Oh, spring. Finally!! I recently realised that my wardrobe has a strong bias towards warm weather and summer clothes – things I seldom get to wear here in Wellington!! So I am extra excited to see the return of spring and (hopefully) the start of some nice warm (okay, mild) weather.

To celebrate the start of warmer, brighter days, check out what I’ve been loving lately.

1. Mint bow clutch
I got this little cutie not too long ago, and have been absolutely thrashing it! It’s nice and light to carry, with a touch of vintage whimsy and the gold strap adds both versatility and elegance. Love ♥

photo 1

2. Juicy Couture piñata charm
Negl, I love this SO much. So cute and colourful, this little charm even has a tiny lolly that falls out when you pull it apart. No way!! I’ll admit, it was definitely a splurge purchase, but it was totally worth all the saving up – it’s adorable. Viva la juicy!!

photo 2photo 3

3. Printed pastle snood
I strongly dislike the word ‘snood’… I’m not really sure why. But there’s nothing else to call this thing ’cause it’s a scarf without any ends!! So anyway. Fun print in pastel colours; I wear it a lot. Good price. Win!!

photo 4

4. Ted Baker boston terrier tote
I have a HEAP of stuff that I carry to work in the mornings. Lunch, a second pair of shoes, extra layers, books… a girl has to be prepared!! So, in addition to a handbag, I need something extra to cart all my bulkier bits in. This Ted Baker tote, with bucketloads of charm (plus a 3-dimensional red glitter bow, swoon) does the job perfectly.

photo 2aphoto 3a

5. Betsey Johnson heels
These heels!! I haven’t had nearly enough wear out of these yet, but they are so neutral yet HOT, that I’m sure I will.

 photo 4aphoto 5

6. Corey Lynn Calter leopard dress
I am a huge fan of jungle-themed print on clothing (palm trees, bright tropical flowers, appropriate jungle fauna) but, unfortunately, it’s a style that can look real bad real quick! (Check here for a great example of said nastiness… jungle aerobics, anyone?!) Luckily for me, this Corey Lynn Calter dress gets it so right. Bright, beautiful colours with the obligatory leopard. Will be thrashing this when the warmth comes!!

photo 1a

7. Fluro french nails
At the risk of becoming seriously unpopular, I’m going to say it anyway – I’m not a big fan of nail art. Aside from the fact that I’m no good at doing it, I think it can sometimes look too fussy. Instead, I’ve been mixing up my nail polish repetoire with bright french tips – I love this fluro pink, and french nails with gold tips look great, too (I’m on the lookout for a fluro yellow cheapie nail polish at the mo – gimme a holler if you’ve seen any!). This is by no means a new thing (it’s aaaaaall over Pinterest) but I find it a super sweet (and easy!) way to add some extra colour and interest.

Image via pinterest

While we don’t have any books or DVDs specifically about these designers, Betsey Johnson is featured in both of these:

Syndetics book coverThe tents [videorecording].
New York. The name is enough to make fashionistas weak at the knees. But only a few years ago, New York’s now-famous fashion scene was a mess of mismanagement. THE TENTS traces the genesis of New York as a fashion powerhouse, the success of which is linked almost exclusively to the setting up of “The Tents” at Bryant Park, which finally brought the couture together under one (removable) roof. Featuring interviews with world class designers and fashion personalities such as Caroline Herrera, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Betsey Johnson, Carson Kressley and Miss J Alexander, THE TENTS is an insight into the coveted and glamourous world of New York’s fashion scene…and how it almost failed.

Syndetics book coverPop! : design, culture, fashion, 1956-1976 / Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain, Annamarie Stapleton.
>”POP! Design, Culture, Fashion 1955-1976 explores the impact of music, art and personality on the development of the design and fashion of the times …. Pop! Design, Culture, Fashion 1956-1976 covers all aspects of Pop design in Britain and America, from early rock ‘n’ roll to punk. It looks at record covers and packaging designs by Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton, and the work of fashion designers such as Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki from Biba, Vivienne Westwood and John Stephen of Carnaby Street fame, as well as their contemporaries in America such as Betsey Johnson of Paraphernalia.”–adapted from Publisher’s Website.

She’s also one of the four authors who contributed to this book:

Syndetics book coverRipped : t-shirts from the underground / edited by Cesar Padilla.





And don’t forget dem nails!

Syndetics book coverNail art : inspiring designs by the world’s leading technicians / Helena Biggs.