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New Non-Fiction

Man, there’s still so much non-fiction coming in. Pretty sweet if you enjoy facts, am I right? Rather than describe them all – the titles give away enough clues as far as the content goes – here they are in list form.

Waves: great stories from the surf – Tim Baker
The Twilight saga: the official illustrated guide
101 things I learned in fashion school
– Alfredo Cabrera and Matthew Frederick
Cat on a hot tin roof – Tennesse Williams
Let’s get this staright: the ultimate handbook for youth with LGBTQ parents – Tina Fakhrid-Deen
Indie craft – Jo Waterhouse
Tees: the art of the t-shirt – Maki
The complete book of drawing manga – Peter Gray
Weirdo noir: gothic and dark lowbrow art – Matt Dukes Jordan
Illustration now – Gregoire Noyelle and Katy Lee
Rock gods: 40 years of rock photography – Robert M. Knight
Glee: the official annual 2011
DC Comics: year by year visual chronicle

There you go. Lots of interesting topics covered. Reserve them if you would like.

Still More New Non-Fiction

pocket fantasy artPocket fantasy art: the very best in contemporary fantasy art and illustration. Full of pictures that would be equally at home in a White Dwarf magazine or on the cover of a badass metal album. Here are some of the sections to give you an overview; Brawny Barbarians and Hulky Heroes, Sirens and Seductresses, Myths and Monsters.

film school101 things I learned in film school by Neil Landau with Matthew Frederick. Handy hints for every stages of making a film, be it script-writing, filming, editing or even pitching an idea. An indispensible guide for budding filmakers and screenwriters from an accomplished industry veteran.

from sometimesFrom sometimes love Beth: An adventure in postcards by Beth Sometimes. Beth Sometimes wrote a postcard (and drew on the front side too) to someone every day for a year and compiled them as she did so. This is the result. It’s kind of like I zine I guess. Funny and cute images and some postcard facts at the beginning as well.

ready madeReady made: how to make (almost) everything. Chairs, bathmats, aprons, chandeliers – with this book you can make all of these things relatively easily and out of mostly recycled materials. Crazy, right? Fill your house with all of these things and it will make you seem like you are a quirky indie-comedy film character.

diy fashionD.I.Y. Fashion: Customize & Personalize by Selena Francis-Bryden. Do you have some old pants that you don’t like anymore? Just turn it into a skirt, dummy! Do you need a new dress? Cut up your Dad’s old t-shirts and make one yourself, idiot! Turn those old jeans into a tie, or a cushion. Why didn’t you think of that?

top gear top drivesTop Gear: Top drives, road trips of a lifetime in the world’s most dramatic locations. If you are a car enthusiast, maybe this is your bucket list? Photos of fancy cars driving all over the world along with words that describe the photos. Sometimes the cars are themed for the country they are in, like a ute in Australia (lol), sometimes they aren’t, like a Ford Mondeo in Russia.

kelly slaterKelly Slater: for the love by Kelly Slater with Phil Jarratt. Kelly Slater’s real first name is Robert, but Kelly sounds a bit “cooler” and “chill”, so therefore more ideally suited to surfing. That is just one of many Kelly Slater facts in this book. There are lots of nice photos of beaches and other nice photos of Kelly Slater moodily staring off into the middle distance.

Now here are some books that list things. The titles are self-explanatory, so I need not elaborate. 101 Cult movies you must see before you die, 101 Sc-fi movies you must see before you die, 501 Great artists, 1001 Albums you must hear before you die and 1001 Songs you must hear before you die. That’s an awful lot of things to get through before you die, best get to it.

Trailer Tuesday

Here are the the trailers for this Tuesday, the seventh day of June.

The most noteworthy one is Breaking Dawn, obviously.

OMG, is that u, Taylor bb? U look so buff! RPattz who? #teamlautner

Here is the second trailer for The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

You know how I would get out of this mess? Use the gas to make smart bears and then be nice to them so they would help fight the apes. #teamursidae

Torment by Lauren Kate – won Most Angelic Angel Falling to Earth category in the 2011 Moby Awards for book trailers

Lastly, this book trailer for Wild Fire didn’t win the Worst Book Trailer category in the Moby Awards (it was nominated), but perhaps it should’ve.

More New Non-Fiction

Here is some more of the new non-fiction, hurrah!

top gearThe big book of Top Gear 2010. I am sure you have seen the television show and therefore have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The cover says that this time they are slightly on fire, so there is sure to be at least one dangerous mishap. At least.

michipediaWhat on earth are you wearing? A Michipedia of fashion by Chloe Quigley. Before thumbing through this book I was uncertain as to what exactly a “Michipedia” was. I now see that it is like an encyclopedia, but more fashion-y, water colour illustrated and with a humorous intent. Nothing like some fashion lolz.

graffiti planetGraffiti Planet 2 compiled and introduced by KET. It’s a book of graffiti from all over the planet and is the second volume in its’ particular series. More than a hundred images from a bevy of artists. That’s right, a bevy.

how to rapHow to rap: The art and science of the hip-hop MC by Paul Edwards. Rappers explaining how they go about their rapping so that you too can be a rapper. Which is nice of them. Tip: pay closer attention to what the likes of Pharoahe Monch and the Wu-Tang kids have to say than Will.I.Am, you’ll be better off.

how to talk to girlshow to talk to boysHow to talk to boys by Dianne Todaro and How to talk to girls  by Jonathan Toussaint. Two books filled with tips on how to talk to the opposite sex. Then what to do once you’ve used your new-found flirting skills to enter into a meaningful relaish. Also there are authentic real life stories inside.

Even more coming soon!

New Magazines 26/4/11

Entertainment Weekly #1148 #1149 Robert Pattinson has moved beyond Twilight (so he says) and Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in an animated series called The Governator (seriously?!?)
Bart Simpson #42 Bart rides a camel on the cover. Does so inside too we assume.
Simpsons Comics #150 The name of the story inside is How Sweet It Ain’t
Seventeen May 2011 200+ swimsuits, Look hot in a bikini, 859 ways to get pretty for summer. Summer is a long way off, but get ready now, maybe?
Creme May 2011 I have just calculated that 90% of celebrities claim to have been “the biggest geek” in high school, source – this magazine.
XBOX 360 May 2011 There is a cover story about Skyrim. Man, I want Skyrim sooooo bad. Wake me up in November pls.

A Long List Of Graphic Novels

x-factorcaptain britainnovaessential dazzlerbatman hong kong

I can scarcely believe the rate at which new graphic novels are arriving. All of the newest ones are listed beneath this sentence.

Patsy Walker, Hellcat. Like Catwoman, but with a yellow costume and more social responsibility.
X-Statix: Volume 1. They use static electricity to stamp out crime.
X-Statix: Volume 2. See above.
X-Statix: Volume 3, Dead Girl. See above and add a dead girl to the mix.
X-Statix: Volume 4, vs The Avengers. See above and add a duel with The Avengers.
Batman: Hong Kong. Batman goes manga!
Sword of the atom. A very tiny man rides a frog and battles snakes. With a sword.
Essential Dazzler: Volume 1. The first (and most?) essential collection of dazzling adventures.
Essential Dazzler: Volume 2. More of the same, really.
Essential X-Factor: Volume 1. Are these guys friends with the X-Men, or am I mistaken?
Essential X-Factor: Volume 2. Yet another companion piece to an above entry.
Nova: Knowhere. Nova looks pretty sweet. Like half Magneto, half Iron Man.
Nova: Secret Invasion. Nova must thwart secret invaders.
Nova: Annihilation Conquest. Nova must thwart a nasty sounding plan.
Nova: Nova Corps. Nova recruits some other dudes into a sort of army to help out.
Nova: War of Kings. Nova has to resolve a dispute between bickering monarchs.
Captain Britain: Vampire State. He has a Union Jack on his chest.
Captain Britain: Hell comes to Birmingham. I guess they are in a relegation battle.
Captain Britain: Secret Invasion. He should probably ask Nova for advice.
Star Wars: The Old Republic, Volume One. It’s based on a video game.
Formerly known as the Justice League. They must be going through a difficult phase. Like Prince.
X-Factor: Time and a half. Superheroes work on holidays too.
Aztek: The ultimate man. Ultimate man? Does he bring breakfast in bed every morning? Hey-oh!

Most. Comic Books. Ever.


There are seventeen new YA graphic novels. Seventeen. Titles and brief descriptions to follow.

X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain, mutated heroes 1940s style.
Spiderman Noir: Eyes without a face, mutated hero 1940s style.
Fall of the Hulks: Prelude, the Hulks begin to fall.
Hulk vs X-Force, heroes square off in Marvel-ous battle. See what I did there?
Four Eyes: Volume One, it’s a dragon with four eyes, not a heroic kid with glasses. A shame.
Daredevil: The Devil’s hand, this is a radically different chapter in our hero’s book.
Siege: Dark Avengers, The Avengers are under siege. When are they not?
Clive Barker’s the thief of always, a haunted holiday house that sucks in children. Scary.
Captain America: Two Americas, imagine if there were two Americas? Six Jonas brothers!
The brave and the bold: Milestone, sounds like a daytime soap. But it’s not.
JSA: Strange adventures, the gang goes on unusual jaunts.
Black Panther: Power, Black Panther is a girl now and she kicks butt.
DC Universe: Origins, how the DC heroes came to be, basically.
Deadpool: Suicide Kings, punching, slicing, shooting, etc.
Superman/Batman: Big noise, when these two get together, cover your ears I guess.
Buffy the vampire slayer: Retreat, Buffy was ahead of it’s time with the vampires and werewolves.

As I was writing this post another twenty-three YA graphic novels arrived, making the title of this post almost immediately redundant. Keep your eyes on this blog and the nifty folder attached to the shelf in Central for all the new stuff.

Narrative Works Conveyed Using Sequential Art

Batman; Whatever happened to the caped crusader?Batman; Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader? By Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert. It appears that Batman is dead! Robin reminisces about the time Batman punched a dinosaur in the face and how cool he was. The Joker has a Jokermobile and it’s all so conceptual. Good stuff from Mr. Coraline.

The Avengers; Red ZoneThe Avengers; Red Zone by Olivier Coipel. It’s another pickle for the Avengers! This time Red Skull has infiltrated the American government (which must be particularly galling for Captain America) and he plans to release a biological weapon. Iron Man would probably be ok in his iron suit, but he helps out anyway because he’s just an unselfish and helpful kind of guy.

The Vornov PlotThe Voronov Plot by Yves Sente and Andre Juiliard. Our lads Blake and Mortimer are charged with averting the threat of a biological weapon (yes, another biological weapon) and must also smoke from pipes the entire time (that’s what it looks like anyway). They’d better succeed, as world peace depends on it!

Final Crisis; RevelationsFinal Crisis; Revelations by Greg Rucka, Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion. There’s a new god in town, an evil new god! Darkseid instructs his followers in a religion based on crime, which sounds fun for a little bit, until you realise how inconvenient it would be if eveyone just stole things all day long. Spectre, The Question and Batwoman to the rescue then.

Green Lantern; Rage of the Red LanternsGreen Lantern; Rage of the Red Lanterns by Geoff Johns. Arriving in time to whet your appetite for the upcoming movie are a few new Green Lantern graphic novels, such as this one. This time the Green Lantern is in hot water with the Red Lanterns and must use every inch of his powers to save his hide.

Some New Graphic Novels

zorroZorro. Volume 2, Clashing Blades by Matt Wagner. Our hero, el Zorro, is pursued by some over zealous military officers who hope to impress a girl by capturing him. The girl of course is in love with the ever rascally Zorro, who will of course escape because he is of course a bad, bad man. Action a-plenty. Adapted from the Isabel Allende novel.

wolverine vs hulkUltimate Wolverine vs. Hulk by Damon Lindelof, illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. A closely matched fight if ever I saw one, worth a few dollars on pay-per-view for sure. Rather than ruin the ending (you’ll have to read it to find out), here are some interesting facts; the author is a co-creator of TV series Lost and Wolverine also finds time to fight a panda (really, a panda).

the listThe List by Brian Michael Bendis. Fresh off their deathmatch from one paragraph ago, Wolverine and the Hulk are now fighting on the same side against the evil Norman Osborn. They are joined by Spiderman, The Punisher, Captain America, Daredevil and seemingly every other Marvel superhero in excistence. This Norman Osborn chap is quite the fearsome villain you see.

superman new kryptonSuperman; New Krypton volume 2. A long lost part of Krypton is miraculously restored on Earth along with its also long lost Kryptonian citizens. Sadly, humankind doesn’t get along so well with the newcomers and there’s all sorts of conflict. Superman gets torn between his old home and his new home which is emotionally draining. Poor old Superman.

New Graphic Novels

Hulk no moreHulk. Volume 3, Hulk no more  by Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuiness. Hulk and his buddies, Silver Surfer, Dorma and the other guy have all lost their girlfriends to evil, on their wedding days too! To get them back they must fight Red Hulk, a guy called Tigershark (who has Adamantium teeth!) and two other nogoodniks. Spiderman turns up to crack some wise as well.

study in scarletA Study In Scarlet adapted by Ian Edington from the original text by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes gets an action-packed graphic novel adaptation. Follow our tweed-clad hero as he investigates a murder, meets Watson for the first time, sleuths up a storm and smokes a curved pipe.

witch and wizardWitch and Wizard battle for Shadowland by James Patterson. Have you always wondered what happened inbetween the first and second “Witch and Wizard” novels by James Patterson? Now you can find out in graphic novel form. Reviews said things like “basically non-stop action” and “action-packed” so, you know, expect action. Also magic, the protagonists are a witch and wizard after all.

Simpsons comic extravaganza by Matt Groening. Lots of Simpson-y adventures collected in one handy volume. On a related note; what is your favourite Simpsons episode? A friend and I discussed this the other day and it was very difficult to decide. It is a worthy debate that could probably spawn a top ten list…

The Odyssey by Gareth Hinds. Books get adapted into graphic novels all the time, epic poems, not so much. Homer’s The Odyssey is one such instance and it’s rather good too, not only does it practically count as studying for Classics, but it’s entertaining at the same time. Your correspondent awaits a similar version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with baited breath.

Also new this week are Ouran High School Host Club volumes one, two and three. It’s a self-described screwball romantic comedy in which our heroine, Haruhi, must work at a club dressed as a boy in order to repay a sizable debt. Smooth sailing does not follow.

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