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Cool New Meme Formats from Recollect

Do you know about Recollect? Recollect is a database of heritage photos, books, maps and other Te Whanganui-ā-tara related ephemera.

If I was a responsible librarian, I would tell you all about how it is an excellent resource for important things like school assignments. I would point out the photos of what Cuba Street looked like in 1894, or this photography exhibit that explored Wellington’s transgender community in the 70’s. I would tell you all about how these resources can provide us with a snapshot of our city’s history, how deep diving into these resources might help us see connections between our past and current city, and how by engaging with our history we can gain insight into how to create a better future.

But I am not a responsible librarian, I am a chaotic good librarian. I would like to suggest instead that you explore Recollect for some meme reasons. Because, truly, there are so many meme structures ripe for the picking. Below, I offer you my incredibly average attempts at content. Please take these/make your own historical Wellington memes, and share them below in the comments if you like!

If you do use images from Recollect, please remember to include a reference link back to the original page. Here is where I found the above images:

Bucket Fountain Shade

Toddler Clearly Up To Something

Why Is This Man Smiling?

Too Many Garfields

New Rookie Yearbook

Rookie is an online magazine for teens (rookiemag) and each year it produces its Yearbook in print. This year is Yearbook 4, and it looks amazing, as always. You can order it now; it won’t take long to arrive!

Rookie is the brainchild of Renaissance woman and influential teen Tavi Gevinson, who has been blogging and writing about fashion and popular culture since the age of 12 (!) as well as acting and singing… We’d all love a CV like that.

NZ Fashion House

If you want to see what happens when seven of New Zealand’s top fashion brands go flatting together, then you need to see this:

Dame Trelise Cooper (Trelise Cooper); Denise L’Estrange Corbet MNZM and Benny Castles (WORLD); Georgia Alice Currie (Georgia Alice); Steve Dunstan (Huffer); Liz Findlay (Zambesi) and Helen Cherry (Helen Cherry) kindly got together to create the campaign for the shiny new website of Fashion Quarterly (NZ’s premier fashion mag), which you should absolutely check out. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way and read the magazine.

Free Fashion Mags!


If you’ve been using Zinio, you’ll know exactly how easy it is to read the latest issue of your favourite magazine on your tablet, laptop or computer FOR FREE.

If you haven’t been using Zinio, you need to get onto it now!! We told you all about it when it first hit Wellington City Libraries back in 2012, and now there are sweet new titles to be had such as Marie Claire Australia, Cosmopolitan Australia and Renegade Collective (plus the existing titles, including Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Peppermint, Vogue… tempted yet?).

All you need is a device to read it on and your library card… get going! FREE!!


Photos used with permission from Carrie at wishwishwish.net

Miss Vogue

photo 1

The rumours are true! Miss Vogue Australia magazine will soon be hitting Central Library shelves. With all the glamour of Vogue, specially directed at the younger fashion set, ya’ll are going to love this. It isn’t available on the catalogue just yet, but it will be available from next week onwards. So keep an eye out!

Also, I wanted to share with you a little somethin’ somethin’ that’s on my geek chic wish list this week…

photo 2

Epic literary classic + seriously covetable designer label =♥!! Perfect for my librarian wardrobe, methinks.

And lastly… get excited. Wellington Fashion Week is coming. Next week, actually! To kick off the week’s events, there will be a free fashion movie screened on Wellington’s waterfront. To get all the deets, and to have your say on which fashion flick will be screened, have a looky here.

Fashion Friday


Zinio is here!
What is Zinio you ask? weeelll…

Zinio is a magazine database that the library now has.  It’s not just any old magazine database though.  It has full story and image magazines (much like Press Display is for newspapers).  And there are popular magazines you’ll want to read too – fashion mags included are Australian Vogue, US Elle, Grazia (South African, so a bit different), Nylon, Harpers Bazaar, Peppermint, Yen, Esquire, I could go on.

The best thing about Zinio is that it’s free to take out the magazines (or rather download them to your account and then read on your computer, smartphone, tablet, ipod – there’s an app) and you can keep them forever.  YES, FOREVER.

All you need to start is your library card.  Then you can find Zinio on our website, on our Mygateway page (under Magazines).  From there you create an account on the library Zinio page.  After that you need to create a Zinio account (you can you the use the same details for both accounts; you must use the same email address for both accounts).  Finally, you’ll need to download the Zinio app if you’re using a tablet, ipad or smartphone. ( If you need any help take a look here for setting up and starting the app).

And away you go!

Fashion Friday


WAH – it’s cold!  Which is a bit of a silly thing to say really, cos it’s technically almost winter and the winter weather has definitely started.  And to be honest there’s nothing better than using a cold afternoon or evening to settle down on the couch  with a fashion magazine.  Yes – a good old-fashioned, hard-copy MAGAZINE.

Do you know that the library has an awesome selection of fashion magazines?  All the big ones, like US, British, Australian and French Vogues.  (Vogue Paris is my fave even though I speak no French whatsoever – I just look at the pictures).  As well as Teen Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and good old Frankie (if you’re into vintage and twee).  I’m absolutely devoted to British Elle, don’t know why, but I love it and look out for it every month.

Now, it does cost 50c to take out magazines, but it’s free to take out Teen Vogue if you’ve got a YA card and all magazines are only issued for one week.  But don’t forget it’s free to read them in the library and it’s always warm in here!

The Seventeen Magazine Project

As you perhaps know, we carry Seventeen magazine. We usually have two copies of each issue! I think they send us an extra copy? Anyway, an eighteen-year-old named Jamie Keiles is heroically attempting to “spend one month living according to the gospel of Seventeen Magazine”. It’s a difficult task, but she’s doing it so you and I don’t have to. Read her blog, The Seventeen Magazine Project, here.

New Magazines for the fortnight

We have two weeks’ worth of new magazines. We have been hoarding them!

Simpsons Comics #159 – Excelleeeent
Seventeen April 2010 – ‘The Hair Issue!’ | INTERESTING FACTS : Seventeen was first published in 1944, and was intended for seventeen-year-olds!
Entertainment Weekly #1091 – More on Lost | The Bachelor | Reviews etc.
Entertainment Weekly #1092 – Johnny Depp | Oscar predictions (better late than never) | Reviews etc.
Australian Mad Magazine #455 – Laugh along with Mad magazine
XBox 360 #52 – Bioshock 2 | The new Fallout game | Reviews etc. |
White Dwarf
March 2010 Not so sure what’s in this one as someone was desperate to take it, and we had sat on it for a week.

This week’s new magazines

Here are the latest additions to the YA magazines! Most of them are at the Central Library, so you may need to reserve them if you want them.

Kiwi Surf Magazine April/May 2010 – All about surfing in NZ | 2010 Winter Wetsuit Guide | A bonus DVD | Lots of other surfey news
Creme April 2010 – “NZ’s #1 Teen Mag” | ‘Get your Glee fix inside!’ | Floral vs. Stripes!! | ‘Lessons from the stars’ | ‘What’s your fitness personality?’ | Liam Hemsworth in a singlet
Girlfriend March 2010 – “NZ’s most-read teen ‘zine” | Lady Gaga ‘behind-the-seams’ | NZ’s most dateable boy finalists | Stay rumour free | ‘I survived a shark attack’ | Astrology
Entertainment Weekly #1089 – Special double issue | ‘The ultimate viewer’s guide’ to the Oscars
Transworld Skateboarding Feb 2010 – ’10 skaters who changed the decade ..’ | Other skaters | Skateboards | Shoes? | Lots of other skatey news

This week’s magazines

Simpsons Comics #158 – The Simpsons in comic form
XBox 360 #51 – Exclusive look at Medal of Honour | Reviews of BioShock2 and FFXIII | Oh and lots of other reviews too | a history of Final Fantasy games | ’10 things you must try in Assassin’s Creed II’
White Dwarf Feb 2010 – Warhammer Beastmen rarr | Paint crystalline and mirrored surfaces and horns and loads of other paining tips
Dolly Feb 2010 – This is the ‘love love love!’ issue | The new haircut that suits EVERYONE | (it is having it cropped btw) | “I volunteered in a Brazilian creche” | “My boyfriend died on the way to propose to me”

This week’s magazines

And last week’s also! There was only one though, so it was hardly worth mentioning.

Teen Vogue March 2010 Special report : Cheating in exams | Nick Jonas: “I want someone to love me for my passion for music. It’s all I’ve ever thought about” | Teens texturise toughened tresses | Trend spotting: sequins
Simpsons Summer Special – Six ‘awesome comic stories’
Entertainment Weekly # 1087 – TV’s 50 biggest bombs (QUITE INTERESTING) | Sneak peak at the new Twilight comic (it’s not that good really) | Lea Michele wears nice frock to Golden Globes
Entertainment Weekly #1088 – Secrets from Lost | The newest and best upcoming console/PC games | Ian Somerhalder is back in Lost? Ooh | Lots of reviews

This Week’s Magazines

This Week’s Magazines is a new regular (perhaps?) Teen Blog feature. Here are this week’s latest arrivals from the Young Adult Periodical Department.

Entertainment Weekly #1086 – ‘Exclusive – The Secrets of Avatar!’ | ‘How Celeb Death Rumors Start’ | Pee Wee Herman’s return | Reviews and whatnot
Australian Mad Magazine #454 – ‘The Dumbest Wii Games Ever!’ | Pop culture gets satirised
Creme March 2010 – ‘Home and Away’s New Hottie Talks!’ | 101 style rules ‘You Have To Know RIGHT NOW’ | The hottest boys for Valentine’s day | Blue is in | ‘How to cope if you and your bestie end up in different classes’
Girlfriend Feb 2010 – Katy Perry interview | Guy-inspired styles | ‘Teen mums on the rise’ | “I have six fingers” | ‘How to be a non-smug couple’

New YA magazines

Not so long ago we asked which magazines should get added to the Young Adult (YA) magazine collection. Not too many people responded, but that’s okay! We’re not too disappointed! As a consequence we have added Entertainment Weekly to the YA collection – it means you can issue it for free on a YA card. (If you reserve it through the catalogue be sure to reserve the YA copy.)

We are also adding Shonen Jump. It’s not yet in the system but there is a website. Good news for manga fans, is it not. Okay, cool.

Selector : Magazine

We’re still doing the Selector : Magazine dealie, which means you get to have some say in the magazines the YA area has for borrowing. In fact, you can vote on it and you may win something. It’s like democracy with bribes! There’s about a week left.

More Magazines

As we reported last week, we’re after more magazines for the YA magazine collection, and we’d like you to choose which (make sure you vote – you can do this more than once (every day even) and you might win something, so what the hey).

In order to help you make your choice, and to keep you up with the play on what we’ve got, here’s what the collection currently consists of:


Transworld Skateboarding – international skateboarding news and tips etc. (website)
New Zealand Skateboarder
Kiwi Surf Magazine – (website)
Curl: Girls’ Lifestyle Magazine – surfing and stuff. (website)

Virtual Sports

Playstation 2 (website)
360 XBox (website)
White Dwarf (website)

Girls’, Fashion & Gossip

Creme (website)
Dolly (website)
Girlfriend (website)
Seventeen (website)
Sugar (website)
Teen Vogue (website)

For Amusement

Mad XL (website)
Simpsons Magazines

So, what’s lacking? Let us know what you’d recommend and have a good last few days of holiday.

(Young Adult magazines are free to borrow for one week on a Young Adult card – they’re also free to reserve (on a YA card).)

Selector : Magazine

selectoraWe’ve culled a couple of magazines in the YA area and now we’re left with a few empty shelves. There are many, many magazines and periodicals in the adult collection that could be added to the YA collection – which would mean they’d be free for YA card holders (and free to reserve). But which magazines? Will you help us decide? The one that gets the most votes in the next four weeks will be added (on trial) to the YA collection.

Votes must be in before the 6th of August.

We’re also interested in any other magazines you think we should get.

Below is a brief description of the magazines to choose from, along with a voting form. You can vote once per day (so you could vote for the same magazine each day if you like). Each vote will put you in the draw for a library DVD voucher. You must be a WCL cardholder to be eligible to vote, and you must be between 13 and 18.

Read More