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Fashion Friday


(Jennifer Lawrence, Asos catalogue – Fashion Gone Rogue)

No, I haven’t been completely ignoring The Hunger Games – the biggest teen phenomenon since Twilight – I’ve just been waiting for the right fashion-related news.  Finally the star of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence, has provided it by becoming quite the red carpet star!  And as the movie opens next week I’m sure there’s going to be lots more glamourous Jennifer pics to ogle.

There have been images of the actual movie fashions or costumes leaked onto the internet too.  I can’t show you the actual images, but here’s a link.  Also, someone kindly directed me to this – a very comprehensive post about a range of Hunger Games nail polishes called Capitol Colours.  Awesome – if only we could buy them in NZ!  Or can we – does anyone know?!


Some people were at the premiere of ‘The Hunger Games’ and then tweeted out what they thought


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