It’s that time of the week again. There are more new books, and CDs – though not many, like last week. Which is just as well, since everyone is reading Twilight, apparently. (There are some new DVDs but they’re just Simpsons compilations.)

New books!

Shiraz : The Fame Diaries, by Grace Dent (208 pages) – Shiraz Bailey Wood is the spirited star of this novel (this is the fifth in the series). She is a chav (which is what munters are called in the UK) and she wants to be famous. Famous and fabulous!

First Line: ‘I’m not usually made up on being the centre of attention.

The Meaning of Life, by Joanna Nadin (255 pages) – Another book in a series, this is also written in a diary format. It is also very funny, reviewers say.

First line: ‘It is official.’

Ten Mile River : A Novel, by Paul Griffin (186 pages) – Ray and José are best friends, having survived juvenile detention and foster care together. Now they’re hiding in New York, living rough and not going to school.

First line: ‘Ray was bigger but José was boss.’

Appetite for Detention, by Sloane Tanen and Stefan Hagen – this is a picture book, though not for wee kids. The story is told by those little wire chickens you can sometimes buy, and is set in an American high school. It is also the funniest book I have read this year! Funniest! You have to read it.

First line: ‘Professional highlights : $135.00
                Juicy Coutere handbag: $240.00
                Knowing you’ll be the prettiest girl in school: Priceless

 Boofheads, by Mo Johnson (296 pages) – Tom wants to prove that he’s not a boofhead, and somehow winds up writing an agony aunt column with his two best friends (who may or may not be boofheads). 

First line; ‘Change tiptoed into our lives with her eyes down, like a shy chick coming late to class.

Trick of the Tale : A Collection of Trickster Tales, by John and Caitlin Matthews and Tomislav Tomic (85 pages) – A collection of folktales from many different countries and cultures. All feature tricksters who ‘scam, bamboozle, and con their fellow creatures in order to come out on top.’ The illustrations are gorgeous!

First line; ‘One sunny morning, Hare, Otter, Monkey, and Badger were out and about, looking for trouble, when they saw a man with a heavy sack walking along the road.’

New CDs!

Elevator Musiq – Nesian Mystik. This is Nesian Mystik’s third album. You can listen to some tracks on their website.
A Hundred Million Suns – Snow Patrol. Snow Patrol were called ‘Shrug’ at first, and then ‘Polar Bear’. Their website has their latest video! Oh nice.
Camp Rock : The Soundtrack – Various. Camp Rock is a recent Disney channel film featuring the brothers Jonas.