It’s a little late of me to point this out, but New Zealand Fashion Week is just coming to an end in Auckland, as we speak. There’s been great coverage online, if you don’t already know, so everyone still has time to catch up on what their favourite New Zealand designers have created for the next season.

May I reccommend you check out excellent blogger Katherine is Awesome, who has all social media mediums covered for, um, coverage – twitter, instagram and tumblr (as well as her blog).

There’s also the good old Glassons blog Style Keeper and one I follow called Amber and Hilary – they have great pics of the catwalk shows and the glamourous show attendees. Of course there is the official Fashion Week website, and I’m sure a plethora of other sites to keep you updated. So you really have no excuse for not being an informed Kiwi fashionista!

(Twenty Seven Names – Katherine is Awesome)