Aaaaaaand the fashion events in the capital continue!! This week, I suggest you go check out the WOW exhibition at Te Papa. I was once lucky enough to visit the World of WearableArts Museum in Nelson and, if this exhibition is even remotely like that, it will be amazing and you’re gonna love it!! SO many beautiful outfits. The exhibition started just a couple of weeks ago and there are special WOW events as well, starting this weekend. Check out the guide here.

Photo: Creative Directory

Also, there’s a hot new fashion documentary!! Mademoiselle C, starring esteemed French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, opened in New York this week. Will definitely be requesting the library buys this one! …when it eventually makes it to DVD format. Sigh.

This week brings another hot new fashion release: The World According to Karl. Yep!! Karl Lagerfeld’s quotes, which are as famous as his trademark glasses, have been collected into a book, complete with ilustrations. Yikes!! Don’t worry, I’ll request this one as well. You’re welcome.