip It (the book)

Still keen on skating but not so sure about all the aggression – why not try your hands, or feet – or feet then hands, on the ice? The ice rink is in full operation on Queens wharf just a short hop from the TSB. For our older readers Blades Of Glory might be a quick introduction on how not to act on the ice but for some pointers and to figure out if you can make a career out of it why not check out some of our literature?

Okay, okay enough with the skates. I wouldn’t leap into the water at the moment on account of its chill factor but one way you could get some surfing in is by checking it this sweet free free flick by Alex Monteith at The Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt.

And here’s a quick weekly musical digest to help shape your weekend playlist:

Pete Wentz’s Fall Out Boy graced our shores this week on the back of their latest album drop.
Kiwi band Tahuna Breaks are in town this weekend for their Shadow Lights album release tour and are currently sitting near the top of the NZ album charts.

Ever wondered how animals eat their food? Here’s this weeks viral vid’ – courtesy Mister Epic Mann;

Fowler out.

Best Viral Videos 2012

Here’s a mashup of this year’s best viral videos, as edited by Videogum. Enjoy! Laugh along with me

Who you gonna call?

Anyone who dresses up as a ghost or the ghostbusters this Halloween and goes into a library is a legend…

Slow Loris. Sloth.

Slow Loris.



Slow Loris (library book).

Beiberbio II

Last week? Two weeks ago? I pointed out that Justin Beiber’s autobiography is due. Well! Good news. You can hear excerpts being read below.

Harry Potter Part 1 Trailer Part 2

It is fitting that a book that’s become two movies should have more than one trailer for each part. Here’s another sneak peak at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. More creepy Voldemort, more foreboding skies, more special effects. Edge of your seat stuff (and it’s only 2 minutes and 28 seconds long).



It’s  been an age since we linked to some parkour/freerunning videos. So we must remedy that! Watch this video and marvel as gravity is defied.

Do you like this? Go to the NZ Parkour Association website!

ETA: some more on parkour, here’s a summary of Chase Armitage (professional free runner (which you can be)) and his talents.

The window is the best bit.

Eclipse continues teasing

This time for one minute and thirty three seconds. Which is a whole lot longer than ten seconds. More of Taylor.


X-Men Origins : Wolverine is now in the library and ready to be reserved. If you want to watch it! You probably have seen it. It doesn’t have Taylor Lautner in it, so I might give it a miss.

Here’s X-Men Origins : Wolverine in only 30 seconds, to save time.

Official Twilight Trivia Night Video

In keeping with my tradition (can one other time even be considered a tradition?) of making video ads for our upcoming teen events, here is the official Wellington City Libraries Twilight Trivia Night trailer:


Thank you to Kristina and Matthew for starring.

Remember everyone to register, it promises to be a fun night!

The Last Post for Vampires?

Neil Gaiman thinks that vampires might be on the way out. He put it like this in an EW interview: “if they could go back in their coffins 25 years and come out the next time as something really different, that would be cool.”

Among other things NG acknowledges the important role that The Count (as in Sesame Street) has played in establishing vampires as loveable rogues, which is a triumph for preschool popular culture.

So what might the “something really different” be? Discover it and you could be the next big thing.

In the mean time, if you’re a bit sick of studying classic literature (or you’re dreading having to) then here’s a pretty cool thing:


Trivia: The Last Post is the bugle call you hear on ANZAC Day.

Some More Quick News From the Newsdesk

Fans of the Avatar DVDs will be very pleased to hear about the movie The Last Airbender, directed by M Night Shyamalan (who sees dead people, for example, in The Sixth Sense). The cast has many interesting people, for example Dev Patel (Skins, Slumdog Millionnaire), Jackson Rathbone (he of the pained-looking Jasper in Twilight),  and the great Cliff Curtis. The official site is here, the IMDB page here, and then here’s the trailer:


Speaking of Twilight, as with Twilight and Twilight, there’s going to be a new New Moon book cover to tie in with the Twilight: New Moon movie. It’ll make Team Jacob happy – here’s a link.

More on Cassandra Clare and web2.0-ness: her publisher is promoting City of Glass with the aid of a widget that you can grab from their site (here) and stick on your blog and share for example (from thebookseller.com).

Shaun Tan fan? Have a look at this interview in the School Library Journal. [Shaun Tan and Pixar? I thought. Well, he was a concept artist on Wall-E. Fun.]

Twitterature is hot; but  who needs 140 characters when you can do it in 17 syllables? (I feel a competition coming on.)

It’s less than a month to Harry Potter number 6. Then, finally, Coraline on the 6th of August, in glorious 3D.

Doo doo doo

I told Grimm that we mustn’t write ‘check this out’ on the Teen Blog too often, but really, you should check this out.

Almost Amazing, Almost Here

You know how in the post below it says there will be another Almost Amazing Race video up soon? Well how soon is now?

Thanks this time to me for doing all the running and Ella for the direction/camera work. Remember to sign up soon, because places are filling up fast!

Almost Amazing Video Part II

Due either to popular demand, or just the fact that I like playing with iMovie, here is the second ad for The Almost Amazing Race. This one gives away a few more details (possibly about locations) and once again stars Adrienne who is such a good sport for running everywhere I told her to on a very hot day.

Registrations will be opening very soon. We’ll let you know when on this blog and if you become our fan on facebook, we’ll let you know even sooner.

Paper Towns Visual Art

I seem to be using John Green’s blog a lot as a reference point at the moment (apologies), but this I thought was quite cool and an intriguing teaser for Paper Towns, which we like a lot (which will make a very good movie, by the way). You should definitely read the book if you haven’t already; it’ll make you laugh (there’s this one piece of pure comic timing genius that almost made me choke – it has to do with beer bottles and moving vehicles) as well as think.

Almost Amazing Video

We’ve made a trailer teaser promo video for the Almost Amazing Race! Keep an eye on this blog for more details – we will ask for registration soon. The event will take place on Saturday, the 28th of March.

Director – Jack
Editor – Jack
Camera – Jack
Sound – Jack
Starring – Adrienne
No Security Guards were harmed in the filming of this production.

Top 10 Albums for 2008

Even though most people just download remixes from the Hypemachine these days, lots of albums were still released this year and some of them were really good. Here are the ten of the best we have at the library. Some are in the YA section, and some aren’t (so will cost to issue).

1. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
A couple of weirdo hippies making a psychadelic-electro album with Prince-esque disco moments sounds like a fantastic idea. And it was, even if ‘Kids’ ends up as this year’s ‘Hey Ya’ in terms of ubiquity. Perfect for summer.

2. TV on the Radio – Dear Science
This is TV on the Radio’s third album and also their most danceable. David Bowie is a huge fan and so am I.

3. Black Seeds – Solid Ground
The Black Seeds keep on pushing out the reggae/dub and this, their fourth album shows that they might just be the best around at doing it.

4. Radiohead – The Best Of
You could pretty much burn a cd of 18 random Radiohead songs and it would rule. A great starting point for a great band.

5. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles
Electro + Punk Attitude = Awesome. Mathematics never lies.

6. Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of the Understatement
Artic Monkey, Alex Turner’s “other” band delivered this fine effort and I for one hope that it won’t be a one-off side project. One of the coolest sounding albums I’ve ever come across.

7. Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke
Finally! It’s Blondie for the new millenium. And she’s from Wellington. And she’s really cute, sigh.

8. The Black Keys – Attack & Release
I went to see these guys live earlier this year and they were mighty impressive. The production by Danger Mouse adds an extra layer to their potent blues rock.

9. Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours
Australian electro at its very best. Another great summer album.

10. These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid
This makes it on the list for a few reasons; Cross by Justice came out in 2007 so I needed one more, Simon really likes them, and I’ve had Elvis stuck in my head for at least 6 months. Oh yeah, it’s a really good album too.

Here are the videos from each (after the Read more …):

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