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Cuba Carnival

If you think now that school’s started there are absolutely no fun events in Wellington you’re wrong because on the 21st of February is the 10th Anniversary of Cuba Carnival.

There will be plenty of events! 10 stages around the city, listen to the best NZ music, or some hip-hop and many others.  Plus there’ll be stalls that sell handmade jewellery, Pacific handcrafts, international food and many more.

The best thing about it is that it is totally free! So get yourself to www.cubastcarnival.co.nz and check out all the wonderful events.

Finn’s Quest

Finn’s Quest is a series by Eirlys Hunter about a boy named Finn who, in book 1, gets a Quest on his computer. He only gets 1 life during his 3 quests and he meets lots of friends during them.

In book 1, The Queen-Seekers, Finn is playing on a computer and sees a new game which gives him a quest to find the lost queen.

In book 2, Coldkeep Castle, Finn’s dad gets the quest and Finn has to go and save him. Finn is in the same country of book 1 but many years earlier in the events that caused the events in book 1.

In book 3, The Slave-Stealers, Finn gets his last and final quest to release slaves and “find Finn”, years after book 1.

Overall Finn’s Quest are good books though there are some errors in the books, but it is a good read and lots of people will enjoy this series.

Inheritance Cycle

In 2002 Christopher Paolini published Eragon the first of 3 books.
Later that year Knopf offered to publish all of the books.
In 2005 Eldest, book 2, was published.
In 2006 Eragon the movie was released.
While he was working on book 3 he found the need to turn the trilogy into a cycle so it could have 4 books.
Brisingr, the 3rd book was published recently and is quite popular.

Haikus about the books/movies

Since I am on a roll after my Twilight haiku here are some about the books or movie.


Eragon finds a bright
Pretty blue stone that hatches
into a dragon.


Eragon visits the
Elves, and turns into an elf-
human hybrid there.


Brisingr means fire,
and that is what he names his
brand new bright blue sword.

Eragon the movie

This movie was bad,
so different from the book.
I give it no stars.


Traces is a series of books written by Malcolm Rose. They are set in an alternative UK where London is no longer the capital but one of the many slums in the south. At the age of five children are taken away from their parents to attend school where their choice of eventual careers is carefully chosen. Few children ever see their parents again. Marriages (or “pairings”) are arranged by the Authorities and based on compatibility of skills (artists are paired with artists – scientists with scientists). Love has no place in the pairings. Into this world, where whites are the minority, Luke Harding at the age of sixteen becomes the youngest Forensic Investigator ever. Together with his Malc (Mobile Aid to Law and Crime) Luke begins his career of investigating crime.

Book 1: Framed
After Luke Harding graduates school he becomes the youngest Forensic Investigator ever, a series of murders happen at Lukes school. He and Malc are assigned to their first investigation but things turn tricky when it appears that Luke is the most likely suspect.

Book 2: Lost Bullet
A doctor has been killed in front of a hospital and the bullet that killed her is missing. Luke and Malc are drawn into London’s seedy underground world and get mixed up with a group of anti-white radicals and a mysterious white boy named Owen.

Book 3: Roll Call
Luke and Malc investigate a series of events in which several people are dying. The only thing that links each death is that the victim has the same name as a famous opera singer ‘Emily Wonder’.

Book 4: Double Check
Luke and his Malc investigate possible corruption in a Paring Committee while also trying to prove the innocence of boy in jail who is due to being executed for murder.

Book 5: Final Lap
Luke and Malc are ordered to investigate a series of events that appear as if someone is trying to stop a sporting event (like the Olympics for youth). Are these random events or deliberate sabotage and will anyone die?

Book 6: Blood Brother
Luke and Malc investigate a hospital in which the death count is considerably higher than normal. They must find out if it is just coincidental or if someone is murdering terminal patients. During this investigation Luke meets his parents for the first time since he was five and his father is one of the leading suspects.

The Quentaris Chronicles

The Quentaris Chronicles is a series of 26 books writen by lots of different Australian authors. Each book is set within the city of Quentaris but is also a stand-alone story. You do not need to read all of the books in order to enjoy them. Michael Pryor and Paul Collins as well as being authors of many of the books in the series are the series editors. Quentaris is a fantasy city sited near rift caves. Rifts lead to many different worlds and cities and of course many different adventures. There are some characters that pop up in all the books providing continuity, such as Storm the leader of the Watch.

This is a listing of the books that make up the first Quentaris series including their authors.

Beneath Quentaris / Michael Pryor
Slaves of Quentaris / Paul Collins
The Revognase / Lucy Sussex
Sword of Quentaris / Paul Collins
Quentaris in Flames / Michael Pryor
The Perfect Princess / Jenny Pausacker
Dragonlords of Quentaris / Paul Collins
Angel Fever / Isobelle Carmody
The Mind Master / John Heffernan
Stones of Quentaris / Michael Pryor
The Ancient Hero / Sean McMullen
Treasure Hunters of Quentaris / Margo Lanagan
Rifts Through Quentaris / Karen Brooks
The Plague of Quentaris / Gary Crew
Princess of Shadows / Paul Collins
The Cat Dreamer / Isobelle Carmody
Nightmare in Quentaris / Michael Pryor
The Murderers’ Apprentice / Pamela Freeman
The Forgotten Prince / Paul Collins
Stolen Children of Quentaris / by Gary Crew
Stars of Quentaris / by Michael Pryor
Pirates of Quentaris / Sherryl Clark
Prisoner of Quentaris / Anna Ciddor
The Skyflower / Justin D’Ath
Battle for Quentaris / Michael Pryor
Vampires of Quentaris / Paul Collins

After the first series of the Quentaris Chronicles the publisher no longer wanted to print any more of that series so Michael Pryor and Paul Collins started work on a second series that differs from the previous in that the same characters will be used in each book. While each book of the second series does not necessarily need to be read in order it would be helpful to understand the history of the characters and the events leading up to the current story. The titles and the authors of the second series are listed below.

The Spell of Undoing / Paul Collins
The Equen Queen / Alyssa Brugman

I highly recommend this as an excellent read.