Single sentence descriptions of the newest graphic novels in the YA section.

Archie Marries… Archie gets married, twice, but only in daydreams.
Doctor Who: Final Sacrifice. A civil war on an alien world equals trouble!
Archie: Best of the Seventies book 2. Archie as Ziggy Stardust amongst other things.
Superman: War of the Supermen. Superman squares off against other supermen.
The Amazing Spiderman: The Gauntlet, Juggernaut. Title says it all really.
The Flash: The dastardly death of the Rogues. Like Minority Report, but if Tom Cruise was super fast.
Thor: The mighty avenger. This comes with two bonus classic Thor stories- value!
Thor: The first thunder. Loki is like Thor’s Joker and he is causing all sorts of mayhem in this one.
Ultimate Thor. More of the Thor, he looks like the bassist in a metal band on the cover.
X-Men forever: Devil in a white dress! Chris Claremont wrote this, which is a big deal.
X-Men forever 2: Back in action! He wrote this one too, also a big deal.
Namor, the first mutant: Curse of the mutants. Nammor decides to join the X-Men – mutant friends!
Excalibur: The legend of King Arthur. You know, sword, stone, Merlin, etc.