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Trailer Tuesday

You (well a couple of you) asked for the return of Trailer Tuesday so here we go! For your viewing pleasure we bring you two very different films:

From the AH-mazing Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring

Annnd, for a follow up to the hilarious first instalment, Despicable Me 2

Speaking of requests to us, have you seen our updated procrastination enabling page?

Catching Fire trailer!

Is out, and it looks gripping!

Don’t forget to read the book: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Two Trailers

As it’s Friday, a diversion is required. First, the trailer for the City of Bones movie (due out in August next year). We were a bit slow out of the starting gates, but here it is in all its splendid glory:

Clary? Simon? Jace? Hopefully you think they are fitting. The official site for the movie is here.

Peter Jackson’s posted an interesting clip about the inner workings of the Hobbit movie making:

If you want to read the book before December 13th, reserve a copy here.

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Mini Clips

Hard to imagine, but after next month there will be no more Twilight movie trailers ever. Until then, here’s a couple of little jigsaw pieces of clips of Breaking Dawn Part 2:

 And here:



Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens in theatres in the middle of next month.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer

Let the other games begin!

Breaking Dawn Part 2, in which Bella leaps tall pine trees in a single bound, and in which the big show down between the Cullens and the Volturi finally takes place, has a trailer:

The film is out on November 16th. Read the book to refresh your memory before then! Also, watch Part 1 on DVD (80c on a young adult card).

Fashion Friday

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell (love the dresses!)

I know it’s not Trailer Tuesday, but I’m continuing for fashion-movie-theme.  I just watched the trailer for My Week with Marilyn.  The movie’s about a week Marilyn Monroe spent being escorted around Britain by a young man named Clark (played by Eddie Redmayne).  It’s set to be released soon, but won’t make it to NZ theatres until 2012.  I think it’s going to be one of my style-movies of 2012, (a la Coco Avant Chanel or The King’s Speech).  I love Marilyn Monroe – even if she led a very tragic life, she did invent glamour as we know it!   And it stars both Michelle Williams (as Marilyn) and Emma Watson (as Lucy the wardrobe assistant) who have both become modern fashion icons – haven’t they?!

Trailer Extra: Breaking Dawn Wedding

Forget Wills and Kate! Really, do: here’s the latest trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (due out at the movies sooner than you think). It’s a wedding special featurette, with comments from the actors (Taylor L, for example, looking dashing in plaid), and some dreamy scenes from the wedding of the year. Enjoy!

The Hunger Games Teaser

A one minute Hunger Games teaser trailer was released at the MTV VMAs earlier this week, and this is it:

The forest looks just like I imagined it. Exactly so.

Trailer Tuesday

Here are the the trailers for this Tuesday, the seventh day of June.

The most noteworthy one is Breaking Dawn, obviously.

OMG, is that u, Taylor bb? U look so buff! RPattz who? #teamlautner

Here is the second trailer for The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

You know how I would get out of this mess? Use the gas to make smart bears and then be nice to them so they would help fight the apes. #teamursidae

Torment by Lauren Kate – won Most Angelic Angel Falling to Earth category in the 2011 Moby Awards for book trailers

Lastly, this book trailer for Wild Fire didn’t win the Worst Book Trailer category in the Moby Awards (it was nominated), but perhaps it should’ve.

Trailer Tuesday

Soul Surfer is the true story of a teenage surf star who lost one of her arms in a shark attack. She made a huge comeback, re-teaching herself to surf one-armed. We have the book by the same name in the library, and you’ll be able to see it on the big screen shortly after Queen’s Birthday-ish sort of time. The trailer is here:

Incidentally, the movie’s catapulted the book to the top of a New York Times best seller list. Can’t beat the movies for raising the profile of books.

The Tempest is one of Shakespeare’s weirder efforts, which is not a bad thing; it makes it great material for a movie, and here’s a trailer:

There’s Russell Brand, Djimon Hounsou, and Helen Mirren as Prospera (Prospero, but female – it’s been done before and it works very well, particularly with someone awesome like Helen Mirren). It’s out at the beginning of June. The official site is here.

Speaking of Shakespeare, Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston concludes the urban faerie trilogy started with Wondrous Strange (and featuring a few things Shakespearean). We will be getting the book soon, in the mean time here’s the trailer:

HarperTeen, the publishers, have a sneak peak here.

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