Geek chic, or ‘library style’ (haha!) has been quite the thing for a while now, so I thought it was about time I showed some love for the stereotypical librarian wardrobe staples.

And, my goodness, there are so many nice ones!


This round-collared shirt started it all for me. I tried it, loved it, bought it and have been on the look-out for beautiful shirts ever since.

I think this is my fave of the ones I’ve seen lately; am in love with the slightly acidic pop of colour and the contrast of that with the sweet crocheted collar and pearl buttons. This is another fave, and I also really enjoy the slightly sweeter detailing on this oneThis shirt is one of the cutest things I have seen in aaaages.

But what’s a shirt without a pencil skirt? I really like the Brit preppiness of this one and would like to see it with the acidic yellow shirt above. Love the tropical vibe of this skirt, and the yellowness! (Just in case you haven’t noticed, I very much enjoy bright yellow.) This skirt is a huge nod to the comic craze that’s hot right now. While I totally love it, I’m not sure that I could rock this.

Believe it or not, we do have books on this in the library! Yep!

Syndetics book coverThe chic geek’s fashion, grooming and style guide for men / Marcus Jaye ; foreword by Paul Smith.
The geek look (casual, comfortable, and just a little offbeat) is in! And Chic Geek is the online magazine that teaches today’s geeks (and geek wannabes) how to achieve it. Marcus Jaye, men’s style guru for the magazine, takes the guesswork out of achieving geekness in this comprehensive guide, covering all matters of fashion and grooming for every occasion, from an all-nighter in the cube to a formal wedding. Includes up-to-the minute advice from leading designers, a Geekipedia (glossary of fashion terms), and lots of photos to show how it’s done. -Amazon

I realise this book is aimed at guys, but I totally recommend it for the girls as well. It’s a well-written and quirky read; and the pics are great.

The Spring 2013 collection from Valentino is feeling the preppy, geek chic vibe, too, with crisp, high-buttoned collars and prominent shirt cuffs. The pics below are from fashiongonerogue but you can view Valentino’s full ready-to-wear Spring 2013 collection here. (love it!)


So I do hope you’ve enjoyed this very quick guide to Library Style! Cardi, glasses and bun optional. (Although I vote you go for it!)