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Love Hotel AW 2013

How cool was the fashion show last week?! I know you only got to see the pics and a video, so you’ll have to take my word for it – it was SO cool; very chic, edgy, glamorous and sooo fashionable. Loved it!

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to score an interview with the very lovely ladies behind sweet young label Love Hotel (who I’ve told you aaaall about before). The label is run by two sisters, Harriet and Ella. I asked them some questions so you get the goss on this super hot label.

Harriet and Ella, of Love Hotel.

How and when did your label start out? Have you always been interested in fashion?
We have always always been interested in fashion and have started other creative projects together. We officially launched Love Hotel at Wellington Fashion Week 2012 but had been working towards it for a while.

With the two of you in different cities, is it difficult to keep in touch and work together? How frequently are you in contact?
We are in contact most days, and we prioritise Love Hotel so we do spend large amounts of time together, despite living apart.

NB: I would very much like Harriet’s outfit. The whole thing, exactly as is, please. So hot.

Are there any designers you’re inspired by?
We are big fans of Sonia Rykiel, particularly the way she puts on a show. We adore Romance was Born, the way they draw from inspiration and obsessions. John Galliano is a guru. We love Miu Miu and their attention to textiles.

Which aspects of fashion and the fashion industry are important to you as designers?
It is important for us to create clothing that women feel good in when they wear it. Accessible clothing that makes the wearer feel feminine, flattered and a little bit sexy. We design with the mindset that we want a range of women to feel gorgeous in Love Hotel – beginning with ourselves. Fashion is a fabulous way to express identity; it is about feeling a certain way when you put something on, not just the way it is projected to the viewer. Timeless, rather than on-trend.

What were some of the ideas behind your winter 2013 collection?
It was based on the sometimes sinister world of orchid cultivation; the eeriness of glasshouses, the pedantic manicuring of plant cultivation, hobbyist dens, misty stark windows fogging up at dusk, with references to times of opium dens and layers of overcoats and satins.





Can you tell us about a typical day for you at Love Hotel?
Every day is very different. At the moment it is all about the summer collection, which will be showing at Wellington Fashion Week, so very much the fun stage.

Do you feel as though you have different roles within the company, or do you both do a bit of everything?
We tend to do a lot together but have been defining the roles more and more. We work together through all stages of design, Ella does the photoshopping and graphics things and I work through the production side of things.

Is it sometimes tricky to balance Love Hotel business around other commitments? For example, I know Ella is at uni, which must be demanding at times!
Yes it can be very demanding, but we have recently pushed a lot aside to get into doing what we really love. Ella’s final year seems to be complimenting our work so far, there is still so much for us to learn.

I really love your maroon cherry blossom singlet dress. Can you tell us more about it?
Thanks! The subtle black print on maroon really captures the feel of the winter collection. The vintage chiffon is a key feature in all of Love Hotel’s collections. We love the feminine beauty of the fabric, and it is great to wear. The cherry blossom print is our new AW screen print for this season. The hand-drawn detail is what sets this dress apart.

♥ this dress also! Be mine.

What trends are you enjoying at the mo? Any trends you’re looking forward to for winter?
I am enjoying the new textiles that designers everywhere are playing with…

Any trends you really don’t like?
The bare-all trend at the moment turns me off; sexy can be subtle, drapey and soft. I am curious to see how fashion bends gender boundaries in the future as it seems the lines between womens and mens fashion are becoming increasingly blurred.

What other collections would you like to get into in the future?
We are looking to move into lingerie in the not so far future; we love the idea of blending divisions between under and outer wear. Exciting things coming to you soon!

What are your favourite books?
I have always adored Caroline Quartermaine’s book “Unwrapped” which features a house dressed in her beautiful handpainted textiles. We have both recently read “Just Kids” by Patti Smith, which has become an huge inspiration for our summer collection. Also a fan of Egon Schiele’s sketches!

Syndetics book coverJust kids / Patti Smith.






Syndetics book coverEgon Schiele, 1890-1918 : the midnight soul of the artist / Reinhard Steiner ; [English translation, Michael Hulse].





All photos (apart from my instagram effort!!) taken by Chris Park at NZ Style Collective. Huge thanks for sharing your work with us!

Winter Showcase 2013

Omg, last Friday night was sooooo cool. I was lucky enough to receive a VIP invite to the Winter Showcase 2013, held by young Wellington fashion labels Love Hotel, Mardle, highnoontea and phillipa&alice. Each label debuted their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, which are all currently available online or in store.

It was held at Willis York Salon and, my word, did it get PACKED OUT! It was so busy that, unfortunately, some show-goers even had to be turned away. So busy. I don’t know if you’ve ever been up there? The salon has a very chic, edgy vibe; much like a New York-style loft, which complemented the fashion show incredibly well.


A T-shaped runway was edged with fairy lights (gorgeous) and at the end there were four chairs, each with a label name above it and done up beautifully – you could really see the designer’s touch on each of the displays, and I felt that each one really reflected the label’s style. (My fave’s on the left – that antique phone is BEAUTiful, and I neeeeed a chair like that! Love the colour tone that the glass brings in, too).

photo_2 photo_3








To start the show, four models came out in lingerie and got dressed from the piles of clothing that were on each of the chairs. It was such a great start to the show – so much more interesting than the standard walk-out. A full runway show followed, and my goodness, the looks were sooooo cool. I loved the models’ hair – it was big and volumous, clipped into gorgeous 60s styles but still with a contemporary edge. If I could do that with my hair, I’d be rocking it daily. The clothes were gorgeous, too, naturally – I saw plenty that I wanted to buy!!




Which was lucky, because everything that was modelled was available to buy straight afterwards in a temporary pop-up shop, which was open at Willis York Salon for the evening and also all day the following day.

The music was amaze (they had their own dj) and there was such a great vibe. Check out the video on this page to see for yourself! I had the best night, it was so fun and sooo chic. Also, it was incredibly re-assuring to see such brilliant and promising young talent in our fashion industry.

The fabulous designers, left to right: Sheryl (highnoontea), Ella and Harriet (Love Hotel), Philippa & Alice (philippa& alice) and Shiana (Mardle).

All of these photos (apart from my own instagram wonders) are brought to you courtesy of Caroline Atkinson at Caroline Atkinson Photography. Big ups for the beautiful shots! And a huge thanks to Love Hotel for the invite. Stay tuned for more deets on these lovely ladies next week. 😉