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Win a copy of Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Would you like a copy of Insurgent by Veronica Roth? How about a copy that you can wipe clean even after you spill a drink on it, because it comes wrapped in the classic library protective plastic? Of course you do. Go to the Teen Blog Facebook page, be one of the first three YA cardholders to answer a very easy question and you can (w)insurgent. Cool? Cool.

Enter Quiz, Win iTunes Voucher

Have you entered the Hunger Games quiz over on our Facebook page yet? There are ten multi-choice questions to answer, get them correct and you’ll be entered into the draw to win a $100 iTunes voucher. You can enter as many times as you like to shoot for 100% (only one correct entry per person though) and all YA cardholders are eligible. Entries close at 5:30pm on Monday June 18, so there is still plenty of time left.

The quiz can be found along the top of the page, just underneath the cover photo. Here is a picture that shows you exactly where:


Here is a sample question to try:

Good luck, you guys!

Trailer Tuesday

There’s a new Tintin trailer out and it looks sooo action packed and exciting! Watch the first (more subdued) one here.

This blog is mostly about items in the “Young Adult” area of the library and the trailer below is about a movie called “Young Adult”, just ideal really.

Fans of either dance movies and exploding buses should be entertained by the new Footloose movie. Yes, a bus explodes.

See you next time at the movies!

SesaGlee Street

Hey Gleeks, this is really funny. It’s a Sesame Street parody of Glee, it makes learning about the letter “G” fun #infotainment.

You can enjoy the real version of Glee right here on DVD and CD and Sesame Street on DVD too.

Guess Who Competition

While the Rugby World Cup is in action Wellington City Libraries have a competition running that gives you the chance to win an official RWC rugby ball, shirt, scarf, pins & keyring (RRP $200) kindly donated by the Wellington City Council. What do I have to do to win all that sweet swag you say? Well, have a look at the silhouettes of the eight famous number tens below…

Do you recognise any of them? Yes, no, maybe? You can take a guess and enter here (the names are listed, so even if you’re not a rugby scholar like me you still have a good shot). You have to be 14 and over to enter and the winner will be announced on the 30th of October so get your entries in before then, ok?

Terms & Conditions of entry:

  1. Contestants must be over the age of 14 years
  2. Contestants must be current members of Wellington City Libraries
  3. Only one entry from each library card holder will be accepted
  4. Wellington City Libraries and their families are not permitted to enter
  5. The Prizewinner gives his/her permission to Wellington City Libraries to display photos and/or publish his/her name.

Please note: the judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Rock Fight!

Two noteworthy music videos were released yesterday and they will battle it out on your computer screens in our new feature, Rock Fight! How exactly do pieces of film set to music battle you ask? By being watched sequentially and then voted on in the comments. Easy.

Our first combatants in the ring are The Beastie Boys featuring Santigold with Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win off their album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

Good stuff, Beasties! (FYI; Santigold’s album is here)

Taking them on in this titanic struggle is Rebecca Black with her new song, My Moment. She doesn’t have an album yet because she is such a fresh new artist, but I understand an ep is in the works, look for it coming to the library soon!

Nice one, Rebecca!

Now that you’ve sized up both contenders, vote for your favourite in the comments. Who will win the Rock Fight!?!

Trailer Tuesday

This week it is a special E3 edition of Trailer Tuesday. Hurrah! Games!

One of the most exciting things previewed at E3 this year was not actually a game, rather a new Nintendo console, the Wii U.

Pretty sweet, right? There isn’t an official release date, so don’t start holding your breath just yet.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is getting some game of the year buzz based on this trailer

Fair enough too. Sadly (for XBox 360 owners like me) it’s a PS3 exclusive. Out November-ish.

There is a new Assassins Creed game on the way, Assassins Creed Revelations.

No gameplay in there, but doesn’t it look cool? Well, doesn’t it? 15th November on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

This trailer for Halo 4 is the epitome of a “teaser trailer”

We can assume it will be awesome though. Out sometime in 2012.

If you would like to read more about E3 and games in general, look insde the pages of these magazines; Playstation: Official Magazine and 360 XBox

Bye for now!



Single sentence descriptions of the newest graphic novels in the YA section.

Archie Marries… Archie gets married, twice, but only in daydreams.
Doctor Who: Final Sacrifice. A civil war on an alien world equals trouble!
Archie: Best of the Seventies book 2. Archie as Ziggy Stardust amongst other things.
Superman: War of the Supermen. Superman squares off against other supermen.
The Amazing Spiderman: The Gauntlet, Juggernaut. Title says it all really.
The Flash: The dastardly death of the Rogues. Like Minority Report, but if Tom Cruise was super fast.
Thor: The mighty avenger. This comes with two bonus classic Thor stories- value!
Thor: The first thunder. Loki is like Thor’s Joker and he is causing all sorts of mayhem in this one.
Ultimate Thor. More of the Thor, he looks like the bassist in a metal band on the cover.
X-Men forever: Devil in a white dress! Chris Claremont wrote this, which is a big deal.
X-Men forever 2: Back in action! He wrote this one too, also a big deal.
Namor, the first mutant: Curse of the mutants. Nammor decides to join the X-Men – mutant friends!
Excalibur: The legend of King Arthur. You know, sword, stone, Merlin, etc.

Trailer Tuesday

More trailers! Because it is Tuesday!

Jane Eyre will be in cinemas on March 11, but perhaps you want to read the book first? Reserve it here.

Radiohead’s new album King Of Limbs is available for download here, but physical copies won’t be out until May, thus we don’t have it yet. If you are undecided whether to buy it or not, consider this video of first single Lotus Flower the trailer…


Trailer Tuesday: Proms and Superheroes

Movie trailers this week!

Prom is an upcoming teen-dramady with a self-explanatory title. Boy trouble, anxiety, secrets, anticipation and apparently a fire are all on the cards. Opening June 2nd, official trailer below…

Also coming in June (the 16th to be more specific) is The Green Lantern. Starring Ryan Reynolds and featuring Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison, it looks to be an action filled romp (obvs) and is also presented in 3D in selected theaters (again, obvs). Official site here and trailer below…

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