The International Film Festival is starting this week, and there are some really good films screening. They are all good! Sure! But some might be better than others. Some are rated 16+ or 18+, so might be out of your league. But the tickets are pretty reasonably priced for students/under 15s, so you have no excuse really.

Troll Hunter is a Norwegian mockumentary that I am particularly looking forward to. The trailer (below!) is great.

Space Battleship Yamato! The title says it all. Space! Battleship! Yamato! Here’s the official website. And here is the trailer. Or maybe several trailers together. It looks epic – if you don’t want to see it then I don’t know what to tell you.

Another Japanese film worth watching is Studio Ghibli’s latest, Arrietty. Trailer! Go!

There are heaps more. Browse the website!

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