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ThumbScribes is a platform for creating collaborative content. Co+Create haiku, poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas, exquisite corpse and songs, real time or asynchronously with your computer, tablet, cell phone or even IM.’ It’s currently in beta, but you can join up and co-create (or ‘co+create’!) anything, really. See? What can it meeean?

New Magazines 12/01/11

Hey guys! Here are the newest magazines. At last – we were all on holiday pretty much, so they (the magazines) didn’t get put out as soon as possible.

Entertainment Weekly #1131, #1132, and #1133 – Some guy called Taylor Swift is entertainer of the year? He was great as a Deatheater in that Twilight movie. (Just kidding. Ha ha.)
Creme February 2011 – Full of this year’s star guides, if you belieeeeve. Apparently I need my freedom, so don’t try to pin me down! Lucky colour: lime green (?!)
Girlfriend January 2011 
Seventeen February 2011 – I had to check the year on the cover, as inside the magazine says denim shorts are still in fashion. Was it an issue from 2008? But no, 2011.
Official Australian and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #61 & #62 – Would it be boastful of me to say that Santa brought me an Xbox360? Probably!
Simpons Treehouse of Horror #16, Simpsons Comics #168, and Bart Simpson : Prank Pitchman #40

Cover to Cover

Cover to Cover is Kerikeri High School’s library blog, and it has loads of content! Loads of excellent content that we wish we had (and maybe will have soon, haha). Anyway, do take a look!

Beiberbio II

Last week? Two weeks ago? I pointed out that Justin Beiber’s autobiography is due. Well! Good news. You can hear excerpts being read below.


Justin Bieber has written an autobiography! Is there nothing he can’t turn his hand to? We will get it at the library, but it might be a while. (System upgrade, you see.)

New Magazines 8/7/10

It’s been ages since the last New Mags post. An eternity in magazine years.

Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #11 – Funny! And scary (not really).
Transworld Skateboarding July 2010 – The AM issue | Today’s best AMs | AM AM AM
Creme August 2010 – Are you the girl for Justin Bieber? | Have a Twilight-themed sleepover | Creme meets TayLaut
Kiwi Surf #119 – Surf | surfing | surfers
Dolly June/July 2010 – ‘My stalker became my boyfriend’ | Dolly Teen Choice Awards 2010 | etc
Playstation Magazine July 2010 – Games reviewed | etc
Entertainment Weekly #1107 – True Blood | etc
Entertainment Weekly #1108 – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo | etc

New Magazines 18/05/10

Entertainment Weekly #1101 – Iron Man 2 | reviews and more
Transworld Skateboarding May 2010 – Frontside half-cab flip | switch crooks | switch tre flip | switch frontside big-spin wallride | frontside bluntside kickflip out | frontside crooked grind nollie big-spin transfer | and more
XBox 360
#54 – Fable III | Red Dead Redemption | Mafia II | Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 | + more
White Dwarf May 2010 – War of the Ring BATTLEHOSTS | BLOOD ANGELS |Painting masters
Playstation Magazine May 2010 – UFC 2010 | Red Dead Redemption | Just Cause 2 | + more
Simpsons Comics #161 – ‘Game on!’ spesh

Intoxibel las

Tyra Banks (who is on the telly!) has landed a deal to write a series of YA books. The books will be like Top Model meets Harry Potter, according to the article. Which would be terrifying, if last week”s NTM was any indication. It will be titled Modelland. It will be out in about a year’s time.

New Magazines 5/5/10

Entertainment Weekly #1099/1100 – this is two issues in one! It is the ‘Summer Movie Preview’ (obv our winter is the USA’s summer)
Entertainment Weekly #1098 – A celebration of The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary | and loads of other entertainment news
Australian Mad Magazine #456
Kiwi Surf June/July ’10 Comes with a DVD of the Rip Curl Pro Search in Portugal. We have four of them to give to the first four comments on this post (we won’t publish your details)
Creme June ’10 – A week in the life of Justin Bieber | Kellan Lutz in his togs | Bags | Shoes | Joe = Demi = Jemi | Dealing with bullying | Dane Rumble – guest editor
Girlfriend May ’10 – Sequined cardies | Modelling scams exposed | Dane Rumble – guest editor
Teen Vogue May ’10 – Fresh summer style (again, our winter etc.) | bowties for girls? | Justin Bieber hints at doing a film about himself
Dolly April ’10 – The Lady Gaga guide to world domination | “I found out my boyfriend died via MSN” | What’s your body happy rating?

New Magazines 22/04/10

Seventeen May 2010 – Perfect Skin without any makeup! | “I use food to cope with my emotions.” | Gradudating | Traumarama
Simpsons Comics #160 – Thirty-two pages of lol
Entertainment Weekly #1097 – Inside Clash of the Titans | Reviews and so forth
Transworld Skateboard April 2010 – 10 Best Nollie Back Heels | Kickflip frontslide crooked grind pop over | Switch treeslide to regular | Fakie five-0 pop out | and more
White Dwarf
April 2010 – Man I do NOT know how these figures can be painted with such detail

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