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SubText08 is over

SubText08 ended last Friday at the ‘Many Questions’ non-pub pub quiz. A dozen participants turned up to answer questions while riding a sugar high. The winning team, The Fresh Princesses of Brooklyn, narrowly won the quiz and received book vouchers and the SubText08 Champ trophy (hand-crafted from polystyrene). Jessica won last week’s draw of a $40 book voucher, and Melissa won the main prize, an iPod. Congratulations to all of you!

Thanks to everyone who participated. We still have a few prizes left to give away and will be sending those out shortly. If you have the time we’d greatly appreciate it if you could fill in this survey.

Keep reading this blog to learn about future happenings planned for youth!

SubText08 Quizzes: The Answers

Now that SubText08 is all over we can give you the answers to the six quizzes that ran during the programme. The percentage of people who answered each question correctly is noted with each answer. If you want to know how well you did personally, leave a comment and I will (eventually) email you.

The answers are within!

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SubText: last chance…

Hey, just a reminder: your last chance to submit quizzes and reviews is 12pm tomorrow (Friday)…

Have fun!

SubText08 Survey

SubText08 wraps up this Friday. We have a little survey for participants – if you send it in we will give you an extra chance to win the final prize, but if you’d rather remain anonymous that’s fine.

You can also leave any comments about the programme on this website.


The final SubText08 Quiz …

… is all ready to go. You will find it here. It’s not so difficult as some of the other quizzes; it will be a walk in the park if you search for the answers online.

This is the final week of SubText, and if you’ve not done all the other quizzes it is not too late. Every completed quiz increases your chance to win. (Unless you’re not registered in SubText. Ha ha.)

Edit: The winner of last week’s draw is Rosemary! Congratulations on your sparkling, new $40 book voucher.

Week Six Theme: DVDs

subtext logoHello out there. You’ll be pleased to know that the theme for the final week of SubText 08 is DVDs. Nice and easy.

So, this means you get not one but two entries into the weekly draw (and the final draw for the iPod) if you send us a review of a DVD you’ve watched recently from the library’s collection. This week is your last chance to enter (before 12pm Friday 29 August), so don’t forget!

We will also have the weekly SubText quiz* ready for you to do on Monday (doing that (and getting it 100% right) will also give you a chance to win), so brush up on your movie general knowledge.


* Next month we’ll publish all the answers, so trivial mysteries will be revealed in due course.

Subtext News

Tonight is the penultimate SubText08 event! It will be at the Kilbirnie library, and begins at 6pm. Details can be found here. There is only one more week to go, so get in your reviews and quiz answers.

Unfortunately, due to illness, the next quiz (and theme) won’t be ready until next Monday. Which is okay as that’s when the next draw will be announced anyway! Sorry about that.

Subtext News

The fourth SubText08 draw was done by the delightful Andrea, and the winner was … Jess! Who also won last week, so double congratulations to you.

Newtown’s Teen Idol 2 went off really well on Friday night – the crowd was small to begin with but grew into quite a crowd fairly quickly. Prizes were dished out and pizza (the official food of SubText08) devoured. The most popular song of the night was So Sick by ‘occasional rapper’, Ne-Yo.

Interesting facts:
1. Ne-Yo’s real name is Shaffer Smith
2. Newtown was named by an earlier hotelier who hoped a new town would grow up around his hotel.
3. Here is an old postcard depicting the Newtown Library.

Week Five Theme: Non-Fiction

The theme for next week is non-fiction, which includes biography, poetry and plays. Any reviews received that are for a non-fiction book will earn a bonus chance to win!

The quiz is also ready to go – you may find it here. Some of the questions are quite challenging, and you will need to look up some of the answers (try Google, or Wikipedia). Completing the quiz will earn you one chance to win; getting 100% will get you two chances to win. 

Good luck!

(This week’s draw will be done on Monday, as those who go to tonight’s event at Newtown will also be in the running to win.)

Subtext News

The third weekly Subtext08 draw was done by Stu, who wears a wig, a hard hat and a matching polyester vest. The winner of a $40 book voucher was Jessica – congratulations!

Don’t forget the next Subtext event is next week. Until then, do try the Classics quiz.

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