Welcome to the Wellington Comic Lover’s (WCL) Guide, where we take you through the Wellington City Libraries’ collection of a comic book character or team. This post is an Awesome Mix of all the comics we have about Marvel’s cosmic outlaw heroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy!

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Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

The legendary Star-Lord. Gamora, the deadliest woman in the galaxy. Drax the Destroyer. Rocket Raccoon. Groot, the Monster from Planet X. This rag-tag group of heroes and mercenaries team up to save the universe from certain annihilation as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

First Formation and Annihilation

The Guardians of the Galaxy first formed as a response to the Annihilation Wave, a horde of extra-dimensional insectoid aliens from the Negative Zone trying to conquer the universe. The team included Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Mantis, Nova, and Phyla-Vell, one of the many heroes to take on the name ‘Captain Marvel’.

Guardians of the Galaxy : road to annihiliation. Vol. 2 / Byrne, John

Annihilation : conquest. Book one

The Thanos imperative / Abnett, Dan

Annihilators : Earthfall / Abnett, Dan

Marvel NOW!

The Guardians of the Galaxy reform to protect the Earth and the rest of the galaxy from interstellar threats, with a team made up of Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket, and Drax. During this period, the team would always be joined by one Earth-based hero; the rotation included Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Venom, Kitty Pryde, and The Thing from the Fantastic Four.

Guardians of the Galaxy [1] : Cosmic Avengers / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

Guardians of the Galaxy [2] : Angela / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

The trial of Jean Grey / Bendis, Brian Michael (crossover with The X-Men)

Guardians of the Galaxy [3] : Guardians disassembled / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

Guardians of the Galaxy [4] : original sin / Bendis, Brian Michael

Guardians of the Galaxy [5] : through the looking glass / Bendis, Brian Michael

Guardians of Knowhere / Bendis, Brian Michael (Secret Wars miniseries)

Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1, Emperor Quill / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

Guardians of the Galaxy : new guard [2] : wanted / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 3, Civil War II / Bendis, Brian Michael (also on Libby)

Guardians of the Galaxy [4] : grounded / Bendis, Brian Michael

All-New Guardians

More heavily inspired by the movies, this run sees the Guardians trying to stop a villain named Requiem from gathering the Infinity Stones.

All-new Guardians of the Galaxy [1] : communication breakdown / Duggan, Gerry

All-new Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2, Riders in the sky / Duggan, Gerry

All-new Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 3, Infinity quest / Duggan, Gerry

Infinity Wars / Duggan, Gerry (also on Libby)

The Final Gauntlet

The Guardians face off against Thanos’ Black Order and a rival team of ‘Dark Guardians’ to prevent the resurrection of Thanos.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1, The final gauntlet / Cates, Donny

Guardians of the Galaxy [2] : faithless / Cates, Donny

This run is also collected in one volume as Guardians of the Galaxy / Cates, Donny

Silver Surfer : black / Cates, Donny

“We’re Super Heroes”

The next series has the Guardians fight the Olympian gods, and later team up with the X-Men and Doctor Doom to fight ‘The Last Annihilation’. Guest members in this run include Hercules, Marvel Boy from the Young Avengers, and Power Prince, a dim-witted alien royal who accidentally swallowed the Power Stone of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Guardians of the Galaxy. 1, Then it’s us / Ewing, Al

The Guardians of the Galaxy [2] : “Here we make our stand” / Ewing, Al

The Guardians of the Galaxy [3] : “We’re super heroes” / Ewing, Al

Infinite destinies

The last annihilation / Ewing, Al

The Guardians in… Grootfall

In their most recent series, the Guardians are sent to a far-off and lawless corner of the galaxy to save it from a threat known only as ‘Grootfall’.

Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1, Grootfall / Kelly, Collin

Tales of the Cosmos – miniseries

These are all the Guardians of the Galaxy miniseries; self-contained stories based around the team from the movies, separate from their main series.

Guardians of the Galaxy : tales of the Cosmos

Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of infinity / Abnett, Dan

Guardians of the Galaxy : telltale games / Van Lente, Fred

Guardians of the Galaxy : Mother Entropy / Starlin, Jim

Monsters unleashed! : battleground

The First Guardians… from the year 3000?

Did you know that the original Guardians of the Galaxy were actually from 1000 years in the future? These Guardians were mostly humans who had evolved to survive on other planets in the solar system, and they occasionally travelled back in time to team up with the Avengers.

Guardians 3000 [1] : time after time / Abnett, Dan

Korvac saga / Abnett, Dan

Guardians Team-Up

Guardians Team-Up is a series that pairs members of the Guardians with other Marvel heroes, like the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Deadpool.

Guardians team-up [1] : Guardians assemble / Bendis, Brian Michael

Guardians team-up [2] : unlikely story / Willingham, Bill

Guardians Solo

These are the series collecting the solo adventures of every Guardian.


Star-Lord : the saga of Peter Quill / Bendis, Brian Michael

Legendary Star-Lord [1] : face it, I rule / Humphries, Sam

Legendary Star-Lord [2] : rise of the Black Vortex / Humphries, Sam

Star-Lord and Kitty Pride / Humphries, Sam

Legendary Star-Lord. Vol. 4, Out of orbit / Humphries, Sam

Star-Lord [1] : grounded / Zdarsky, Chip


Gamora : memento mori / Perlman, Nicole

Thanos : zero sanctuary / Howard, Tini

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon [1] : a chasing tale / Young, Skottie

Rocket Raccoon [2] : storytailer / Young, Skottie

Rocket Raccoon : grounded / Rosenberg, Matthew

Rocket : the blue river score / Ewing, Al


Rocket Raccoon and Groot [0] : bite and bark

Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Vol. 1, Tricks of the trade / Young, Skottie

Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Civil War II / Kocher, Nick

I am Groot / Hastings, Chris

Groot : uprooted / Abnett, Dan


Yondu is actually the name of two different characters, each a member of the Centaurian race; Yondu Udonta of the Guardians from the year 3000, and his ancestor Yondu Udonta of the Ravagers.

Guardians 3000 [1] : time after time / Abnett, Dan

Yondu : my two Yondus / Thompson, Zac


When Flash Thompson possessed the alien symbiote Venom, he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and adopted an armour-plated look as a ‘Space Knight’.

Venom, space knight [1] : agent of the cosmos / Thompson, Robbie

Venom, space knight [2] : enemies and allies / Thompson, Robbie


A Nova is a member of the space-faring police force called the Nova Corps, each gifted a helmet that allows for interstellar flight and energy projection. They are represented on Earth by Richard Rider, who first joined the Guardians in the Annihilation era, and Sam Alexander, a teenager who discovers his missing father’s Nova helmet.

Nova Reading Order

Nova. [Vol. 2], Knowhere / Abnett, Dan

Nova. [Vol. 3], Secret invasion / Abnett, Dan

Nova. [Vol. 4], Nova Corps / Abnett, Dan

Nova : the complete collection. Vol 2 / Abnett, Dan

The infinity gauntlet / Duggan, Gerry (Secret Wars miniseries)

Nova : Sam Alexander / Loeb, Jeph

Nova : the human rocket! : in afterburn / Ryan, Sean

Nova. Vol. 6, Homecoming / Duggan, Gerry

Cosmic Ghost Rider

One of the weirder members of the Guardians was Cosmic Ghost Rider (or simply ‘The Rider’), an alternate universe’s version of the Punisher who became a space-faring Spirit of Vengeance.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Reading Order

Thanos / Cates, Donny (Cosmic Ghost Rider’s first appearance)

Cosmic Ghost Rider : Baby Thanos must die / Cates, Donny

Cosmic Ghost Rider destroys Marvel history / Scheer, Paul

Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider / Hopeless, Dennis

Cosmic Ghost Rider [1] : duel identity / Phillips, Stephanie