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Waiting on Wednesday

 Here are some interesting upcoming books we’ve ordered recently – thanks to Steph’s hard work!

The Death Cure, James Dashner (November-ish). This is the third book in the Maze Runner trilogy (I say trilogy, but you can never be sure about these things). Therefore you really must read The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials before tackling this one, but you’ve got time! (Although not too much – it’s being released soon.) A best-selling dystopian series in which Thomas wakes up one day with no memory in the middle of a place called The Maze (and then things get horribly worse). The author’s blog (called The Dashner Dude) is here, and The Death Cure‘s facebook page is here. The book trailer is here:

Someone Else’s Life, Katie Dale (February 2012). If you’ve read and loved some Jodi Picoult (Her Sister’s Keeper etc.), then this one may interest you. Rosie’s mother has died from Huntington’s Disease, and Rosie must struggle not only with the loss of her mother but also knowing she has a 50% chance of having the disease herself. But her decision to have herself tested for the gene leads to a whole other profound discovery.

Modelland, Tyra Banks (soon!). ANTM and Tyra fans will be keen to hear that they can now reserve her book! Described as like The Hunger Games, but fashion-y, and with Harry Potter elements, Modelland stars Tookie, who has “untamable hair, [a] large forehead, and [a] gawky body” (amazon.com): can she become one of the Intoxibellas?

You can read the first chapter at the Barnes & Noble site here. And here, just below, is the book trailer (complete with “smize” pun)!


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