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Fashion Friday on Pinterest


Did you know that Wellington City Libraries is on Pinterest? Yeah we are! And we have a brand new Fashion and Beauty board for your perusal… featuring the latest fashion books, fashion eBooks and eMagazines. Get in!

Free Fashion Mags!


If you’ve been using Zinio, you’ll know exactly how easy it is to read the latest issue of your favourite magazine on your tablet, laptop or computer FOR FREE.

If you haven’t been using Zinio, you need to get onto it now!! We told you all about it when it first hit Wellington City Libraries back in 2012, and now there are sweet new titles to be had such as Marie Claire Australia, Cosmopolitan Australia and Renegade Collective (plus the existing titles, including Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Peppermint, Vogue… tempted yet?).

All you need is a device to read it on and your library card… get going! FREE!!


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New Mags 21/06/11

This week we have a bunch of Entertainment Weekly mags; a new Creme mag (Blake Lively! Personal fortune teller! Shortland Street boy countdown!); a new Mad magazine AND a new XBox360 mag. We’re expecting a new magazine shortly, which I will add to this post at SOME stage. Arr.

UPDATE: The new magazine is NZ Rugby World. It can be found at Central and at Newtown libraries, in the YA section.

New Magazines 8/6/11

New Magazines! Presented without commentary!

Dolly June 2011 
Teen Vogue June/July 2011
Kiwi Surf June/July 2011
Official Australian Playstation Magazine June 2011
Transworld Skateboarding May 2011 
Australian Mad #464
Entertainment Weekly #1153
And three Simpsons comics

New Magazines 14/5/11

FINALLY. Here are the latest YA magazines for you.

XBox 360 Aug 2011 – Gears of War 3, Call of Du … hey, there’s an expansion for Fable 3 now?
White Dwarf April 2011 – I got nothin’
Teen Vogue May 2011 – ‘Sunny Style.’ Fashion tips from (the marvelous) Nicki Minaj! “Lately, I find myself in Versace and Alexander McQueen.”
Simpsons Comics #172 –  What it says on the label; a comic about the Simpsons
Girlfriend May 2011 – ‘Hell Yeah, Tumblr’
Transworld Skateboarding – …
Dolly May 2011 – ‘How to talk to guys’, ‘Could you date the Biebs?’

New Magazines 26/4/11

Entertainment Weekly #1148 #1149 Robert Pattinson has moved beyond Twilight (so he says) and Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in an animated series called The Governator (seriously?!?)
Bart Simpson #42 Bart rides a camel on the cover. Does so inside too we assume.
Simpsons Comics #150 The name of the story inside is How Sweet It Ain’t
Seventeen May 2011 200+ swimsuits, Look hot in a bikini, 859 ways to get pretty for summer. Summer is a long way off, but get ready now, maybe?
Creme May 2011 I have just calculated that 90% of celebrities claim to have been “the biggest geek” in high school, source – this magazine.
XBOX 360 May 2011 There is a cover story about Skyrim. Man, I want Skyrim sooooo bad. Wake me up in November pls.

New Magazines 9/4/11

Once again I have left the latest magazines to build up until they resemble, I dunno, a telephone book? Yeah, a telephone book. Here is this week’s ‘telephone book-sized’ stack of new magazines.

White Dwarf March 2011 – This month’s cover story is ‘Orcs and Goblins’, about orcs, goblins and the people who love them
Entertainment Weekly #1145, #1146, #1147 – There’s so much in these magazines that I could write about, were I so inclined
Dolly April 2011 – Bursting with articles. BURSTING
Transworld Skateboarding March 2011 –  Skateboarding was created by surfers who needed something to do when there were no waves. This is true!
Teen Vogue April 2011 –  The prom (American for ‘school ball’) issue aaaand loads of other things
Girlfriend April 2011 – ‘Are you an emotional sponge?’
Seventeen April 2011 – ‘Get your dream hair!’ Crimped!  Twisted! Braided! Glam! Chic! Romantic!
Playstation Magazine – April 2011 – Overviews, reviews, previews, counterviews, purviews and worldview rereviews.

New Mags 21/01/11

There are loads of new magazines. Loads! One day they will be old magazines, and sold in the library booksale maybe.

Transworld Skateboarding
Feb 2011 – Began in 1983
Australian Mad Magazine #463 –  Began  in 1952. In its ‘golden years’
Creme April 2011 –  Began in 1999. Just a baby!
Simpsons Comics #171 –  Born in 1993 and still going strong, evidently
Entertainment Weekly #1143, #1144 – Started about 1144 weeks ago (obvs), in 1990
Playstation Magazine March 2011 –  Either began in 1997 or 2007, depending on your perspective
Official Australia and New Zealand XBox 360 #65 –  Appeared in 2001, if you’re still interested
Dolly Magazine March 2011 – I guess with a name like ‘Dolly’ it sort of makes sense this magazine appeared in 1970
Girlfriend March 2011 –  I don’t know. The early 90s maybe? Pfft.

New Magazines 25/02/10

The first magazine was published in 1731. 1731! That’s a long time ago. Ten years later the Little Ice Age peaked. Three centuries later the first teen magazines came into existence, and here we are.

Bart Simpson #41 – Another issue in the library’s most heavily borrowed item
Transworld Skateboarding January 2011 – It must be pretty nice to make your living from skateboarding …
Kiwi Surf  Feb/March 2011 – … or surfing
Kiwi Surf : Sequence Special – Two Kiwi Surfs in a single month. Whoah dude
Official Australian and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #64 – Will 2011 be the biggest year of gaming ever? WILL IT?!
Seventeen March 2011 – Incredibly specific horoscopes. Aquarius: ‘When the most exclusive clique at school suddenly asks you to hang out, you’ll be shocked – but curious enough to test the waters!’
Entertainment Weekly #1142 – The invaluable pop-culture guide for anyone who cares.

New Magazines 16/02/2011

What’s new in the world of teen magazines at the library this week? Well.

Creme March 2011 – My horoscope says ‘all is well’, which is nice.
Teen Vogue March 2011 – ‘Are you a Facebook stalker?’ I hope not.
Playstation Magazine January 2011 – HOW ROBOTS ARE REPLACING YOU
Entertainment Weekly #1134/1135 and #1139 – Best and worst of 2010
Simpsons Comics Special Editions #50 – An 84-page extravaganza
Simpsons Comics Jam-Packed JamboreeOutdoor Simpson hilarity

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