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SesaGlee Street

Hey Gleeks, this is really funny. It’s a Sesame Street parody of Glee, it makes learning about the letter “G” fun #infotainment.

You can enjoy the real version of Glee right here on DVD and CD and Sesame Street on DVD too.

Zombies Vs. Gleeks


You, your mates and zombies, Glee, prizes, gloating rights, free food, brains! Wait, what…?

Okay, there might not be brains, but eveything else will be there. Pull a team of Glee and Zombie experts together and get ready for the Zombies Vs. Gleeks Trivia Night.

Open for teams of  13 to 18 year olds (min 2 – max 4), the Zombies Vs. Gleeks Teen Trivia Night will be at the Wellington Central Library on 27th May at 6.30pm. Registrations open soon and places will be limited so get your team ready to go and start planning your costumes.

Glee in print

In August the first book (of a series of five) based on Glee will come out. They’re for young readers, which is presumably teens! So will we get them? Probably. August is only a couple of months away, too, so hopefully they will be available shortly afterwards. August is also just ahead of the premier of the next series.

There will be other merchandise tie-ins, though who knows what they might be. Besides t-shirts of course.

Entertainment Weakly

Here is some entertainment news! Tickets for Eclipse go on sale tomorrow, WELL in advance of the first screening but you can’t never be too quick with these things can you? Reading Cinemas is on Facebook and Twitter, should you want more immediate information about this historic occasion.

Also a new series of Glee begins tomorrow in the US of A, at long last. But it’s difficult to find out when it begins on television here, unfortunately! A bit like Vampire Diaries, it is a mystery. So until then, here are a couple of promos.


The first soundtrack to Glee (there’s a second one out, I think, in the US?) is now in the library catalogue. You can reserve it here. Lots of people want to listen to it! (Apparently Kurt does an amazing cover of Defying Gravity.) Tres exciting, do admit.