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Smells Like New CDs

paolonutiniPaisley, Scotland’s Paolo Nutini was all set to follow his father into the family fish and chip shop business before getting signed two weeks before his 18th birthday. Sunny Side Up is his second album and will be enjoyed by people who normally enjoy folksy pop-rock, also perfect for this nice weather we seem to be having of late.

sevendustJust in case you were worried another week was going to go by without some new metal, fret not, for Sevendust’s Animosity is here. Originally released in 2001, it’s been all remastered and stuff for new fans to pick up and enjoy. Expect heavy riffs and downtrodden lyrics.

sepulturaSpeaking of heavy riffs, Sepultura’s Arise has been remastered too. This was the album that turned the Brazilian death metallers into international stars. Your parents won’t like it, and as always, that’s the whole point of metal isn’t it?

Do you like Minuit? If so you’ll be pleased to have seen all the posters about for Find me before I die a lonely death.com, their new one. As far as I can tell it’s not too much of a departure and fans will enjoy. They’ll be touring soon too, so go have a look.

cut-off-your-handsSticking with the local content, Cut Off Your Hands followed up the excellent Blue On Blue ep with You & I last year. Pick it up, it’s the sort of poptastic treat that gets quite happily stuck in the head for days at a time.

South Auckland born J. Williams has a record out called Young Love. A quick google search revealed he is also a champion break-dancer and should appeal to fans of Chris Brown, T-Pain etc. Fun fact: Older sister Emily Williams placed 2nd in the 2006 edition of Australian Idol.

Also some compilations: Onelove : smash your stereo 2009 is a summer dance collection, as is Summer sessions from those Ministry of Sound chappies and Fly girls! celebrates 30 years of women in rap over 2 cds.

Even More Metal

Metalheads rejoice! A whopping two-thirds of the new CDs this week feature loud guitars and shouty vocals. Beatles fans and Tiki Taane fans can also rejoice, but not quite as much.

masterofpuppetsMaster of Puppetsis considered by many as Metallica’s masterpiece and one of the, if not the greatest metal album of all time. Your parents may not consider it a masterpiece if you play it loud enough, and really, isn’t that the point?

andjusticeforallMetallica’s next album …And Justice For All, realeased in 1988 (so too old to have a YA card anymore) saw them break-through on MTV with the video for One. My first memory of Metallica was seeing One on Beavis and Butthead, which means I’m far too old to have a YA card anymore.

metallicaMetallica, or the Black Album as it is is commonly referred to due to the black cover, was the one that made Metallica into proper mainstream stars. It includes quite a few big hits like Enter Sandman and slow-dance favourite (at least if you go to bogan schools) Nothing Else Matters.

blizzardofozzBefore he was a tragic figure on a reality show Ozzy Osbourne cranked out a few top-notch metal albums, the fantastically titled Blizzard Of Ozz being the first of his solo efforts. A cornerstone of 80’s metal.

Diary Of A Madman came next for Ozzy Osbourne in 1981.  Building on his previous success, this classic album turned Ozzy into a star. Biting the heads off bats and other craziness would follow…

highwaytohellAC/DC are another classic metal band who operated in the 80s. Highway To  Hell was their best record to date and also their most well recieved to date. Includes the classic single Highway To Hell.

A couple of Beatles compilations have turned up, 1962-1966 and 1967-1970, also known as the Red and Blue albums respectively. These are pretty much the definitive Beatles compilations to seek out if you don’t feel like picking up the million or so albums they made.

Flux / Tiki by Tiki Taane has turned up. It’s a remix job for the Past, present, future album and includes a song called David Lange You Da Bomb!, which confused me initially until I realised that David Lange probably was our most rockin’ PM.

Even More Metal

Lots of music

Another large pile of new CDs have turned up, here are some fun facts about them:

faith-no-more The very best definitive ultimate greatest hits collection by Faith No More is a 2 disc overview of the band’s entire career. The title would seem to suggest that all bases are covered and all hits are present and indeed they are.

Vetran punk-rockers Rancid have a new one called Let The Dominoes Fall. If punk is your thing, then you will enjoy this very much.

beatlesanth2The Beatles Anthology 2 takes in the groups ‘middle years’ from 1965-1968 and presents alternatives takes, acoustic demoes and live versions. A must for any Beatles completist.

In 1971 heavy metal pioneers Led Zeppelin released IV. It quickly became their most popular work, thanks in no small part to Stairway To Heaven, which remains to this day the most requested song on American radio.

Ministry of Sound continue their clubbers guide series with Clubbers Guide 2009. This is what dance clubs sound like this year.

qemistsJoin The Q by the Qemists mixes drum and bass, electro, rock and pop together to make an energetic nu-rave concoction. Sort of like The Prodigy back in the nineties, but better.

Moment and Melodies by Incubus works as both a best of and a new album, how generous of them. Disc one is hits plus a couple of new tracks and disc two is mostly unreleased material. For fans old and new alike.

 If you’re a Klaxons fan you might enjoy You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into… by Does It Offend You, Yeah? Even though the band name is a bit silly, they overcome this stumbling block by making good indie-pop.

jonasbrothersDo I really need to say anything about the Jonas Brothers other than Lines, Vines and Trying Times is in? Probably not.

Brit rockers Kasabian return with album number three, entitled West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. Judging from first listen I’d predict it as their breakthrough album.

Shawty Get Loose: 20 R&B Club Anthems is a compilation of twenty R&B songs that are considered anthemic, the sort that shawtiez might get loose to in a club. Features R. Kelly, N.E.R.D., Ciara and more.

And finallly, we have Now that’s what I call music 29 and Now that’s what I call music 30. Get caught up on all the recent big pop hits with these two.

lots of music

Three New CDs

I had never heard of the Silversun Pickups before they appeared on the table in front of me this morning. I listened and was pleasantly surprised to have found an homage to the Smashing Pumpkins. Disc in question is second album Swoon, me likey.

Local hip hoppers Smashproof broke a 23 year old record by having a single atop the NZ charts for 10 straight weeks. Impressive, could debut album The Weekend repeat the trick?

Wellington’s Harbour City Electric have an EP out called EP. They have created a style they say can only be described as Acid-funk and heavy break-beat soul. In lieu of a playlist this week pop over to their myspace and have a listen.

More Tunes Y’all

Three new CDs this week. You know where to go if you want to hear them; the library! And as always they are free to issue on your YA cards. Aren’t we kind?

41rqtpbx5ql__sl160_aa115_3OH!3 deal in jokey electro-crunk chock full of tongue-in-cheek gangsterisms. Their album is titled Want and if you want (my tired attempt at punnery) some silliness in your ears, they will provide.

Return Of The Mack II serves up more classic R&B jams, in fact it says so right on the cover. Included on the 18 track comp are folks like Aaliyah, Coolio and The Fugees.

New Zealand Music Month may be drawing to a close, but there’s still time to slip a new compilation  in isn’t there? There is? Oh good. Check out Ultimate Weekend Sessions, spread generously over its two discs are a whole bunch of local dub/R&B/hip hop tunes by Trinity Roots, Rhombus, Katchafire and all the other usual suspects.

New YA CDs

The new music is coming in thick and fast these days. I’ve seldom seen it thicker or faster.

Keri Hilson is described by allmusic.com as a dynamic singer songwriter. These dynamic skills have been used to write songs for the likes of  Usher, Ludacris and Kelly Rowland, and now on her own album In A Perfect World.

Destroy all lines : dance floor anthems is a compilation for all you cats out there who like dancing to anthemic hits on floors. If that’s you then you’re in luck, because it’s a whopping two-disc affair.

Remember Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad? Yes, of course you do. Well, now I’d like to introduce you to Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes. A good stop-gap between Rihanna albums proper.

Platinum emo-poppers Paramore have a new live album entitled The Final Riot. All your favorite Paramore tunes being sung along to by an arena full of kids. Close your eyes and pretend you’re there.

Local Hip-Hopper Savage is back in time for New Zealand Music Month with Savage Island. I can only assume that this is a concept album based on some sort of Survivor type show hosted by Savage. At least I hope so …

21st Century Breakdown is the new, soon-to-be inescapably huge album from Green Day. It’s divided into three acts because they’re so big and important they transcend the regular album format. Golly!



New music, and playlists return!

We have 6 new CDs, but more exciting than that (for me anyway) is the return of embedded playlists! This time we’re using deezer.com; it’s cool, stylish and most importantly it works with our firewalls. Anyway, on with the new music…

Evermore return with album number two, Truth of the world : welcome to the show. It’s a very grandiose title, perhaps befitting the ambitious sounds within.

Another New Zealand CD is Optimus Gryme’s Eclipse LP. Do you think Optimus Gryme is a rival of The Decepticonz? Do we have a local rap war on our hands ala West Coast vs East Coast circa mid-nineties US? Stay tuned, kids.

J. Dilla was a much beloved hip hop producer before his untimely passing in 2006. Dillanthology is a greatest hits of sorts featuring Common, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes and more.

The-Dream is one of those big, multi-platinum R&B types from the US. His album Love VS Money features other big, multi-platinum R&B types, such as Kanye West and Mariah Carey. If you are a fan of big, multi-platinum R&B types you know what to do.

Alter Ego is a new mixtape from Kanye West. On it are remixes, live versions and other little goodies not seen on albums prev. A Kanye completist’s dream.

Hip Hop: the 2009 collection has a rather self-explanatory title. Hip Hop from 1992-2009 spread across 2 discs. Includes Akon, LL Cool J, Rihanna and a whole lot more.

Discover De La Soul!

Another Three CDs

Yes, as the title would imply there are three new CDs ready to be issued and enjoyed.

Australia’s Ben Lee and The Rebirth Of Venus has arrived. You might remember his hit We’re All In This Together from a few years ago, and this is more of the same acoustic guitar driven pop.

Lady Sovereign has a new one called Jigsaw. More of the UK rap from a female perspective, only this time a little bit more electro influenced.

And finally, Grammy Nominees 2009. Which unsurprisingly includes tracks by artists who were nominated for the most recent Grammy awards. Includes Maroon 5, Katy Perry, The Jonas Brothers and more…

Lots of new cds!

Hello, I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and in my absence a large pile of new music has appeared. So here it is, all ready to issue and enjoy!

The first ever winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has defied all expectations in creating a nice little career for herself by making consistently good music. Her fourth album, All I Ever Wanted has just popped out and again it’s a job very well done.

Fans of The Jonas Brothers will enjoy Demi Lovato and her debut Don’t Forget. She of course starred alongside the lads in the movie Camp Rock and they’ve lent a hand by co-writing much of the material and even dueting on the song On The Line.

Away from the pop for a bit and into the indie-rock with The Notwist and The Devil, You + Me. Give it a whirl if Radiohead and Sonic Youth float your boat like they do mine.

Taylor Swift has released two albums and they both came in at once. So now you can take home Fearless and the self-titled Taylor Swift from the acclaimed country-popper.

And lastly Platinum Rock vol.3 is a two disc collection of popular rock tunes from 1999-2007. It includes the likes of The White Stripes, The Killers and our own The D4. Put it on and rock out for an extended period of time.

Apologies for fans of playlists as there shall be none this time due to the ever worrisome ‘technical difficulties’, hope to have it sorted soon.

This New Music We Have

Three new CDs this week. If you want them, now you can issue them. Yay!

First is Old Skool Summer Jams, a 2 disc compilation of classic hip-hop and R&B tracks with a summery feel from 1988-2002. Included are The Fresh Prince, Naughty By Nature, TLC, Coolio and a bunch of other stuff to help squeeze the remaining fun out of the pretty much over summer.

Sound Of The Overground is another compilation, this time from 2004-2008. It’s a mix designed for dancing to and includes tracks by Ladyhawke (whom I adore), Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more.

We also have Lily Allen’s new album It’s Not Me, It’s You. Expect more of her tongue in cheek pop cheekiness and hit after hit. I just listened to it and it’s ace. We also have her previous one here if you haven’t already listened.


New CDs and a list you can play

We have new music. Yay!

allmusic.com describes Basshunter as a Swedish computer nerd and his first album called LOL <(^^,)> would seem to indicate that this is accurate. He’s back with Now You’re Gone: The Album for another round of homemade Euro-Dance silliness.

British pop trio Sugababes have just released a sixth album which must make them one of the most enduring girl groups ever. It’s called Catfights and Spotlights and easily ranks among their best.

Friendly Fires scored a big hit in the blogosphere last year when their song Paris was remixed by Aeroplane. Now comes their debut album Friendly Fires with more of the same fun dance-rock that shot them to prominence.

If you’ve turned on a TV at all in the last few weeks you’ll have realised that Fall Out Boy are touring. They’ll be here to support their latest, entitiled Folie a Deux. Fans will love it.

And lastly, if you need to chill out during these troublesome back to school days, pick up Chillout Sessions XI. Stress relief is practically guaranteed.



Six new CDs

The YA music collection has some new CDs. Six of them in fact. Here they are …

First is Beyonce’s new album I Am… Sasha Fierce, which sees her alter ego Sasha Fierce get one of the two discs all to herself. It reminds me of the time Outkast split Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in half, only a bit weirder.

The Flying Club Cup by Beirut is next for a bit of meaningful-core indie folk. These guys were critical darlings in 2007 and for good reason, a wee gem says I.

Hilary Duff is back with The Best Of Hilary Duff. Now you can listen to all her best songs all at once, without changing discs. This copy even comes with some exclusive bonus tracks for the Australian/NZ release.

Have you guys heard of High School Musical? Apparently it’s quite a big deal. Anyway, we have High School Musical 3 – Senior Year  and judging by the way they’re jumping about on the cover in graduation robes it looks as though it might be the last one. hop aboard now I guess.

On Day & Age The Killers ask the question; are we human or are we dancers? I think I’m a dancer. This the the fourth release from the Las Vegas foursome and it finds them shooting for even more chart success.

We Started Nothing by The Ting Tings is the last on the pile. They were at the Big Day Out the other week, did anyone see them? They make indie-pop to dance to.


Twilight Soundtrack: reserve it now

Twilight SoundtrackIf you want to re-live your movie experience in music, but you’re not sure if you want to buy the CD then reserve the library copy of the Twilight Soundtrack and try before you buy for free (on a YA card, that is). There are some interesting artists on here, including Iron and Wine (we like Iron and Wine) and Muse and that, so it’s bound to be good.

Or listen to it now! Legally!


Here is some new music.

Some new CDs have appeared on our ‘new music that needs to be blogged about shelf’, so I will blog about them for your enjoyment.

First up is Ne-Yo with Year of the Gentleman. He is wearing some very sharp suits on the cover and the tunes inside are the sort of cutting edge R&B you would expect from him. Great job Ne-Yo.

Next on the pile is another sharp-suited R&B man; Lloyd with Lessons in Love and he wears an impressive studded jacket on his cover. Lil’ Wayne drops by for a guest appearance too.

Estelle’s The 18th Day brings us more R&B, but this time from a female perspective. This one actually came out in 2004, but it’s new to the library and quite good.

Christina Aguilera has a greatest hits out called Keeps Gettin’ Better, A Decade Of Hits. I would like to respectfully disagree with her on the title, in my opinion at least ‘Genie in a Bottle’ cannot be bettered. All the faves are included here.

Local lads The Tutts’ new one Get in the Club is here for some Rock if all the R&B listed above isn’t your thing. They were the ones who did that song on the C4 ads.

Oh look! What’s this? It’s a playlist made so you can listen to songs off the albums I just wrote about. How handy. Check out our imeem page for all our playlists.

New DVDs (and a new CD)

New CDs and new DVDs – can there be no greater thrill? There are a few blockbuster films included in today’s line-up. And only one CD.

Doll Domination – Pussycat Dolls. Incredibly, this is only their second studio album. This copy comes with a “bonus” CD containing one solo track from each member of the group.

And the DVDs are:

The Simpsons : Around The World in 80 D’ohs
The Simpsons : Treehouse of Horror
(V, VI, VII, and XII)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull
– This is the fourth Indiana Jones film. It was co-written by George Lucas, who reportedly wanted it to have more aliens. 
Drillbit Taylor : Budget Bodyguard – Three kids hire a cheap soldier-of-fortune, played by the very funny Owen Wilson, to take revenge on their two bullies.
Doctor Who : Series 4 Volume 3 – This has three episodes; ‘Silence in the Library’, ‘Forest of the Dead’, and ‘Midnight’.
The Incredible Hulk – This is the 2008 film, which gets a Metacritic score of 61 – as opposed to the 2003 film, which only gets 54.

New CDs? Yes!

Here are some new YA CDs. Click on the title if you want to reserve them or check their availability. They’re free to borrow if you’re a young adult; if you’re an adult then they will cost $1 (plus another $2 if you reserved it). Sorry, adults.

» Rhombus – Rhombus. One of Wellington’s best-known groups. Check out their website.
» As Cruel As School Children – Gym Class Heroes. This came out in 2006, but it’s new to the library and that’s what counts. ‘Alternative hip-hop’. Their lead singer is Kate Perry’s boyfriend.
» Raw Materials EP – Hangman. An Auckland group; their Myspace page is here.
» Through The Looking Glass – Falsestart. An Auckland powerpop/gothic group. This is their second studio album.
» Everything is Borrowed – The Streets. British rap. Britrap?
» One of the Boys – Kate Perry. She released a fairly popular song recently that I somehow have never heard. I know, weird!
» Melodies, Moshpits & Mullets : 20 Years of Smokefreerockquest – Various. The Smokefreerockquest (that’s one long word) has seen many of NZ’s favourite bands start long and successful careers. This compilation includes Minuit, Steriogram, Fur Patrol, and many others.
» Free Yourself – Cornerstone Roots. A reggae group from the Waikato. This is their fourth album, released last year.
» Slime & Reason – Roots Manuva. More British rap, or ‘Britrap’ as no-one but me calls it.
» Face Off – Bow Wow and Omarion. This is a collaborative album that was released late last year in the US. Reviews were mixed.

New music and films

There are a few new CDs and DVDs in this month. A multi-media feast! Here are the new CDs:

Bleeders – Bleeders. This is the NZ hardcore/punk band’s second album from last year (their first album is called #2). It’s a nice, new, copy!
Breakout – Miley Cyrus. The year that Miley Cyrus (her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus) was born – 1992 – was the same year that her father released ‘Achy Breaky Heart’. Last year she went out with one of the Jonas brothers, which helpfully provides a nice segue to …
Jonas Brothers – Jonas Brothers. This is their second album, from 2007. We also have their third album …
A Little Bit Longer – Jonas Brothers. The title track is about Type One Diabetes, which Nick Jonas has. Their are three Jonas brothers; similarly there are three brothers in …
Only By The Night – Kings of Leon. The father of the three brothers in this band was a preacher, and the Jonas brothers’ father was a pastor – how about that?

New DVDs!

The Hills : Season One  & The Hills : Season Two  – The Hills is a pseudo-reality television series (it’s real, but parts are set up to provide story and some of the roles are improvised) about some people in LA doing stuff.
St Trinian’s – This is, believe it or not, the sixth film in a series that began in 1954.  
Sydney White – Sydney White is a thrown out of her sorority and is taken in by seven socially challenged guys. It’s a new version of the Snow White story, with the most popular girl on campus as the wicked Queen. (There’s also a prince.)
Clueless – This is an older film (thirteen-years-old!) but this particular version – the ‘”Whatever!” Edition’ – has loads of special features.

New CDs

Remember: all YA CDs are free to issue on a YA card and you can have them for an week. This week’s list includes some audio books, which are issued for four weeks. Perfect for long car trips, or flights, or even ocean cruises.

» Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 27 – Various. This has 18 ‘massive hits’, including The Ting Tings, Rihanna, and Duffy. This is the second Now That’s What I Call Music released this year; the first one came out in 1997, and had hits from Chumbawumba, Hanson, and the Spice Girls. Interestingly, the UK has just released Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 70.
» Voice of the Young PeopleLil Mama. This came out a few months ago now, but here it is. Lil Mama is an 18-year-old pop rapper.
» Jordin Sparks – Jordin Sparks. Jordin won the 2007 American Idol, for what it’s worth. Unlike other Idol winners, she’s had two top-ten singles from her first album. She is also a plus-size model and is touring in NZ in December (with Alicia Keys).
» The Moonlit Road and Other Stories. This double-CD has five ghost stories, all from the nineteenth-century.
» Classic Ghost Stories. This is another double-CD collection of five Victorian ghost tales, including Charles Dickens’ The Signal-Man and Rats, by M. R. James, both of  which creeped me out when I was a kid.
» And finally, Classic Ghost Stories. This is a double-CD collection as well, but not the same as the previously mentioned CD (although it does share a few of the same stories). This has seven stories on it.


New CDs and New DVDs

We have a handful of new CDs and a few new DVDs. The CDs are … 

» Ms. Kelly – Kelly Rowland. This album by the second-best Destiny’s Child was actually released last year, but a newer, digitally remastered version was re-leased this year. This isn’t that version.
» Seeing Sounds – N.E.R.D. This is their third album, and probably their best. N.E.R.D is an acronym for ‘No-one Ever Really Dies’, and band member, Pharrell Williams, is vastly talented.
» The Day Has Come – Cheyenne Kimball. This album is a couple of years old, to be honest. Kimball had her own MTV reality series for a while.

And now for the new DVDs!

» Doctor Who : The Infinite Quest. A feature-length animated version of the Doctor Who animated series, which I don’t think has ever screened in NZ.
» Indiana Jones : The Adventure Collection. This is all of the first three Indiana Jones films in one boxed set. It is packed with special features.
» The Simpsons Classics : The Last Temptation of Homer, Bart Wars (The Simpsons Strike Back), Springfield Murder Mysteries, and The Simpsons go to Hollywood. Each of these compilations has four episodes of The Simpsons from when it was funniest (in my opinion, anyway). 

New CDs and DVDs

Usually, there can be few things more enjoyable than holding a nice, new CD or DVD in your hand. The perfectly mass-manufactured case can contain your new favourite music or film, carefully pressed into the disc’s polycarbonic plastic from a glass master that has been cut with lasers. Yes – lasers.

Here are the latest CDs.

» Simple Plan – Simple Plan. Canadian pop punk band’s latest album. This is the limited edition copy, and comes with a DVD.
» Randy Jackson’s Music Club : Volume One – Various. All the songs on this album were produced by Randy Jackson, who is perhaps best known as one of the judges on that Pop Idol programme. As a compilation it covers a range of musical genres.
» The Age of the Understatement – The Last Shadow Puppets. Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner is one half of The Last Shadow Puppets. This album shot to number one in the UK, and it’s very, very good.
» The Radical Bad Attack – Coco Solid. A grand-concept album from Auckland artist, Coco Solid.
» Punk Goes Crunk – Various.  Punk bands cover popular hip hop songs.

Latest DVDs!

» Balls of Fury – this ‘hilarious, action-packed comedy’ (about extreme table tennis) gets an appalling 23% on Rotten Tomatoes.
» Aqua Teen Hunger Force : Colon Movie Film For Theatres – If you’re a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force you may like this film, according to critics.
» 27 Dresses – After being a bridesmaid for 27 brides, will Jane’s 28th dress be a wedding dress? Most likely.

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