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Breaking Dawn Part one trailer you guys

I just feel sorry for whoever has to repair that windowsill 🙁

Slow Loris. Sloth.

Slow Loris.



Slow Loris (library book).

New Magazines 27/01/11

Humour! Console gaming! Gender conformity! Martin Henderson! Fashion! Kung Fu Panda 2! How to make a pompom necklace! All this (and more!) in this week’s new mags. 

Simpsons Comics Present #23
Simpsons Comics #169
Australia & NZ XBox 360 Magazine#63
Dolly – January 2011
Teen Vogue – February 2011
Entertainment Weekly – #1136 & #1137

New Magazines 27/10/10

Entertainment Weekly #1123 – Justin Timberlake on why he’s choosing acting over music. Why, Justin? Why?
Playstation October 2010 – So many games, so little time.
Simpsons Classics #23 – “lol”
Official Australia and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #60 – A new, more inclusive title for this, the “5th Birthday Collectors’ Edition”
Seventeen November 2010 – ‘Get Pretty Faster (So You Can Sleep Later)’ | AMAZING HAIR | Animal prints 🙁
White Dwarf October 2010 – The Island of Blood Mega Battle

New Mags 21/07/2010

Here are the latest, most recent additions to our major YA mag collection.

Teen Vogue August 2010 – The ‘Denim Issue’ (no ‘jorts’ thankfully) | Also, military styles seem in | “Bangs look gorgeous on all hair types”
White Dwarf July 2010
XBox 360 : Official Australian Magazine #56 – Crysis 2 | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II | Deus Ex : Human Revolution | etc
Entertainment Weekly
#1109 – The stars of Eclipse | Stars | Glamour | The Silver Screen | etc
Simpsons Comics
#163 – etc
July 2010 Includes an Eclipse ‘magazine’ | “I didn’t wash my hair for a year” | Dress like Dakota Fanning | Latest Glee Goss (Gless? Glossip?)

Hello birdie

Landcare Research would like your help for the 2010 Garden Bird Survey. It takes an hour, and all you need to do is count the different bird species you see in your backyard, school, park, garden, or meadow (I think that covers it). It’s been going on for a few years now, and the results are used to find out if common bird populations are increasing or decreasing. SO if you want to do it you can go to this webpage and download an identification flyer with a recording form. Will house sparrows win for the fourth year running? Will silvereyes make a late resurgence?

Smart Girls at the Party

Smart Girls at the Party is a digital TV series in which Amy Poehler interviews girls who do really cool stuff (the latest has someone who makes robots! And also is an archer). It’s won a Webby! And it is also very funny. And inspiring. You should watch it (the second series has just begun).

New Magazines 17/06/10

Transworld Skateboarding June 2010 – Ollie over to frontside bluntside | Bump to frontside boardside | Switch backside lipside | Frontside feeble grind | Pop shove-it five-O
Australian Mad Magazine #457
Creme July 2010 – Smile! The Happiness Issue | Fashion and beauty tips for girls, mainly
Playstation Magazine June 2010 – World exclusive of Star Wars II : The Force Unleashed | ’10 things you can see in videogames that don’t actually exist (anymore)’
Entertainment Weekly #1104 – Lots of stuff about Glee! | Lots of other stuff! | Stuff
Simpsons Comics #162
White Dwarf June 2010

The Seventeen Magazine Project

As you perhaps know, we carry Seventeen magazine. We usually have two copies of each issue! I think they send us an extra copy? Anyway, an eighteen-year-old named Jamie Keiles is heroically attempting to “spend one month living according to the gospel of Seventeen Magazine”. It’s a difficult task, but she’s doing it so you and I don’t have to. Read her blog, The Seventeen Magazine Project, here.

New Magazines 4/06/10

Entertainment Weekly #1102 & #1103 – Something something about SATC2 | the Lost finale! | lots of reviews and upcoming television shows we might get to see ONE DAY
Seventeen June/July ’10 – Get your best bikini body! | Hair that won’t frizz! | Twilight exclusives! | HOY GUY MAG insert
Teen Vogue June/July ’10 – More summer stuff | Be very prepared sartorially for NZ summer I guess? | Fashion tips from young Hollywood’s A-list
Girlfriend June ’10 – Interviews with Justin Bieber (‘Don’t stop Beliebing’) | Embarrassing boyfriends | Flip the magazine over and it’s a Girlfriend Ball Spesh | Celeb Worship Syndrome
Dolly May ’10 Something about Miley Cyrus | DIY double denim (?) | Oversharers Anonymous | The ‘online survival guide’
Simpsons Classics #22
XBox 360 #55 – First look at Call of Duty : Black Ops | F.E.A.R. 3 | More reviews

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