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What are you, Pottermore?

What is Pottermore.com? I do not know. I heard a rumour it had something to do with cellphones, but I forget my source. The Guardian has some theories also. Obviously it is Harry Potter-related, somehow. An online game? What do you think it might be? Comment below and if you’re right (what it actually is will be announced on Thursday/Friday) then we will somehow highlight your prescience. A prize for the ages!

UPDATE: Well now we know what Pottermore is! Kind of! Some sort of e-book shop/fan site I think. Sian got it right, pretty much, in the comments. AWESOME.

Here are the first photos from the Hobbit film, btw. Have you seen any of the actors around the city? I tend to come across them in supermarkets.


Trailer Tuesday


Fashion Friday

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  1. Sian

    I think it is a website with more indepth knowledge about the characters, how they turned out after the end of the 2nd Wizarding war, their children etc. I think will also give more of Jk Rowling’s ideas about the books and little ins and outs about the books that we were never quite sure about. Hopefully answering some final questions about the characters and ideas in them.

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