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Tag: Cover Cousins

Cover Cousins: Football

Maybe it’s a bit counter intuitive to post about American football in the lead up week to the Rugby World Cup, however here are two similar covers that couldn’t slink under the radar:


Payback Time, Carl Deuker – told from the perspective of an un-athletic school sports reporter, Payback Time tells the story of a successful Seattle high school football team, and most particularly their secret weapon Angel.

Leverage, Joshua C Cohen – a challenging story of steroids, football, and bullying, and the way that things can escalate out of control in a terrible way.

There are more book cover patterns here.

Much Wanted Sequels in 2010

Have you read and loved Fallen, Hush Hush or Beautiful Creatures? If  yes, then you’ll be interested to know that you can now reserve their sequels! Be first(ish) in the queue and reserve them now(ish).

On the subject of book covers that look alike: both Torment and Crescendo look, well, tormented and stormy. Maybe dark grey is the new black as far as supernatural romances are concerned?

  1. Torment, Lauren Kate – October. The sequel to the horrendously popular Fallen. Fallen reminded me of Beautiful Creatures (see below), and Evernight (by Claudia Gray). Luce is in hiding at Shoreline, a school for “unusually gifted” kids; Daniel is hunting outcasts who want to hurt her (Luce), and he’s hiding things (because that’s what mysterious supernatural types do).
  2. Crescendo, Becca Fitzpatrick – October. The follow up to Hush Hush. Now Nora is coming to terms with being a Nephilim, and having a guardian angel (the most dodgy guardian angel in the world, in Patch), and the fact that she’s in constant danger.
  3. Beautiful Darkness, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl – October. The next after Beautiful Creatures. Ethan sees strange visions, Lena is behaving secretively after a tragic loss and there are more supernatural happenings in the Deep South (and, hopefully, grits).

Also availabe for reserving: Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater (sequel to Shiver).

Book Covers: Hands and Glass

Is there something secretive and maybe a bit thriller-ish, spectral, about books with mysterious shadowy hands and/or glass? Perhaps, mostly: here are some book covers we thought looked like they shared some genes.

Wish You Were Dead, by Todd Strasser: someone writes on their blog that they hate Lucy and they wish she was dead, and lo and behold, Lucy mysteriously disappears. Then another, and another. Madison must try and find out what’s going on, while dodging social networking threats.

Chasing Brooklyn, Lisa Schroeder: another novel in verse by the writer of I Heart You, You Haunt Me. Lucca is accidentally killed by Gabe in a traffic accident, and Gabe, guilt-stricken, commits suicide. Brooklyn and Nico are haunted by their ghosts, and each must find out what the spirits are demanding.

Beautiful Malice, Rebecca James: a really good psychological thriller, told in alternating past and present storylines. Katherine is starting over after a family tragedy and meets the magnetic Alice at her new school. Alice is gregarious, beautiful, popular, and perhaps a little bit dangerous. We know from the first sentence of the book that Alice is dead, but the question is why.

Black Box by Julie Schumacher: not so much a thriller, but a story about depression. Elena’s sister and best friend Dora is hospitalised with depression, and when she gets out she’s quite different, skipping school and lying. Elena has to deal with her feelings of guilt about her sister’s illness, and the seemingly new person Dora has become.