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Trailer Tuesday

Last week we brought you four seconds of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Here’s a couple of minutes more (so cool):

This should be out in August this year. Can’t hardly wait.

On an entirely different note, the William and Kate movie will be released on DVD shortly before the wedding of the year (April 29th, don’t forget to watch on the telly). Here’s its trailer.

There will no doubt also be books commemorating the occasion. Here’s a couple you can already reserve: Katie the Royal Wedding Fairy by Daisy Meadows and Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Gobie. No, we’re not making either of those up. For those who especially love a good royal wedding, here’s the commemorative book about Charles and Diana’s (written by Gordon Honeycombe, nice name).

And finally, another digression: not a trailer but a real flash game: make the pig fly! You will, no doubt, be better than me. Thanks, Stu, for passing on the procrastination tool.

Flash 6

This is the sixth collection of free games you can play on your PC or Mac or whatever. At home though, I don’t think many will work in the library. (They mightn’t all use Flash (the multimedia software), I realise, but it’s too late to rename Flash 1, Flash 2, 3, “4“, and 5).

Give Up, Robot – guide a technicolour robot through a series of obstacle courses (?). The cute little robot can swing and jump! Oh yes it can
Submachine: 32 Chambers – this won a ‘casual game’ award. It’s something you can play casually! Nice and chill.
One-Button Arthur – You only need one button to play this! (The button does a different thing on each level.) You can only click so many times in one game before you LOSE.
Colour Theory – a platformer about colour theory. That’s what I said! Colour theory!
Epic Coaster – imagine driving a roller coaster that can jump from track to track. And whenever you miss a track (lol) its passengers scream as they plummet to the ground. At last!
Super Mario Crossover – the name says it all. Enjoyable beeping music a plus, Crystal Castle fans.
Tiny Castle – another platformer, but with only one level. A massive, complex level!

That’s about all. I have enjoyed ‘researching’ this post.

Flash 5

One more week of holidays, so why not spend it indoors in front of the computer, playing Flash games? Why not indeed. Here’s a list of some new games [we have older lists – Flash, Flash 2, Flash 3, Pew Pew Pew (which should be Flash 4, I guess)]

Clockwords – type words to shoot down clockwork spiders. The longer the word, the more damage the spiders take. ADDICTIVE. And educational!
Tetris Friends – Play Tetris competitively – you can send completed lines into someone else’s game. I’m not sure who I played but I won on my first attempt, which was nice.
Canabalt – a parkour-style game. Run until you, er, fall to your death (I made 1794m on the first attempt. Not too shabby.).
Max Damage – Max is a kid who likes to break things with his ‘toy’ cannon. Uses real physics, so could be considered educational maybe.
Tane – Tane is … Tane. It’s also an actual game, believe it or not.
Pixel – Very cool. Can’t begin to describe it.
Steamshovel Harry – Didn’t play this (I’m at work, you know) so who knows.
How To Raise A Dragon – Didn’t play it either but comes recommended.


Pew pew pew

Here’s some games for the weekend, before school starts again.

Gemcraft Chapter 0 – Haven’t played it, to be honest.
Bridgecraft – Build bridges (using physics) to help cute little jelly alien things not drown.
Scarygirl – This is really, REALLY cool.
Capeoira Fighter 3 – a fighting game, where you can play against the computer, or against other people.
Deepleap – Make words from the letters for points, and before the timer. Like Scrabble + Tetris + Space Invaders.
Hex Empire – a realtime strategy game, sort of like Empire or Risk. I’m a bit useless at it.
Don’t Look Back – this has the most basic graphics, but don’t be put off – the gameplay is madly addictive.
Viking Defense – You’re a viking! Yay!
Hands of War – Old-school RPG.


Run, lol, run

Mirror’s Edge is a new console game that uses the sport of free-running, or parkour. You can play a 2-dimensional platform Flash version of the game – Mirror’s Edge 2D – for free! It’s pretty addictive. I freely admit to playing it all morning.

Flash 3

It will probably be sunny all weekend, but that’s no reason not to stay indoors and play these great online flash games.

Fold – you’re an ant with the ability to create gravity wells so as to avoid … well, death. It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of it, but not too difficult.
99 Bricks – It’s the opposite of Tetris. Frustrating!
QWOP – I was terrible at this incredibly difficult racing game.
Run – Great fun! And addictive too, in the good way that some games are.
Amorphous Plus – Kill the gloobies with a big sword! (Not as violent as that sounds.) We liked this one – it’s very satisfying.
Physics Invader – Old-school Invader, but with physics!
Wooden Paths – Build wooden bridges across rivers – curiously engaging and relaxing.
Aether – once you’re sorted (it’s quite hard to get off the planet) this game is kind of serene.

See these earlier posts (here and here) for more games!

Flash 2

Here’s a new list of online Flash games. Perfect for a rainy weekend. Or a sunny weekend – either way. A previous list may be found here.

Maze Stopper 2 – you must reach the flag before the computer. You can stop time! And build obstacles!
Switch – your magnetic ball must collect all the balls of the same colour – you can change colour whenever you like, but don’t touch the other colour. Or else it’s all over.
Defender – you need to protect the planet from aliens. I think (I haven’t played this one yet).
Foolyu – you must fight weird three-eyed monsters. It’s really cool! It’s all in Japanese (apart for ‘game over!’), but pretty easy to work out.
SWFRoads – pilot your spaceship (?) at mad speeds through am obstacle course – in space! Highly addictive.
Samorast – this is a puzzle. Quite a hard puzzle! Very atmospheric.

Oh hai, it’s you

Face Your Manga is a site that allows you to create your own manga-style avatar – which is a lot easier than trying to draw your own. Although, if you did want to draw your own, there is a load of how-to books in the library.

If you would like to create yourself as a superhero, however, you will want to try HeroMachine 2.5. It has thousands of variations! And it is very flattering.

Fush and chups

Can you guess where their accents are from? This is a (pretty tough) flash game where you have to guess the speaker’s nationality – and their city – from their accent. I can mostly tell which part of the U.S. someone is from by listening to them talk (I blame years of American television), but some of the European accents are very difficult to identify.

You should be able to spot the New Zealander – but can you tell which city she’s from?


It is raining outside. Here are some nifty online games for you to play while you browse educational websites and sip hot chocolate.