If you’ve been following our blog (long shot we know) then you may have worked out that we’ve got some favourite authors. Because even librarians aren’t impartial. But what do you do when you’ve read everything that your favourite author has written? Well, why not check out what they’re reading instead! The wonderful Goodreads makes this ever so easy. All you need to do is look up an author and if they have “(Goodreads author)” beside their name they will most likely have a ‘bookshelf’ – in Goodreads lingo, a list to the rest of us – of their favourite books. Here are a few favourites from our favourties:

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsNeil Gaiman it appears, is a big fan of fairy tales. Which really isn’t that surprising if you consider the content of his books. Here in the library we have a fantastic collection of fairy tales (although sometimes you need to look past the covers) which range from the classic Grimm’s fairy tales to less known stories from all round the world. Why not check out some Korean or Greek folklore? Neil Gaiman in particular recommends Alan Garner.

Maggie Stiefvater’s books have some consistently gorgeous covers. As do these three that she’s rated highly on Goodreads recently. A coincidence? Well yes, probably. Because good covers and good books are not synonymous as we’re sure you know. However, so often it is a good cover that makes you pick up a book in the first place. So why not check out these gorgeous covers?

book cover courtesy of Syndetics book cover courtesy of Syndetics book cover courtesy of Syndetics

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsKaren Healey is one of our newest faves. Check out next week’s blog post to find out the reasons behind our infatuation! Sneak peak though: she has a fantastic list bookshelf of recommendations on Goodreads including Q & A by Vikas Swarup (the original title of Slumdog Millionaire before the movie came out), Paper Towns by John Green (another of our faves), Graceling by Kristen Cashore (see below), The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (which we’ve recommended before), several of Sarah Dessen’s books and the classic Anne of Green Gables (a must read for every independent young woman).

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsRobert Muchamore isn’t a Goodreads author but, like most contemporary authors, he does have a website which includes a page of recommendations. As well as The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the list includes Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie and The Knife That Killed Me by Anthony McGowan. It’s not a huge list but does give a few suggestions of where to go while you’re eagerly awaiting the next CHERUB or Henderson’s Boys instalment.

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsKristen Cashore is another one who isn’t a Goodreads author and therefore we had to search further afield for her recommendations. But really all we did was search “currently reading” on her blog and will now give you some of the results. The Hunger Games makes it onto the list as well as The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (which we both loved and are still finding a list to fit it into) and the D.J. Schwenk trilogy (Dairy Queen, The Off Season and Front and Center) which feature the awesome heroine D.J. who, “in case you haven’t met her, is a high school gal who’d much rather spend Friday night playing linebacker than painting her toenails and going to a dance” in the words of the wonderful Kristen Cashore.

Goodreads is really good at recommending books based on what you’ve already read, so if you’ve run out of ideas (and have exhausted our extensive and ongoing list of recommended reading!) then we suggest making a Goodreads account and to start rating some books! Enjoy 🙂