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Book Cover Lookalikes: Big Hands

So very handy.

If He Had Been With Me book coverDouble book coverThe Lucy Variations book coverFlesh & Bone book coverHuman .4 book coverLeverage book coverThe Clockwork Scarab book coverChange of Heart book coverToads and Diamonds book coverSign Language book coverFury of the Phoenix book coverGirl, Stolen book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Back to Us

All these ladies are staring off into the distance.

The Demon Catchers of Milan book coverThe Madness Underneath book coverUndone book coverThe Dark Unwinding book coverSo Close to You book coverIlluminate book coverRapture book coverThe Story of Us book coverThe Madman's Daughter book coverSomeday Dancer book coverThe Savage Grace book coverThe Convent book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Symbols

No humans anywhere on these book covers.

Prodigy book coverThe Blood Keeper book coverStarstruck book coverThe Rise of Nine book coverChampion book coverA World Away book coverPregnant Pause book coverDivergent book coverBittersweet book coverThe Fame Game book coverLegacy of Lies and Don't Tell book coverFaerie Winter book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Big Lips

Get your best pout on.

Drink Slay Love book coverPutting Makeup on Dead People book coverBad Taste in Boys book coverGlass Heart book coverThe False Princess book coverOther Words for Love book coverMiles from Ordinary book coverNeed book coverSekret book coverGilt book coverDust & Decay book coverNearly Gone book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Pretty Flowy Dresses

Just chillin’ in your ball dress.

Dragonswood book coverAlice in Zombieland book coverThe Selection book coverGrave Mercy book coverThe Girl in the Steel Corset book coverRumors book coverBewitching book coverAlways a Witch book coverTorment book coverEverneath book coverThe Springsweet book coverEmerald book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Clouds

This one looks like a dragon!

Back to Black Brick book coverEvery Day book coverA Corner of White book coverMister Death's Blue-Eyed Girls book coverThe Floating Islands book coverThis Side of Salvation book coverLegacy of the Clockwork Key book coverToken of Darkness book coverThe Young Elites book coverKetchup Clouds book coverShadowlands book coverSome Quiet Place book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Words

Words, words, and more words.

Invisibility book coverAnthem for Jackson Dawes book coverIsla and the Happily Ever After book coverRevenge of the Girl with the Great Personality book coverPirate Cinema book coverMessy book coverLife in Outer Space book coverMe and Earl and the Dying Girl book cover99 Flavours of Suck book coverSiege and Storm book coverThe Geography of You and Me book coverAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Red

Red – the colour of passion, blood and anger.

Enthralled book cover17 and Gone book coverTiger Lily book coverDreamless book coverThe Wrap-Up List book coverThe Curiosities book coverFeedback book coverMade on Earth book coverGirl of Nightmares book coverRuin and rising book coverTalon book coverCruel Beauty book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Dystopian

Warning: scorched earth zone!

Earth Girl book coverBreathe book coverRuins book coverArticle 5 book coverBlood Red Road book coverShards & Ashes book coverDead River book coverAfter the Snow book coverAshes, Ashes book coverThe 5th Wave book coverThe Kill Order book coverThe End Games book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Big Eyes

In honor of the new Tim Burton film Big Eyes being released today, our theme of the week is: big eyes! All the better to see you with, my dear. See the trailer at the bottom of this post, and if you go to see it, let us know what you thought of it!

Spirit and Dust book coverFinding Cherokee Brown book coverDays of Blood and Starlight book coverUnravel Me book coverThe Diviners book coverCatalyst book coverEndure book coverKeys to the Repository book coverDead to You book coverRivals and Retribution book coverDrought book cover13 to Life book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Big Head

My, what a big head you have, my dear! Possibly the most insulting of all Red Riding Hood’s wolf’s potential greetings?

Boy 21 book coverLife After Theft book coverMind Games book coverThe Lost Girl book coverRequiem book coverFracturedPassion Blue book coverPerfect Lies book coverBeta book coverPerfect Scoundrels book coverWhen We Wake book coverGeek Girl book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Getting Romantic

He loves me, he loves me not.

Just One Year book coverThe Boy on the Bridge book coverAudition book coverSkin Deep book coverPlus One book coverStar-Crossed book coverDearly Departed book coverDare You To book coverCity of Lost Souls book coverAcross the Universe book coverEasy book coverEverlasting book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Silhouettes

This week’s theme: silhouettes. A mystery, or just a shadow of yourself?

Murder at Mykenai book coverSteal My Sunshine book coverCinnamon Rain book coverThe Freedom Merchants book coverThis is What Happy Looks Like book coverRise of the Fallen book coverThe Last Minute book coverUnspoken book coverRed Rocks book coverTamlyn book coverWeather Witch book coverTask Force book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Holding Hands

Looking for more summer romance perhaps? This week’s theme: give me your hand, and I will give you mine.

Finale book coverTempest book coverThe Evolution of Mara Dyer book coverAmy & Roger's Epic Detour book coverLeaving Paradise book coverI Heart You, You Haunt Me book coverKiss Me Again book coverOf Beast and Beauty book coverAnnie on my Mind book coverCatching Jordan book coverSomething Like Fate book coverSunrise book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Wings

In the spirit of all your potential jet-setting over the holidays, this week’s theme is: Wings and feathers and angels, oh my!

Heaven book coverEmbrace book coverHalo book coverThe Dream Thieves book coverAdvent book coverThe Raven Boys book coverHush, Hush book coverLeviathan book coverSilence book coverAngelology book coverRed Rising book coverWings book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Beheaded

This week’s theme: off with her (or his) head! Girls (and some boys) are being beheaded left, right and centre, and we have conveniently gathered some of them here for you today.

United We Spy book coverThe Academie book coverWhen Love Comes to Town book cover
The Cup and the Crown book coverRebel Heart book coverPopulazzi book coverBad Hair Day book coverArise book coverAltered book coverThis is So Not Happening book coverStir it Up! book coverGeek Charming book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Sea and Sky

This week, in book-cover-alikes: Wouldn’t you rather be on a tropical beach with blue sky and turquoise sea?

Reach book coverNil book coverThe Princesses of Iowa book coverLullaby book coverNew Girl book coverSinking book coverThe Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls book coverBetween the Sea and Sky book coverThe Islands at the End of the World book coverDying to Know You book coverBody of Water book coverWater Balloon book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: Black and White

This week’s book cover lookalikes are all black and white. Just like a really old photograph!

Anna Dressed in Blood book coverTeeth book coverHollow City book coverStarters book coverAroha book coverBroken book coverA Waste of Good Paper book coverWhite Space book coverThe Intern book coverA Monster Calls book coverCuckoo Song book coverReturning to Shore book cover

Book Cover Lookalikes: At All Angles

Welcome to our new super-visual blog series of cover lookalikes, hosted by Chloe!

While shelving at the library, we always find ourselves going “huh, I feel like I’ve seen that before” and more often than not we have, at least in some form. Our series brings a whole bunch of books with similar covers based on a theme together into one megapost per week (and we have got enough themes to keep us going for several months, just fyi). Our first theme is girls that are upside down, sideways, or kind of dead looking. Clicking the cover will take you through to the book record so you can reserve it, if you wish!

Live Through This book coverThe Goddess Inheritance book coverBetrayal book coverBetween the Lines book coverBy Any Other Name book coverWhen the Sea is Rising Red book coverRevived book coverOut of Reach book coverA Girl Named Digit book coverThe Dead and Buried book coverKiss of Death book coverHaunting Violet book cover

Cover lookalikes

Every so often we see these and go “hang on, haven’t I seen that before?” and sometimes you have indeed seen it before! Occasionally the same stock photo gets used on different book covers, and it’s a bit surreal seeing them next to one another. Such as: After the Moment & 172 Hours on the Moon (which we spotted in 2012).

The ones we found recently just use remarkably similar typographic styles and techniques without using the same stock image. We found:

Cover courtesy of Syndetics Cover courtesy of Syndetics Cover courtesy of Syndetics

The Darkest Part of the Forest, Holly Black (we featured this in last week’s newly ordered books post!)

Between the spark and the burn, April Genevieve Tucholke
“Seventeen-year-old Violet is looking for the boy she fell in love with last summer, the charismatic liar River West Redding, but as she scours the country for him, she begins to wonder who she’s really chasing– and who she really loves” (Publisher description)

Shades of Earth, Beth Revis (Across the universe #3)
“Leaving the walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind, Amy and Elder are ready to build a home on Centauri-Earth. But they must race to discover who–or what–else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together.” (Library catalogue)

Have you spotted any cover cousins recently?

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