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Product placement

Borders (the bookshop) has a Facebook page for teens and teen-books called Borders Ink. It’s has lots of updates and links about all things YA-book-related. You will (of course) need to be a member of Facebook to read it.

Borders also has a blog devoted to science fiction, and it’s really rather good. Read it here, sci-fi fans! They also have some YA booklists; even one called Banned Books You’ve Gotta Read, many of which we have at the library (I’ll add it to our fantastic booklists at some stage).

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Book clubs is a new application for Facebook, where students – or anyone, really – can discuss books and similar subjects with others around the planet. You can create your own online reading group or join one that may be of interest – you can browse them by subject, or do a search. You can also see what the ‘top books’ are, and create your own personal library, so you – and anyone else – can see what you have read. (Via the SLJ.)

Free Realms very nearly open

Free Realms, the mostly free MMO from Sony, opens today (the website is currently under maintenance in preparation). It’s a game for all ages, and is laden with minigames, pets, PvP, cardgames, and all that. People who have played it seem to love it and find plenty of things to do.

Check out the trailer for it below:

Similarly, take a gander at Wizard101, another MMO for all ages.

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