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Trailer Extra: Breaking Dawn Wedding

Forget Wills and Kate! Really, do: here’s the latest trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (due out at the movies sooner than you think). It’s a wedding special featurette, with comments from the actors (Taylor L, for example, looking dashing in plaid), and some dreamy scenes from the wedding of the year. Enjoy!

Pretty Pettyfer is Number Four

The commercial juggernaut that is the Lorien Legacies books by Pittacus Lore (no it’s not a real person, it is a collection of people writing on behalf of a writer called James Frey) is being made into a movie almost before the first book, I Am Number Four, has hit the shelves. Just to prove it here is the trailer (the film is due out in February next year):

I Am Number Four is listed as one of Amazon’s top 10 books of 2010 (as we posted here). The film stars Alex Pettyfer from Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, who is also Kyle in Beastly, the film based on the book by Alex Flinn, (so many Alexes!) which must make him the go-to guy for people turning young adult fiction into film.

For more trailery things you can visit the I Am Number Four imdb page. Here is Beastly‘s too, just for kicks.

The DVDs that are the newest

Fullmetal alchemist. Collection 2, Volumes 7-13

“Edward and Alphonse Elric continue on their journey to find the Philosophers stone to restore their lost bodies. In order to do so they must come to face with many people from the past and discover the true purpose of the Homunculi. Will their journey lead them to the promised powers?” – Cover

Resident Evil : Apocalypse

“Heroine Alice is thrust back into the war against the bloodthirsty undead and the fight against the powerful Umbrella Corporation, and is pitted against a super-human super-weapon, who has been unleashed to destroy her.” – Cover

Looking for Alibrandi

“Josie Alibrandi has a lot to deal with right now. She’s 17, got the dreaded H.S.C. in front of her and the boy of her dreams seems completely out of reach. Then there’s that other problem. She’s a wog. Sure it’s where Josie comes from but it’s not where she feels she belongs. In fact, Josie doesn’t know where she belongs. With her Nonna in one ear talking about the old country and the stuck-up girls at her school telling her she’s an outsider, it’s no wonder. This year, however, everything is going to change. Josie will let loose, face her fears, uncover secrets – even discover the true identity of her father. It’s going to be a year when Josie finally finds out where she belongs” – Cover

Trials of life. Volume 1

“Life is one long struggle, a challenge for even the fittest animal. Leaving parents, searching for food, building a home, finding a mate – each day brings a new test. These programs, superbly crafted and originally presented, investigate the many amazing ways in which creatures from all parts of the globe face up to and resolve The Trials of Life.” – Cover

The private life of plants. Volume 1

“David Attenborough’s study of the world of plants, which demonstrates, with the aid of time-lapse photography, the rich and varied ways in which they flourish.” – Cover

First Day

First Day : The Series is a webseries that will have eight episodes (or webisodes!), and is about a high school student who gets to relive her first day at a new school over and over, like Groundhog Day. It is brought to you by the same company who produce the Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl television shows, so quality is assured.

New Moon: Ready for Borrowing!

In the spirit of being really onto it, Wellington City Libraries has New Moon on DVD for you. Reserve it now (everyone else will)! It’s not even afternoon yet.

Special features include “Team Jacob v Team Edward: The Ultimate Love Triangle”.

Our copies came complete with three T-shirts, so there may be a giveaway right here on the blog soon.

Entertainment Weakly

Here is some entertainment news! Tickets for Eclipse go on sale tomorrow, WELL in advance of the first screening but you can’t never be too quick with these things can you? Reading Cinemas is on Facebook and Twitter, should you want more immediate information about this historic occasion.

Also a new series of Glee begins tomorrow in the US of A, at long last. But it’s difficult to find out when it begins on television here, unfortunately! A bit like Vampire Diaries, it is a mystery. So until then, here are a couple of promos.


John Marsden’s ever-popular Tomorrow, When the War Began (see also our Top 10 Books with Death and Destruction), is being made into a movie. Yes! That’s right! And the trailer has been released.  You can watch it in HD on the official site, at this link. Or just watch this non-HD embedded clip.

It stars Lincoln Lewis, who was? is? in Home and Away, and is perhaps an Australian Taylor Lautner. He is interviewed here.

Michael & Anna’s Supercool Movie

Michael Cera, so uncool he’s supercool (Superbad, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Year One, Juno…) is going to be on a big screen near you quite soon (Augusty), in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, where he finds himself – in order to win the heart of Ramona Flowers – having to defeat seven (count ’em, seven) evil ex-boyfriends.

The movie also stars Anna Kendrick, who you’ve seen in the Twilight movies (Jessica), but there’s no Taylor Lautner.

Here’s the trailer:

Eclipse continues teasing

This time for one minute and thirty three seconds. Which is a whole lot longer than ten seconds. More of Taylor.

Eclipse you tease you

A 10-second teaser for a trailer (I know) for the next Twilight film, Eclipse. The 90-second trailer will become available on the 11th at 6am PST (that’s Pacific Standard Time, a US timezone), which is, uh, 3am tomorrow morning? Maths is hard.

Anyway, here’s the 10-second trailer, which has a shirtless Taylor Lauuuuuutner

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