Attention Zine fiends! After the awesomeness that was Zinefest I’m sure you’re all feeling like the voice of your generation. So the Karori Library team want to see what you would like you would like to say, draw, or collage for that matter. Over December and January in the Karori Library we will be publishing zines comprised of the work of teens in the Wellington area. These zines will be barcoded and kept in the Karori Library collection for people to take home for some insightful reading. If you want to be totally famous in Karori come in and use our creative space in the teen area over these months. We’ll be accepting submissions from the 1st of December through to the 31st of January. Ask any Karori librarian for the submission info sheet to get started.

For some handy inspiration – check out the Wellington Zinefest blog which is full of interviews from zine pros and excellent zine reading recommendations. There’s a lot of cool reading there. You can also have a look through our magnificent collection of zines. And there are some books we have in our collection which will give you a fair idea of what direction you can take your zine submission. One I’m really enjoying reading at the moment is: Whatcha mean, what’s a zine? : the art of making zines and mini comics. Here’s an idea of what’s inside.

“A zine is a handmade magazine or mini-comic about anything you can imagine: favorite bands, personal stories, subcultures, or collections. They contain diary entries, rants, interviews, and stories. They can be by one person or many, found in stores, traded at comic conventions, exchanged with friends, or given away for free. Zines are not a new idea: they’ve been around for years under various names (chapbooks, flyers, pamphlets). People with independent ideas have been getting their word out since before there were printing presses.

This book is for anyone who wants to create their own zine. It’s for learning tips and tricks from contributors who have been at the fore front of the zine movement. It’s for getting inspired to put thoughts and ideas down on paper. It’s for learning how to design and print your own zine so you can put it in others’ hands. Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? is for anyone who has something to say.” Goodreads

If that sounds like you we hope to see you submitting your cool work in Karori Library soon!