I have to say, I’m really digging the neon trend at the mo. I didn’t think I would. I was initially gutted to see its return because, for me, neons conjured up mental images of ghastly tracksuits, sweatbands, leg warmers and all manner of  80s nastiness. But neon items have been given a shake-up (thankfully) and I’m loving it. Who’d have thought?!

The key is to keep it chic.

Diane von Furstenburg does it well:










But gotta say, Gisele does it best!

Photos: Fashion Gone Rogue

Those pants are amaze and the shoes, to die for.

I really love a neutral colour palette with pops of neon accent. Am in desperate need of this dress; the pop of neon tulle underneath an otherwise very plain skater dress is rad! Would look great with this ring. This dress (in neon peach) will probably be my next purchase and I am in LOVE with this bag. Sigh. I also think this dress is fabulous; it’s a gorgeous meeting of the neon and chambray trends which are hot for this summer. There are loads of cool accessories around, too; my picks are these and also these (the pink). A tad ridiculous, I know, but SO COOL.

However, if straight-up 80s neon really is your thing, have a peek at these… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Also! On a more local note! If you are a lover of jewellery (like… me, for instance), there’s a hot new jewellery exhibition at Toi Poneke Gallery on Abel Smith Street. It opens TODAY! and is called Street Shifts, focusing on the significance of urban spaces. Check it!