I have been crushing on some fabulous blogs lately and you will too.

Amber Sweet at www.sweetsweetamber.com

This Wellington-owned and operated blog is a favourite of mine; the flawless combination of impeccable style and sheer hilariousness kills me. So good! You will love.

This blog is super simple but daaaaaang it’s fabulous. The pics are gorgeous; there are SO MANY that I want to pinch to show you guys. J’adore!

I am obsessed with this online store so, naturally, am completely enamoured with their blog.

Mandy Ferrugia at

I only discovered this website today and am already obsessed! This blog is a great blend of fashion, food, cute crafts and pure paraphernalia. I will be spending my life here from now on. Love.

I know this is not strictly a blog, but it should be your first stop for news and views from high-fashion runways.


Amy Moss at

This is my fave blog EVER. Not strictly a fashion blog; it’s more of a lifestyle blog but has seeeeriously pretty things and the fashion picks are exquisite. To be honest, I could do an entire post just on this blog! So much gloriousness. The blogger also does freebies from time to time – DIY cutouts, iPhone wallpaper and the like. Get in!

Also, if you follow the super popular cupcakes and cashmere blog, you should check out the book of the same title! Recently published by the blogger, it contains loads of awesome bits from her site.

candcCupcakes and cashmere : a guide for defining your style, reinventing your space, and entertaining with ease/ Emily Schuman




So, that should be your next hour used up, at the very least! You’re welcome.