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The Almost Amazing Race: Registrations Closed!

Registrations for the Almost Amazing Race 2.0 are now sadly closed (on account of the race being less than a week away!).

Did you register as an individual saying you’ll register your team later? If you’ve done this then what you need to do now is email us (teenblog@wcl.govt.nz) with the details of your team (names, ages, email addresses, postal addresses, and your team name). We’ll be checking up on you probably anyway.

Want to find out more about the Almost Amazing Race and how come it’s almost amazing? Have a look at this post.

If you’re a registered racer you’ll be receiving vital information before next Friday, but you can always email us if you’ve got a query.

So, keep up with your training regimes (or not) and have an almost amazing time until we see you on Friday the 16th of April.

Potential Racers…

… You have only a few short hours left to get a team together for the Almost Amazing Race 2.0, as registration closes at 5pm today. At the time of writing there is less than four hours remaining! So make like an upward pointing sign and sign up here. Or something.

Almost Amazing Race 2.0: Register Now!

At the end of last week I subtly announced that registrations for this year’s Almost Amazing Race 2.0 are now open. This is the less subtle version:

The Almost Amazing Race 2.0
Friday 16 April 2010
Register your team now!

What is The Almost Amazing Race 2.0?

Teams of max four will race (observing road rules and other laws of the land) around the city, completing challenges that will test them mentally and physically, in order to be the first team to solve the puzzle and be named the winners of The Almost Amazing Race.

So, organise your friends and your wits, make sure you’re free on Friday 16 April, and you could be the almost amazing winners (or failing that, you could have a jolly good time).

You can have a look at last year’s Almost Amazing Race here.

The Almost Amazing Race Summary

Race Statistics

Since, you know, people like statistics (except as a school subject). Here are some facts:

First Place: Team AXD (we should have put pedometers on them)
Second Place: The Bananaramas (fab)
Digital Camera (donated by Noel Leeming yay Noel) Winner: Angelica (hope you enjoy it)
Best Costume: The Extreme Team (in their suits and sunnies)
Best Recycled Mascot: Flurple (with their purple flag thingy)

Will we be doing it again next year? We’d really like to think so, since it was, you know, a blast. Here’s hoping. In the mean time, keep checking in here for news of more library events, happenings, competitions and things like that.

Here’s a neat gallery. Neat!

Liveblogging the Almost Amazing Race

5.06 – and the winners were… Team AXD! Well done! (Sorry, we’ve been too busy trying to tally scores!) We’ll be sticking up some more photos next week. Second place went to The Bananaramas. We’re going to check out now and go clean up.

3:37 – If you’ll notice this next video only took 20 minutes to edit and upload. I like technology again. This is from the compulsory stop.

More later.

– Jack

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Almost Amazing Race Almost Here

The Almost Amazing Race (did you see the article in this week’s Capital Times?) is only a couple of days away. If you’ve registered and sent back the form (signed by a parent or caregiver) that’s great – we are all ready for you. If you haven’t yet posted it in, do bring it in on the day*, as we don’t get our mail on the weekend.

*10am at the Central Library!

And! If you still want to register you can. We will email you the forms to bring back on the day. Or else just come in and join up on the day, though we will need a parent/caregiver signature – otherwise you can’t do it! Which would be a pity.

Jack, Grimm, and I will be live-blogging the event on the day. So exciting.

Some Almost Amazing Hints

the race is nearly hereSaturday is D Day remember for the Almost Amazing Race.

Here are a couple of pieces of information to make your race day a bit easier and maybe more competitive…

1) Library cards. It is highly probable that having a library card (a Wellington City Libraries card, that is) may well earn you some valuable bonus points. In fact, the more team members with library cards the better. If you are registered for the Almost Amazing Race and you don’t have a WCL library card and you would like one (but you just haven’t got around to it yet) there’s still time between now and Saturday! Visit our joining page for info on what you need to do.

2) Bus bus. A quick hint from Ella, race mastermind: you can get a group daytripper bus pass thingy for $12.00 – this would cover all four of you for the whole day. Group passes can be bought from the bus driver (on the bus). This may well come in handy, but isn’t essential/required.

Finally, if you’ve preregistered and haven’t quite got around to sending in your signed confirmation back to us yet: don’t forget!


Almost Amazing, Almost Here

You know how in the post below it says there will be another Almost Amazing Race video up soon? Well how soon is now?

Thanks this time to me for doing all the running and Ella for the direction/camera work. Remember to sign up soon, because places are filling up fast!

Almost Amazing Race Registration Almost Posted

Thanks to everyone who has registered for the Almost Amazing Race – your registration packs will be sent out tomorrow or early next week.

It’s not too late too register, but you may want to be quick! There are already loads of teams and individuals registered.

(A new Youtube video will be released soon. You can view the first two here.)

Almost Amazing Sponsors

The Almost Amazing Race has a number of sponsors; we’d like to thank them for their support and their time!

Here they are:

Noel Leeming (Tory Street, Wellington)
Subway (Manners Street, Wellington)
The Children’s BookShop, Kilbirnie
Department of Conservation
Wellington Zoo

Red Bull
Cancer Society of NZ
Push Play
Recreation Wellington
Wellington City Council

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