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Cool New Meme Formats from Recollect

Do you know about Recollect? Recollect is a database of heritage photos, books, maps and other Te Whanganui-ā-tara related ephemera.

If I was a responsible librarian, I would tell you all about how it is an excellent resource for important things like school assignments. I would point out the photos of what Cuba Street looked like in 1894, or this photography exhibit that explored Wellington’s transgender community in the 70’s. I would tell you all about how these resources can provide us with a snapshot of our city’s history, how deep diving into these resources might help us see connections between our past and current city, and how by engaging with our history we can gain insight into how to create a better future.

But I am not a responsible librarian, I am a chaotic good librarian. I would like to suggest instead that you explore Recollect for some meme reasons. Because, truly, there are so many meme structures ripe for the picking. Below, I offer you my incredibly average attempts at content. Please take these/make your own historical Wellington memes, and share them below in the comments if you like!

If you do use images from Recollect, please remember to include a reference link back to the original page. Here is where I found the above images:

Bucket Fountain Shade

Toddler Clearly Up To Something

Why Is This Man Smiling?

Too Many Garfields

Everyone likes parades

We’ve a lot of photos from last weekend’s Cuba Street Carnival. The library has a stall set up to promote the Cuba Street Memories Project, which aims to build a history of the street. My great-great-grandfather used to own a part of it; if only he hadn’t sold it in 1860 or thereabouts, I could be rich! Ah well.

If you’re in any of these photos and wish you weren’t, email us!

Cuba Carnival

If you think now that school’s started there are absolutely no fun events in Wellington you’re wrong because on the 21st of February is the 10th Anniversary of Cuba Carnival.

There will be plenty of events! 10 stages around the city, listen to the best NZ music, or some hip-hop and many others.  Plus there’ll be stalls that sell handmade jewellery, Pacific handcrafts, international food and many more.

The best thing about it is that it is totally free! So get yourself to www.cubastcarnival.co.nz and check out all the wonderful events.