This week, I’ve made two hot new discoveries that I think you’re going to love.

The first is this book by Zoë Foster:

Syndetics book coverAmazing face : clever beauty tricks, should-own products and spectacularly useful how-to-do-its / Zoë Foster.
This book came out in 2011 so I was a bit worried that some of the info wouldn’t be that relevant anymore, but WOW was I wrong!

This book is awesome – I learnt heaps about how to improve the condition of my skin (no matter what your skin type, this book can help you!), some great makeup tricks I never would have thought of and even how to volumise my very un-voluminous hair. This woman knows seriously everything about skin, beauty and products. Find it at central!

Zoë Foster is also the genius behind this rad beauty website (I hiiiiighly recommend), and this blog where she talks about her fiction writing. Amazing Face also recently came out as an app, so you can get your beauty hit on the go! You’re welcome.


My other recent discovery is I am really loving the style on this blog and have been finding it super inspiring! (fyi – am now on the lookout for a neon kimono and a beige tulle tutu skirt… So easily persuaded!) This is a collection of some of my fave looks from her page. You can check out her sweet style here or follow her on any of the usual places (my fave is Instagram).


All photos used with the permission of Gabi Gregg at