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Librarian’s Choice Best of 2008: Raewyn’s Pick

Paper Towns by John Green

Book CoverQuentin Jacobsen is a genius! He hangs out with geniuses and he has a perfect attendance record at high school! NERD you might say, but then one night, Margo Roth Spiegelman, the girl next door he has loved from afar all his life, climbs into his bedroom window dressed for stealth and wanting HIM! Well his driving skills actually, as she sets out on a night of revenge on her ex-boyfriend and others. Think photo of ex running down the street with items of his anatomy hanging out and dead fish under seats of cars! Then the next day she disappears, leaving him clues to follow as to where he might find her. His friends help to try and solve the puzzle but will it end with them finding her alive or dead?

~ Raewyn

‘The Nostradamus Prophecy’ Review

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The Nostradamus Prophecy, by Anna Breslin (468 pages) ~

A prophecy of death, made in France in 1566 by Nostradamus, concerning the young King Charles, makes his mother nervous and she relies more and more on the soothsayer, believing he can truly see the future. Melisande with her sister Chantelle and their father are musicians attached to the court and when Chantelle becomes betrothed to the young man she is in love with, their lives seemed filled with happiness.

But the Angel of Death hangs over the court and, in the prophecy, its wings are outstretched over Chantelle. When she dies, Melisande is compelled to escape the royal court and with the help of Melchior and his leopard, Paladin, she makes her way to Nostradamus’ town to seek his help. While living under his roof she becomes adept at making medicines in his apothecary shop and finds she too has the gift of prophecy. Forces are at work within the kingdom which she cannot escape and once again Melisande finds herself having to rely on strangers to keep herself alive long enough to fulfil her destiny. Lots of history and intrigue. 5 stars


‘Shadow of the Mountain’ Review

Shadow of the Mountain, by Anna Mackenzie (222 pages) ~

Geneva has climbed mountains before but almost a year ago her best friend Stephen fell and died. Since then life has been just a little different for her family, with her mother not getting up most days and not taking any interest in what is happening in her family. On an impulse Geneva decides to go for a climb at the local wall climbing venue and meets up with Simon, a real pain, and Angus, a bit of a nice guy really, and enjoys herself enough to agree to go on their weekend climb. She becomes hooked again and not only with the mountain climbing! Her aim is to climb Kaitiaki, the mountain she can see from her home but can she face her fears and scale the mountain where Stephen fell to his death?

Good NZ life adventure. Well worth the time.

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